Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Feel, as if I was on the "penalty"bench LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

It took long before I could move around a little bit and sit for a longer time, pffff! My back isn't all completely to normal, but I can do things again, just have to be careful with sudden moves.
But as if it wasn;t enough, just as my back got a bit better, last Sundaynight I had bel.y-trouble, you probably know the "fantastic"feeling of cramps? well, it took about all night before all left my body that had to leave it, hahaha.
And then , on top of it all, Monday late-morning, when I got up, I did put the waterkettle on to make a cup of tea, and how it happened I don;t know, but pouring the water in my mug, didn;t quite go as it should. Meaning I got some real hot water over my left hand! OUCH!
Quickly I cooled it with water for several time, but it kept burning, so I tried my luck at my doctor(who is just 2 minutes away from my house), to see if may be he still was there. I was lucky, he still was and did help me with my hand. First cooled it under water again, then he put on some cream and bandage and told me to come back next morning, so today.
After I came back yesterday from the doctor, some spots on my hand still hurt with burning pain, but after about an hour it calmed down and I didn;t have to take a painkiller.
This morning doctor looked and I didn;t have any blisters, hoorray!
Some fingers partly have  bit different color, have to put on some vaseline for a few days, have to be careful with warm water but it is all okay.
what do you think? Enough, is enough, isn;t it!!!!
I truly hope this second part of the year will be a lot better.

Jan was ever so nice during my backtrouble period. He couldn;t do much to make me feel better, but he tried his best in bringing me things to drink, handing me over all things I couldn;t reach, even did some grocerie shopping! Also did a laundry, some ironing, vacuum cleaning, oh my, even hung up food for the parakeets!

At the moment we have in our country the European championchips women soccer and our girls reached next round after 3 matches!
After this evening we know which team they have to play against, it could be Germany or Sweden. Not the easiest teams, but if they keep their head cool they may win next match. We all cross our finger, of course!

Okay, you are a bit up to date again, so I will finish now. It isn;t good yet to stay at the computer too long yet.
I have a little kit for you, I did make it already before the backtrouble.
I owe you still the clusters for the minikit May from Arlene, but i didn;t get to it, of course. So I give you now the minikit June to play with, and hopefully next time I will have made preview and uploaded Arlene's clusters.
It all is a bit chaotic at the mooment, sorry for that, but it will get better again(at least  hope so ROFL).
To all of you a big thank you for all the uplifting comments, you are just wonderful.
To my closest blog-and email friends:  have to read all your blogposts, will try to do so this week bit by bit and get in touch with you as soon as possible.
Please be a little more patient with me and all will come to normal order again.
Have a wonderful week, stay safe and healthy!
Download   HERE


Corrine Corbin said...

Wowie! It doesn't Rain, it Pours for you! I'm sorry about the physical back trouble...I'm having some of that but not like what you went through.

Thanks for the bright mini kit for June. I've been playing around this morning while the whole neighborhood is still asleep. I was up at 3 am but tried to go back to sleep. When that didn't work, I got up at 4 am and made myself a cup of coffee. Been playing around with some of the cute pictures of a friend's darling girl (named Zakkiera). Guess I'll have to add that name to the dictionary on this cptr so it will quit telling me I'm misspelling her name.

Have a nice day and take care of yourself. Hugs from Corrine

Edna B said...

Kyra, I'm so sorry you are not doing so well these days. Oh my, that burn must have really hurt. Please take it easy and stay well my friend. As we get older, it takes us so much longer to bounce back from sickness and other ailments.

Your Jan is wonderful to be doing so much to help you with everything. He must be such a comfort for you.

Your kit is darling. I love the birds. Now I think I should get busy and post my own blog. You take care and get lots of rest. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for this lovely download. You have certainly been in the wars lately - hopefully you are feeling a little better and your hand is on the mend. Remember to take things easy for a while...

Garla Reed said...

Oh Kyra,
You have been in the wars as they say. I am dreadfully sorry to hear all this sad trouble you have had with your back and your burnt hand. So happy the doctor was still in and helped you. I am very surprised that he has you to put Vaseline on the burn tho as it is a petroleum product it would keep the heat in, but I guess that they know more than I do. My son burned the back of his leg at a Boy Scout Meeting when he was about 10. They had us to clean it and put the pink Pepto Bismal stomach coating on it. It healed without a scar but times change and that was 24 years ago.

Thank you for the kit. I am not scrapping as much lately. We lost our favorite place to call home and joined another site but it is not home for me yet and probably never be. I just have no interest lately. I am just burned out I guess and it will probably come back as we have some cooler days and nights. Right now it is just too hot to do much of anything.

Much love to you and hope that your well and Bless Jan for being such a wonderful help to you. He is a gem.... Love, Beth xxxxx

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Sunday morning (at least it's Sunday here in Texas), hope this finds you a lot better not only in the back but with the scalded hand! I does seem there are times in our lives when one thing after another attacks us. It must end soon for you, cause I think you've had a large dose of it lately! So happy you had assistance from Jan, nothing worse than not being able to do normal things and all gets let go...so when you do feel better you have to work so hard to catch up! ROFL...that's life I suppose and at least we are still around to enjoy it! Good luck to the girls in tournament! Thanks so much for the little kit and as always, take care of yourself, we will all still be here when you are up to being at the computer again! Have a marvelous start to August next week! Hugs, Mat