Sunday, May 07, 2017

Part two of the Steampunk kit

Goodafternoon everybody!

It is looking grey outside, perhaps later there might be a glimpse of the sun but not for sure.
Temperatures are still low for the time of year, only yesterday we had a nice day, with suddenly temps of about 17-18C. Pity it only lasted one day. But there is light at the end of the tunnel LOL.
This week still will be on the low side but by Thursday or so temperatures should go up and in the next weekend we could have around 20C!!!! WOW. If then that could last for a longer time and even creep up slowly a few degress here would be sitting a happy camper!

It was a rather qiet week, apart from a letter from social security asking some information about the tiny little pension I am receiving. I will not go into detail, but it was rather exhausting and got awefully crabby(for one letter was dated 1st of May and I should return information before 1st of May, hey!!!). But after some phonecalls also to the pensionpayer and back to social security all should be solved, and I have time till somewhere in June. Still those things aren't good for your health, those kind of letters first wind you up, give you almost a heart attack, then you have to spend lots of time on phonecalls and this all for what?
Better not talk about it anymore, I feel I get crabby again LOL!

Although the weather wasn't all too good, I did go one day to the market one day, we could do with some fruit and a bit of veggies too.
What did  I came back with?  A little pumpkin, some paprika's, grapes(they are tasting so sweet)oh, a little bit of cheese, yes, turnip cabbage (I often make them as little dice, cooked, then put in some sour cream and little dots of fried bacon).
I think I will make tomorrow a dish of diced pumpkin, sliced paprika, some mushrooms, diced potatoes and chorizo all together in the oven. Should taste good and will fill the stomach.

Then I had to make a year-control appointment with my neurologists(it's 5 minutes being there but she wants to see me once a year, okay). Bit difficult this year, they couldn;t find my neurologist on the list. To cut it short, she is doing something else so  will have a new one, who takes over her patients. Not a big deal for me, hope the new one will have my file and will not spend a long time on asking all kind of questions again and such. It is going good at the moment with my epilepsia, almost no trouble, so no need of tests or whatever I should think.

Jan is also back to his volunteerwork. He still has trouble with his back, but he insisted on going there again after being home for several weeks. Well, he just has to take it very easy there and has to be careful in his moves too. But although he is kind of tired when he comes home, he also is happy to be there again. And I think the people and staff too, because he runs the department well during dinner time(people get sandwiches in the evening, sometimes accompanied by some soup), but he knows almost by heart what everybody eats and how much and he eeven manages to let some people eat a bit more(and they often need some extra). n this work he is quite an organizer, I think.

Although I have to be still careful, I couldn;t resist doing a bit of work in the garden yesterday while it was such nice weather. As there normally isn't expected anymore nightfrost here at the coast, I planted my dahliabulbs. Some didn't live through winter, perhaps they were too old or something, but some already had some sprouts coming out, so  hope to see some lovely flowers later this year.
Oh and at the front of our house at the edge of the sidewalk, every few meters we have a tree standing. Around the base there is just some soil and sand. So I planted yesterday a few cutlings  made last year from some plants. We will see if they thrive and if they will have a long life or not. But it will be funny to follow and hopefully by next year there will be some lovely small plants flowering at the base of the small tree!

I think I rambled long enough now so it is time for the second part of the Steampunk kit and also the clusters made by Arlene.
May be next week or just a week later I will have a next minikit for you, for the month of April. And I am busy on making the one for May. Yes, slowly I am back into designing, although not fanaticly yet, hahaha. But it is a start again.
All that is left now for me to do is wishing you all a wonderful day and week ahead and thanks for coming by!
Download part 2 HERE

Download HERE


Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you very much for the fascinating kit and beautiful clusters by Arlene.

Edna B said...

Gosh, I wrote a comment, and then all of a sudden it turned to blue html. ????? I erased it to make it go away.

I'm so glad that you are feeling a bit better. Your kit is quite lovely. Thank you and Arlene for the kit and clusters. Today is quite windy and a bit cool. The sun peeks in and out just to tease us.

Today I'm getting rid of magazines and filling a bag of things to be shredded. That's about all the energy I have. Hopefully, those warmer temps will be here soon. Now I'm off to find some other mischief to get into. You have a wonderful week my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Scarette said...

I look forward to everything you create and everything you write. Thanks!

Michel T said...

I SO LOOK FORWARD TO YOUR NEXT POST. Your collections are very distinctive and sophisticate with a pleasant touch of whimsy. Yhank you for all you woek and talent. Michel from Omaha.

Snowy said...

Fantastic kit ...makes me want to draw and paint some steampunk myself :) Maybe I will...
You have it warmer than we have here. The last days it's only been 9-11 degrees here at the coast. But it seems it will be getting warmer towards the weekend and next week. I hope the weather forecast is right !
Hugs Snowy

Sonia said...

Fabulous kit thank you!

Sonia xx

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely downloads. You are both so very talented...