Sunday, May 28, 2017

Yeah, yippee, we have spring/summer time!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes. we finally have some real spring and summer time here. More summer than other, and I don;t mind it at all. Of course we will have to get used to the rather high temperatures, but oh, I will gladly do so LOL!
Temperatures wriggle between 21-30C! And I really love the days when it is around 25-27C, with just a little breeze. We will see for how long it will last, but it seems that next week we still will have lovely weather.

Last Monday  had to go to an appointment of social security benefit department.  I had the letter with invitation already twoo weeks ahead.
It said it was a "group-meeting" for people that get social benefits payment and had to do some volunteerwork. Had to fill in a large form and bring it with me.
Well, you know me, I started to worry already, before I knew what it was really about. If the city council decided I wasn;t doing my bit, they could pay less benefit as sort of punishment. And as it is already minimum, we couldn;t afford it to happen. So do you understand my concern?Of course I could explain why I didn;t do volunteerwork at the moment. With all the health issues I had in rather short time  just couldn't.
To cut it a bit short, I went there early in the morning, I was one of the first to arrive, so one of the ladies that would do the meeting called me to her. She asked my named, ticked it of the list she had, then asked me my age(she thought i was 63, so I corrected her saying I was already 64 ). And now the laughing bit comes!
She said I wasn't supposed to receive the invitation at all! Imagine my amazement!!!! Then I still explained her a bit about the health issues, also said my husband did do every week volunteerwork, still gave her the form I filled in.
So then I asked, that if i wasn;t supposed to be there, the whole thing wouldn;t effect the benefit. She said: "no, not at all".
I asked it again, to be sure(hahahah),and then asked her if  could leave then, because i wasn't supposed to be there at all. And yes, no problem.
So after 15 minutes I was outside again, and also feeling very relieved!
Now just crossing fingers that after all this, I will not get another letter after some weeks about this. You never now with government and city council departements!!

Good, that was out of the way.
Now I could really enjoy the good weather and be at times in the garden and see eveything grow and starting to blossom.
Bought myself for a really low price another Clematis. I just wanted another one for already such a long time, and now there was the opportunity to buy one for only € 3,00. I don;t know if it will blossom already this year, it's oncwe that should flower in about May-June-July.
But if not, it could settle itself well and do the trick next year. I planted it with the other Clematis I have at the climbing bow. That one is lilac of colour, but flowering in about July-August, and the new one should have large deep purple flowers.
My rose at the other side of the bow is flowering extremely well.
I should take a ohoto of it, okay, I will try to do so and post it next time I make a post.
We also have our frogs back in the tiny little pond and we also have regular visits again of some of the parakeets. So wildlife is doing allright in the garden too.
 also had to repot my tomatoes, they became too big for the pot they were in.
Now I have 4 bit pots with tomatoe plants. Hopefully they will give me some tomatoes later this year!

We slowly get to used to the new remote control and modem for the tv, ROFL!. When you first get it, it all seems so difficult and complicated and once you take it slow and try to understand it one thing at a time it suddenly is sooo much easier. So here it proves, you can get used to things very quickly. Must be honest, we didn'yet try out all the possibilities yet, but the most common ones are in control, I guess.
Is it all better than the old one? In general I guess the answer has to be  a"yes", almost all channels are send out in HD(high-definition), and according to Jan the screenpicture is sharper and better.
What is nice is that we can record 4 programs at same time if we want to. But we cannot burn it to a disc anymore, as far as we know. Perhaps we can put it on an USB stick first and then burn it to a disc via the computer?  No idea, but for now it isn't all that important. and to be honest, how often do you rewatch a  film or serie on dvd?
Not very often, at least we don;t, there isn;t just enough time for it LOL.

Well, as you can imagine I didn;t do much of designing this week, again. But I have a little kit for you, named it There's a Little Smile.
Next week I will have the clusters for you from Arlene.
The sun is calling out to me, so I think I will sit a moment in the garden, take in some vitamins by sitting in the sun( not too long otherwise it will be too hot, just perhaps 15 minutes and then the shade of the parasol will feel good.
Have a wonderful day and week.
Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Oh, I am so glad for you that you finally have such warm temps, and that you can enjoy being out in your garden. You'll have to take photos of your new Clematis when it is ready to bloom.

I'm glad your visit with the Social Security people went so well. I dread these kind of meetings because they never seem to go very well. Hopefully, you are done with them for quite a while.

How is Jan doing now that he is back to his volunteer job? I really enjoyed working, but now I'm glad not to have to go anymore.

Well, now I think I'll take Pogo outside for a little bit. Hopefully, the warm air will make him feel better. You have a super day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Scarette said...

Thanks for another wonderful freebie!

Garla Reed said...

Hi Kyra,
Thank You for the freebie kit, it is from the preview gorgesous. I am going to wait for the clusters before I download as it is much easier for me to add to a file.
So happy to hear that everything is worked out with Social Security and also the tv/modem.
Your right up there now with the latest gadgets. We don't have all of that anymore. We use to but we didn't really need all of it anymore as we have so much and if there is a movie we want to add to our collection my son can get it thru his rewards and download it to the x-box when it comes out.
As for me, I really don't do tv and movies anymore. It has to be something really special for me to sit and watch.

So wonderful that you have summer time now and with your beautiful flowers, frogs and wildlife. How special it all must be. It is so hot here. I am miserable even with the air conditioning. It is the humidity that makes it so for me. My boys are ok with it. My medicine does not help. But for you, I know that you love the warmer sun shiny days.
I have to run for now. Take care of you and talk to you soon... Hugs, Beth

Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you for the newest freebie. Love the colors.
I've had a couple with their 6 mo old camping in our living room. Their room mate neglected the electric bill so it got shut off. They are going to be here until it get's turned back on. Starting to get pretty stressful around here. I'm staying at my daughter's house tomorrow night to watch her dogs and will take mine with me so they can have a play date in the back yard. Looking forward to the peace and quiet!! It's been over a week.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download Kyra...

FlaminSal said...

Beautiful kit...tysm for sharing <3

Jerrie said...

Thank You for this lovely kit!