Sunday, May 14, 2017

Why do I get winded up so easily ???

Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather is a bit unsteady yet, some good days with good temperatures of around 19-20C, then down again to 15-16C again and so on. Had some rain too, like yesterdays and today there will be a few showers too. That is good for all the gardens, they like a bit of rain and is necessary.
I had some "lower"days this week, had some stomach trouble and that isn;t a nice feeling. Probably part of it my own fault. I get winded up soo easily the last year or so by things that aren;t always so important or urgent. put to that some things that are more important and voilĂ , Kyra is all nervous and so.
I have the feeling I am walking tip-toe and as soon as something happens I have to deal with, well, okay, one thing I can handle, but if there are two or three issues, whatever they are(but specially with council, social security and that sort of thing) .....BANG..... my nerves seem to get into knots or so and it is not a good thing for me. It plays on my stomach at first and also can be no good for my epilepsie.
Together with the fact I already didn;t feel well the last few months, not depressive, but without energy and kid of low at times, hmmm, that isn;t a good thing for someone's health.
I will not get into specifics about all things, but I so long for long periods of rest and "boring life", and then I already will feel lots better, it all plays on the body(and mind too)
But  I will still have to learn to relativize (is that a good word?)things a lot more, I guess.

Good, better get on to some nicer things, what do you think?
yesterday we watched the Eurovision Songcontest. There were a few good songs, The ones from The Netherlands was more than just good, but they didn;t come further then the 11th place. song was "Light and Shadows"by O'gene, three sisters with very good voices!
But the winner was the song from Portugal and it was such a beautiful song. By far the best one. Very small song, very intimate, just beautiful. You even don;t have to understand the texte(he sung in Portugese) to imagine what it is about.
First time  heard the song  watched the singer too, second time I closed my eyes and just listened. And it seemed even more beautiful.
Here a link for the song, there is more to know about him, you just have to google a little bit.(link I posted wan;t good, I changed today, hope it is a better one)

 I feel I have to take something to eat now, just a little sandwich and I will have a good-filled bowl of soup this evening.
There is just a little download for you today, a minikit for April, I will give you the clusters next time(have to make previes and upload them and so). Hope you don't mind too much.
Have a wonderful day and also week ahead and take care of yourself(and I will try to do the same, hahaha).

Download   HERE


Corrine Corbin said...

OOhh, Thank you for the birdies in this kit. I love them.
I tried the link but the message says the song isn't approved for my country yet. Maybe we are coming across as the neighbor hood bullies. It'll make it some day.
I know how you are feeling. some mornings I wake up really struggling for every breath and I've been sleeping with the Oxygen on all night. It's like a 500 pound gorilla sitting on my chest and when I look down it's just my little 2 pound puppy asleep on my lap. After a few inhales from the Symbicort it settles down and I'm OK for the day. Just keep the O2 really close at hand.
Today I'm having a special Brunch at my daughter's house. Her partner will be cooking for us and he's such a good cook. I really enjoy meals that he cooks. Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Mother's Day, Kyra. God Bless you and Jan and keep you both healthy.

Edna B said...

Sorry you're not quite up to par yet. As we get older, it takes us so much longer to get back on our feet. Hang in there kiddo. The warmer temps will be here soon.

I love the birdhouse in your new little kit. One of these would look ever so nice in my garden!! The sun has to come out sooner or later. (it's raining here) Kyra, I'm wishing you an awesome day, hugs, Edna B.

Dawn Campbell said...

Love the pretty flowers, birds and all those greens. Thanks so much for sharing!! I really hope when summer finally hits fully that you will get your energy and spirit back. I too have the same this spring and slowly coming back. Hugs and good health and thanks so much for sharing all your lovely creations. I always wait to see when a new blog from you comes up!!

PauliesPoodle said...

Danke for the mini kit.. breath in the scent of flowers, always a good way to relax

Garla Reed said...

I totally understand about becoming nervous when you have several pressing issues at once. I easily become confused and overwhelmed and to the point that I am asking my daughter or sons to make calls and take care of things. I just have to. I get into such a dither lately.
Thank you for the wonderful Mini kit. Hang in there sweetie, warmer weather is coming for you. I just wish that it would cool off here. I would love to have some SNOW... oh yes a dreaded word for you, but we are becoming miserable here. We had no winter or spring. It just went straight into summer. I am trying my best to prepare for the hottest days. So many people here die of heat strokes. I am going to really worry about my son in the Southwest because he is in for a really HOT temps.
I will email you as soon as I find some energy. I am at a low right now... Hugs, Beth

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good morning sweet lady! So sorry you are still not up to par and are so aggravated! I know the feeling, believe me! I's turning 70 tomorrow and have never seen our country so divided and so full of hatred. Not sure about this "younger" generation and why they are so easily led by the overly liberal leftists of Hollywood! I think the only way I can show my disapproval (since the only ones that have a right to voice or use their freedoms are them) is to not watch their movies or spend any more hard earned money on their products!
We are experiencing more weird weather, it hit 94 yesterday with 90% humidity, nice attraction for some storms, but alas, not for us, we need some rain and the parts of the country that are getting the storms are so saturated and do NOT need the rain. Today and tomorrow our chances are supposed to increase for RAIN, but will see.
Hope you are feeling back to par real soon. I hate when my friends are ill and I can't do anything to help! :(
Thanks for the 2nd part of Steampunk and Arlene's clusters as well as the cute April mini kit. You are so very generous and are very much appreciated. Think I will try to listen to the song you like.
You and Jan have a marvelous weekend...will chat more with you later girlfriend. Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit Kyra...