Sunday, February 26, 2017

Knock, knock, who's there?

Goodafternoon everybody!

I bet you all thought I disappeared. But no, I just took it real easy and also have to say I was a bit lazy.
Glad to say my back trouble is gone, but then had last weekend stomach trouble, but after that it is going better every day now.
I won;t be chatting long, there isn't much to tell either, but just wanted to let you know  am still around.
It seems a careful start of spring is here at the moment. We have days with temps around 8 or even 10C, not so much sun, which is a pity, but we can't have it all at once.
Must say I am still feeling rather tired, perhaps it is the quick change of weather that has something to do with it too. So that is one reason I am not yet often at the computer, although i should slowly change that rythm again. Oh well, it comes as it does,
I have though a tiny little compensation for you for the long wait, LOL.
A February mini kit with clusters from Arlene.
Hope it cheers you up a bit.
I don+t make any promises about next posting, of course i will try to get back in a bit more normale schedule again, just don´t know if I am ready for it yet. Depends on the mood I guess and the energy that I will have.
But don´t you worry, I am doing okay, I am just spending my time more on other things at the moment.
Talk some more next time.
Till then take care of yourselves, and have a great week ahead!

Download   HERE
Download   HERE


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are doing some better,Kyra. Take good care of yourself. I want to thank you for this beautiful yellow kit and Arlene for the clusters. It is so bright and cheerful! Sending hello's to Jan and Brodsky.

Love and Prayers,

Dawn Campbell said...

Glad to hear you are all right. I thought yesterday I would send a note but thought you may be having computer problems and may not get it anyhow. We are having our mildest February ever this year. Temps up and down but mostly up. I am in a funk too but I think it's just the long winter doing it regardless of how warm it is. Still tons of snow and ice to contend with.
Will see you when you feel up to coming on again. Take care. And thanks for the cheery kit!!

Garla Reed said...

Hello Kyra and thank you and Arlene for the gorgeous kit! It is so delightful.
Good to hear from you. I know that having a break is a good thing. It gives you a chance to enjoy other things that you have put on the back burner.
I will email you before I leave for Florida!! Hugs, Beth xxx

Corrine Corbin said...

I have just finished a page with birds on it in my coloring book. Had to search the internet for pictures of what I thought was the right birds. This is a help for the next pages with birds on it. So I thank you very much for the lovely clusters and adorable mini kit.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks sweet lady for the lovely gifts, so happy you are feeling better with the back. Lots of the stomach crap going around and I surely hope it skips over me...LMBO! Take a good rest if that is what you need, just stay in touch so we know all is well. Will still be here when you feel up to designing again, living life is more important! Hugs for both of you and Arlene too! Mat

PauliesPoodle said...

Spring is coming and with it the SUN! Netherlands will be full of flowers and I can't wait to surf the web to see them! Thanks for sharing the work of you and Arlene!

Sue Kimmet said...

Thank you, these are beautiful. We are all ready for Spring, meanwhile we are getting more snow here in Montana!

Snowy said...

Glad to hear you are a little better again. You're right to take it easy ! And hopefully the weather will be better soon and you will get your energy back.I'm still taking it a little easy myself after that flu bug I had. Hugs and get better -Snowy

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely downloads. Kyra it is good to hear you are doing better. Please keep taking it slowly and don't rush into anything...

Галина Косинова said...

Добрый день! Ваши наборы и кластеры Arlene ПРЕКРАСНЫ !!! Я желаю вам сибирского здоровья и кавказского долголетия! Творческих успехов! Большое спасибо!!!