Sunday, June 25, 2017

So busy with doing almost nothing!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Catchy post title, isn´t it?
But really, a week is flying by, and looking back on it I ask myself: "what did you actually do and achived, my dear?"
And I really don't know. f course there are the usual things that I have done, like the grocerie shopping and a bit of housework(hey, I gave the kitchen floor and hallway a really good cleaning, not just a quick strike with the mop, but really thourough and oh boy, you don;t know what the color of the water was in the bucket afterwards!!!!!)
I did several laundries and some ironing and putting those things in the closet, and I cooked and I went into city centre one afternoon. And some gardening, and a day or two being very quiet in movement because it was really very very warm!!!Then I am sure I did some more but cannot remember, so it wasn;t important, I guess. LOL!

I can handle warm or even hot weather, but it has to stay on for longer than two days. Here it is all the time kind of a rollercoaster. One or two days suddenly up to 30C, then dropping again to may be 24C, then one again to 30C and then (as we have now) not more than just 20C.
The body cannot adjust properly and that makes it difficult. Weather wasn;t bad, of course, but it still is acting a bit crazy and I think it will be going on like that for longer time.

Our garden is flourishing and is full with all kind of things blooming or starting to make buds, so you hardly see any soil anymore(which is a good thing by the way). I spotted some tiny little tomatoes on some of the plants, it will take some weeks before we really will have a "grwon-up tomatoe"on it, but  at least they are coming!

When I was in city centre I stayed rather brave and didn;t spend a lot of money, but I bought a polo t-shirt for Jan for very little and it is soft pink!
Looks like this:
 I just love it, it is something different from the always white or blue and it is a happy color!
Also found already another 2 Christmas presents! I know, Christmas seems far away, but I always start early, looking around for possible presents and you have time to find them for a nice price too.
What else interesting I did buy? A new mat for the shower room, it's such a very soft one, very agreable to the feet and it didn't cost much, really was cheap, so a good buy. It was also nice weather, not too warm, so I made a little tour through some streets I haven't been visiting for a long time and then it is nice to see the shops there again, popping in into some, just nosing around, having a good time.

Dear visitors, I think I wrote down about all that there was to tell.
I will soon make us a sandwich and later Jan will go to his volunteering.
I've made his dinner already yesterday afternoon, so it can be warmed up in the oven when he comes home.
And for myself I think I will make potatoe wedges in the oven, with lots of garlic on it and when they are ready i will sprinkle some freshly cut spring onions over them. I will fry a croquette(you know, with ragout in it) and I will have some strawberries with iced sugar and a bit of whipped cream as dessert. I will have a yummie meal hahaha!

Today I have a minikit for you, for the month of May. Yes, still a bit behind, but you know the saying: "better late than never"!
Stay safe, have some good times, remember, little things can also make you feel good for a moment or for a longer time. Just watching a nice program on tv, or listening to a song you really like, or look around you and see the beauty of nature and listen to the birds when they sing out loud. Sounds perhaps

like "heavy stuff", but life is hard and by times really difficult and to be able to handle it, those things can help somewhat to make you feel stronger.
Have a wonderful week.

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Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download Kyra. It sounds like you have been very busy. I hope you get lots more lovely weather to enjoy...

Garla Reed said...

Hi Kyra, Oh my you had a lovely shopping trip. I think that I would enjoy popping into the little shops even just to have a look. It is good that you were able to find a couple of gifts. We do have to start early. Oh I have a memory foam bath mat and it is luxury on the feet. I am sure that your enjoying yours.

I need to get out the broom and mop and I bet that my wash water will be emptied a time or two before I am done. I use to be on a strict and varied schedule with my house work. Not so much anymore. I think that the boys should take more of an interest in helping than they do. We did have to clean out the fridge last night to put away the new groceries. Things get shoved to the back and forgot about and we found some things that went bad because of it and so I decided that I will be more on task with that chore and do it every Friday.

Thank you for the May Mini Kit... Gorgeous as always... Hugs, Beth

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello my friend, thanks for the lovely kit and the very welcomed visit to my blog. Been a rough week for me and my babies! I lost my pretty Pumpkin girl to diabetes last Tuesday, she was 11...Oreo misses her the most as she always thought Pumpkin was her baby! Been kind of lonely without having to take care of her all week! Also helped a friend that had a procedure on Friday and I transported him there and back.
This week has been helping a friend on a little journey to take their motorhome in for some she has a very serious doctor appointment this afternoon (she is 75 and not very good health). I'm trying to keep her spirits up and to think positive thoughts!
Anyhow, got all my house cleaning finished today, even relocating all the dust bunnies and good cleaning of my floors too! LMBO!
You and Jan have a great weekend! Chat more later! Many hugs sent to you! Mat

Edna B said...

Goodness, how did I miss this post? I love that new shirt. What a cheerful color. I'm sure the patients at work will love it! You have a great day. I'm off to read the next post. Hugs, Edna B.