Sunday, July 09, 2017

Running behind on blogreading.

Goodmorning everybody!

It is happening every time again. I am so little time at the computer that I read my mail, answer it, perhaps do a few elements on a kit( also nt very often these days) and then go on with other things, as normal housework, spend some time in the garden as soon as it is nice enough weather, do some grocerie shopping, take time to cook dinner, in all taking it rather easy and then blogreading just isn;t done.
Then towards weekend I feel so guilty about it, that i sit down and do the reading to keep up with some of my friends, but it is tough work LOL!
I used to sit for a while at the computer every morning, so  followed the blogs by the day, but now  am spending much less time on the thing, but to be honest, I don;t miss it. Oh, i wouldn;t give it up completely, no way, but less time on it gives me some more time on other things. I even sometimes read again, most of the time when I sit in the garden, it is so quiet and peaceful then, with some singing of birds, sometimes the noise of children voices playing in the garden. It are the neighbours children and you just have to smile when you hear them. They sound so joyful, not crying or shouting out loud, just playing and having fun.

But today I ordered myself to update my blog a little bit. I really don;t have all too much to tell lately, in a way I am happy about it, It means no shocking things are distrubing our life. But sometimes it would be nice to be able to tell something exciting LOL!
I probably will post a bit irregular on the kits and the clusters. It has to do with me, not spending much time at the computr and Arlene has serious trouble with her computer. She would like to have a new one, but at the moment that is a bit difficult, so let us all cross fingers for her that her computer will hold on for a while longer!

This week we had one evening/night with aweful weather. Thunder and lightning, rain, even hailshowers, and it rained so much that the streets looked like little rivers! And at a moment we had coming water out of a pipe that is running in the kitchen over the floor. I just was in the kitchen for something and heard a strange noise. Went looking for it and saw the water blurbing out of the pipe! Quickly put a bucket under it, called for Jan, Jan could open the pipe and let some extra water out of it. It was a pipe coming from the roof, for the central heating. Sounds complicated, but okay, it went on for a moment(because of the storm that was together with the terrible rain), and then calmed down and after i think 20 minutes or so, it calmed down and was as usual.
Was however a bit scary at the moment.
Then next morning sun was shining again, streets were dry again, even the garden here didn;t suffer much from the rain, wind and hail.
Okay, a bit of rain would have been nice, but this was somewhat overdone, hahaha!
Weather will stay nice for today and tomorrow, then temperatures will drop again to just around 20 C, which is a bit low for now.
Weather still cannot stay really steady, we still have some days of high temperatures, then it drops down drastically again and after some days it goes up again to 28-30C. Strange summer behaviour.

Jan has poured me a cup of coffee now, so I will go and drink it as it still is warm and nice.
Here are the clusters from last week's kit, At Grandfather's house. The clusters for the May kit will follow later.
Have a safe and wonderful week!
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Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. I totally understand how easy it is to get so far behind on the blog reading. It is taking me a bit longer to get back to my laptop as much as I use to. I guess each time we have a bout of sickness, it takes that much longer to get back to things. At least that's how it seems with me.

Arlene's clusters are beautiful. I hope her computer holds on for a while longer and that she can get a new one soon. Enjoy your garden my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Dawn Campbell said...

Your weather sounds exactly like ours is also this summer. Up and down temps and rain and storms. Everything beautiful and green though. I am flip flopping with my scrapping these days also. One day spend all day doing layouts and the next not even wanting to open computer! Enjoy your summer and take care of you. We have long winters with nothing to do but the computer!! Lol.

Corrine Corbin said...

I too have been busy doing other things besides the computer. It's been acting like a petulant child so I just close it up and read a book or turn on the water for the West side of the back yard because that is where my garden is or what's left of it anyway.

Arlene, thanks for the lovely clusters to go with the last kit for Grandfather's house. I love them.

Shez said...

Thanks so much for these gorgeous frames!!!!:)

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you so much Kyra and Arlene for these wonderful clusters. You have both done such wonderful work on this kit...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks so much my dear for the's hoping Arlene either fixes her old computer or finds way to have a new one, she is so very talented, would be a shame not to receive her gifts!
I, too, am spending less and less at my computer (except for the scrap pages) and on Facebook. Am using my iPad to play mind games and read books...LOL! Isn't it fun to be old and retired and folks leave you alone to do what you want when you want? ROFLMAO! Anyhow, thanks for the kit as well, have a happy week! Hugs, Mat