Sunday, May 21, 2017

tv channel problems.

Goodafternoon everybody!

It was kind of strange week, LOL. The week before this past one, suddenly several tv channels disappeared. From some of them we still had only sound, from others nothing at all, just black.
So after a day I called the company we have cable and modem from, explained. They told me it probably was due to our modem, that was a very old one . So I had to have a new modem(I already planned to order one a long time, but it never came to it, also could cost me some money). But now I could receive on free of charge and then I could receive the whole package of channels we had a contract for.
Okay, fine, send it. The guy on the telephone was really nice, ordered all and such and I had the receiver / modem within two days. Quick!
Jan tried to connect it and install it, but had no luck(you know, there is an instruction booklet, but you always miss some instructions, it seems). So I called again explained and the lady on the phone was also very helpful, I could order an installer, free of charge, only could take a few days for an appointment. Never mind, we could do for another few days without our extra channels. At the same time she checked our contract and it seemed the first guy changed ours into one less extended. Oh boy. But..... the lady changed it back to the good one, only it could take a few days before it was connected.
Never mind that, I already was glad all was brought back to how it was,and she even gave us a reduction on the contract price for that month bcause of their fault. Nice.
Last Tuesday the installer came in the afternoon, did his job, all worked, even he put on a new connection plug somewhere and we had the new modem. But now to learn how to operate it, LOL. It has all kind of possibilities, we can record up to 4 programs at the time per day, we have replay(you can look back at programs already broadcasted, to 15 days back) and lots more things. In short, we are, till now, quite happy with it. Still learning how to use all possibilities(I believe we even have in our contract a program we can watch a lot of movies/series for free, but we didn;t try it out yet).
I made a booklet of our own, with explenation of several things how to do that, so to say our own instruction booklet.
Still adding to it, hahahaha.
But  really have to say, that I was helped very nice and frinedly at the customersservice on the phone.
lets hope now, that we can watch our tv and channels for a long time again without problems, or having to change again a modem.
So our week was pretty much occupied by this(all that calling and such and I hate to make a lot of phonecalls, really.)

We had a few really nice days with high temperatures, then a drop down from about 8-10 degrees again and now the temperatures are creeping up again, next week around 20-25C, mat be even more!. Nice. That's how  like it.

I see that at the moment the sun is shining again, so perhaps it is wise to go into the garden for a moment, look around, make a little stroll and then I will prepare dinner for this evening already. I like to do it the days an is going to his volunteer work. I usually take mine around 17.30, and Jan takes his later(he usually comes home around 19.00-19.15 and then first takes a nap till around 20.30 and then takes his dinner).
Sometimes  have the same dinner as Jan, but often I take something else(like spaghetti or other pasta, which isn;t a favourite of Jan)and make something different for Jan.
But today we will eat the same, hahaha. I've cooked some special rice, which I can frie, it is cooling down now. Has to be cool before you frie it.And  make some kind of minced meat kebabs to go with it.
That ready I only have to put it in the oven later for a moment to warm it up.
I promised you last week, if I have good memory, the clusters for the minikit April. Not a big download this time, but next week I think I have a kit for you again. And I almost finished another one, so I am not in grand speed of designing, but at least I am producing again(okay, not a lot, but as long as it goes steady and forward I am already happy).

You have a wonderful day and week, thanks for visiting, stay safe and happy and healthy!
Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Gosh, I hope you don't have any problems now with the new modem and learning how to use all the new things you can do. For me, it's too technical so I don't usually do any of the new things. As long as I can figure out how to tape and move around to the different stations, I'm happy.

We had our little heat wave, and now it's cool again. Later in the day it warms up nicely. Pogo and I are able to get out in the yard for a bit so it's nice. I can't' wait to see photos of how your garden is coming along now. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you ladies for the lovely kit and clusters. Hoping to soon go onto the blog and write. Can't wrap my mind around anything of importance at this time so it might not be today.

Sonia said...

Hi Kyra, fabulous cluster kit thank you so much, hope you get your internet problems sorted out, they are a pain when they don't work! Have a good weekend.

Sonia xx

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for this lovely download...