Tuesday, October 24, 2017

I am getting a little bit desparate.

Goodmorning everybody.

First to all of you a big thank you for your comments and prayers and good wishes. And taking your time to read my very depressing posts.
You are marvellous people.

I will try to do it kind of shorthand because I don't have too much time to linger at the computer.
Last Monday Jan came home of hospital. His trouble with retaining fluid in the belly might be a kind of tromoses somewhere in or just in the entrance or exit of his liver. That helds back the filtering of a certain substance and than the whole internal "household"gets upset. Seems to sit on a tricky spot to operate, is probably not an option. That's probably why they gave him another bloodthinner medication.
Last time he was there they drained him, it was about 14 ltrs!!!
First few days he was home he was doing rather well.
But starting around Friday already he got worse again, his weight gained and not because he ate so much. His belly became bigger again and he started to have somewhat the same issues as last time. Bad coordination, concentration, in short all misarable.
He should go to his specialist this week Thursday, but I decided it was no good and in fact real bad to wait till then. Couldn;t even think of how to get there.
so last Sunday night both of us where almost up and around all night, Jan having trouble with kind of vomitting, only clear slime, buit it exhausated him terribly. It already started one or two days ago, but the Sunday night it was the worst. Then in the morning Jan himself asked me to phone the hospital.
I first tried to get to the assisted gastrointestinal liver doctor(Jan had permission to do so in case things went bad), but wasn;t yet reachable. So  called 112 for an ambulance and they came quick and we went to hospital. After a few hours of research at Emergency( you know blood test, lung photo, urine test, question to answer, everything all over again, just like two weeks ago) and he was at the ward. I went home and tried to get some rest, Must say I did get some decent sleep, which was needed.
Now today I will hear what they will do, I guess there will be an echo and perhaps already another drainage. And then I hope they will not release him too soon, because he is exhausted and needs extra feeding for one and then I hope the doctors will come with a solution for the problem. Impossible for both of us to carry on this way, of course.
I wished I had happier news to tell, but at the moment it isn't there.

Now I will end this post, have to get dressed, eat something, then have to do some shopping, and perhaps if there is time left do something in the house or already prepare my dinner. Then to Jan, visiting hours are from 15.30 till 19.30, like to go early, and return home when there is still a bit of daylight.
Till next time.
Take care and stay healthy!


Dawn Campbell said...

I am so sorry to hear things aren't getting any better. They must be able to do something in this day and age. You have my continued prayers for things to get better. Take care of yourself too and don't get overstressed as that causes the body to do weird things to. Hugs to you and Jan.

Edna B said...

Gosh, I feel so bad for Jan. He must be at his wit's end, not knowing what the cause of this is. And you, my friend, are in need of some sound sleep and some good news. I hope you can get both.

It's really frustrating when the doctors cannot find the problem so that it can be treated. Hopefully, this time they will be able to find what the root of the problem is and get it fixed.

I will keep you both in my prayers. I'm hoping that today will be a much better day for both of you. Sending you big hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Kyra, I am so sorry to hear that Jan is having the same trouble over again. Maybe this time they can decide what is a better course of treatment. I will keep him in my prayers and sending hugs to both of you. God will take care of Jan, of that I am sure. God Bless you both.

Snowy said...

I really hope for both of you that they will find a solution soon. You are right, it can't go on like this. You should think in these days where they are able to even grow a new liver and transplant it, they would have a solution for Jan. Hugs from here, stay strong and look after yourself as well.

Linda said...

Hello Kyra, I started with this post because I have been away again. You and Jan have certainly been in the wars, I hope all has settled a little at least and both you and Jan are doing better than you were on the 24th. My thoughts are with you both...

Anonymous said...

Kyra, I am so very sorry you and Jan are going through this. Sometimes I have to wonder about doctors. They send people home too soon! You must be so worried. Please know Jan is being prayed for. As Snowy said, "look after yourself as well." Keeping you both in prayer.

Love and Prayers,