Sunday, March 12, 2017

Still round, just taking slow on computering

Goodmorning everybody!

I am still around, but just do very little on the computer.
Thought however it was about time to make a little update.
Not much happening here in the house and life, which is all okay with me for now.
just trying to get back some new energy, which seems to be a hard thing. It might be a bit the time of year,  just have no idea really. But don;t worry too much, I am doing fine and doing better in little steps.
Talking of time of the year, we have some nicer weather lately, even sometimes the sun comes out for a bit and you see that nature is awakening.
Jan already did a lot in the garden, mostly pruning and cleaning up, it all looks about ready for the new season. He also has made a lot of little pots with seeds in it, now just hoping they will come to nice plants with a lot of flowers!
I got a mail lately from my niece in France, that she wanted to visit us for a few days, and see if we could swap some documents and photos of our families and that mostly of my mother's side of course.
It will be lovely to see her again after such a long time, I just hope my French will still be good enough to talk with her and her husband. Must say the French is rusty with almost no practise.
I already told her, that I gladly will give her already some albums with photos and such to take with her and give it later to her children.
With her children getting older, they get more curious about their roots.
And I am glad I can leave those things somewhere where they will be safe and a little appreciated.
My niece will come next month, just a few days before Easter, so I guess I will have to shake myself well and do some serious cleaning here, to have it all in good order when they come.
Then I will have to think about the things I can make for dinner. They are very easy people, but I want it to be nice and tasty of course.
So  will be busy coming time with that, apart from the usual things.

This is about it for now, of course i can ramble a lot more about some things, but that will be for a next time.
To compensate you again for the long silence I have a kit and some clusters for you.
Be happy and take good care of yourselves.

Download   HERE

Download   HERE


Diane said...

Thank you for making the time for us. Glad you are doing a little better and will get to see your niece. So nice to see family. Best wishes to you and thank you

Scarette said...

Thank you very much for your delightful Freebies.

Years ago, I would start to feel very sluggish as Spring approached. One doctor diagnosed it as "Mental Fatigue" I think he was mostly right!

Garla Reed said...

Kyra what a lovely kit and thank Arlene for her beautiful clusters. So good to see you posting again.
What a lovely gift that you will be giving your niece, the albums for her to have and pass on to her children.
Good to hear that you are having nicer weather and that some things have started to get done in the garden.
It was lovely to hear from you.. Practice your French sweetie... It will all come back fast enough. Hugs, Beth xoxoxo

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely pieces. Your work is really appreciated.

Kyra, it is good to hear you are doing OK. Please don't go overdoing the cleaning and making yourself sick again - I'm sure your niece is more interested in visiting with you than seeing how clean your house is.

It is good that you will be able to help her with the Family History and Photos...

Corrine Corbin said...

Kyra, Thank you for the adorable children's kit. and thanks to Arlene for the clusters. That's great that you are giving the albums a nice new home. I have as many pictures a I can fit onto the Genealogy program on but none of the Grand Children seem to be very interested. Maybe if I use the program that makes the "Coffee table album" and put the history of the family in it in printed form, I'll leave that to them in my will. Keep taking your vitamins and drink lots of juices. You will need to get your strength back for the garden. I also have mine started by putting the seeds into some dirt in an egg carton. It was a triple carton so I have a row of Sweet Basil, a row of Oregano, and a row of Sage.

Edna B said...

Oh Kyra, I'm so glad to see you getting back to things and feeling more like yourself again. As we get older, recoveries take so much longer. Thank you and Arlene for this lovely kit and clusters.

How wonderful that you'll have your niece with you for a while. And, I agree, your French will all come back to you. I've missed visiting with you here, and I've missed your smile!

I got home late yesterday afternoon, and now I'm trying to settle into a new routine with all my new meds. Not my idea of fun, but that's how it has to be for a while.

Now I'm off to enjoy some new meds. Yuk Yuk!! You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Sonia said...

Beautiful Kit, thank you.

Sonia xx

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello dear friend, thanks a lot for the lovely gift and give thanks to Arlene as well. I finally got out of my Lazy, Lazy, Lazy spell and posted to my blog, got all my shopping done on this past Monday and was doing some Spring cleaning until I fell off the end of my bed (where I was standing up to clean the lights and fan) flat of my back and hit my head. Stunned me for a bit, left a big goose egg on my head, broke the clip I had in my hair and jarred my insides pretty good, but glad to report no concussion and no broken bones, just bruises and sore muscles! Am back to being able to sit on my bruised bum again and moving around like I am 100+ years old, but moving around non the less! ROFLMBO!
Hope you are feeling much better and don't overdo it preparing for your company. Glad you will be exchanging photos and terrific memories of the past and creating new ones to look back on. Enjoy the visit to the max!
Chat more with you a little later on, need to crawl out of this chair and move around a bit. Again, I thank you for the awesome kit!
Hugs to ya my friend. Mat