Friday, January 06, 2017

Whoops, colder today!

Goodmorning everybody!

Just let me think, my last post was in the past year! So I better start with wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year.

Jan and I spent New Years Eve at home(always like to be home because of our Brodski. Cats and dogs and other pets don;t like fireworks!).
It was nice, there was some firework in the neighbourhood, which we could see from our windows. But we didn;t go out on the street
First day of the New year we first slept a bit longer, and then watched the New Years Cncert from Vienna. it has become a tradition to watch it. I must say I liked the conductor of this year very much.
Later in the afternoon I made a potatoe salad for the dinner. It had cucumber dices in it, as well as apple and capers and boiled peas and of course salt and pepper and some paprika and bit of mustard.
And on the plate i topped it off with slices of smoked salmon. It was yummie.

The rest of the week was rather quiet, only wednesday I had to go to heidi's house, to have a walk with the doggies in the afternoon. The family had to go somewhere and couldn;t take the dogs with them, so she asked me if i could let them out.
I was lucky that afternoon, that I could walk almost without any rain and also that the wind wasn;t blowing that strong anymore. Because at nigt we had some rainshowers and a very, very strong wind, so I already had my two little bricks ready to put in my jack, so that the wind couldn;t blow me away, but i didn;t need them LOL!

Last night we had frost. In our part at the coast not so much, about -3C, but in the east of the country there were places with -10C.
Now at daytime it will stay around 0, and we will have another night with some frost, but also rainfall or wet snow, so it could become rather dangerous on the roads tomorrow. At the weather news they warn for icing on the roads. So I better do a few errands today and stay in tomorrow.

As you probably noticed I changed the bloglayout again. New year, new layout, we cannot let the Christmas layout linger on.
But i still have the Christmas decorations in the room, today is the day that the 3 kings or wisemen visit the manger and bring presents to little Jesus. So I have put the statues in the manger and this evening will be the last time we will have all Christmaslights on.
Tomorrow will be a busy day then, to clear them all away.

Now time for me to soon get dressed and go out to the supermarket for the few errands and then get into my lounge wear and turn the central heating a bit higher to be all comfy and warm and then this weekend we can watch(among a lot of other things, busy weekend!) speed skating, the European Hampionships of sprint and of allround. ou know jan and i love to watch it, so I guess there also will be lots of programs to take on dvd to watch later(skating is part in afternoon and part evening).
I have today the clusters and quickpage from Arlene for you, made with the Winterday at the countryside.
Till next time, have a wonderful weekend.
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Edna B said...

You are a good friend and neighbor to take the doggies out for their walks. I do believe that the best place to be on New Year's Eve is at home. It's much safer that way.

Goodness, your salad sounds delicious! It's a whole meal! I used to love cooking when my kids were small, now not so much.

I've found a couple TV stations that carry some very old programs so I've been watching these lately. TV was so much better way back then. I do love the ice skating competitions though.

It's been snowing here, but I think it has finally stopped. Unfortunately, we have more coming tonight or tomorrow. Cliff is done shoveling the snow so I must go now. You have a wonderful weekend my friend.
Hugs, Edna B.

Garla Reed said...

Kyra I just love your new blog layout. How do you do this? I have never figured out how to do it on my blog as of yet.

Tell Arlene thank you for the beautiful clusters and frames. She does such gorgeous work and I love your designs as well.

Stay warm my friend. I am going to try out your potato salad minus the smoked salmon. But it sounds very good.

I had chuckle when you said that you had the bricks ready to go into your jacket to keep from blowing away. That is an awesome idea. The wind is really blowing hard here but the snow that they predicted did not come to my part of the city so that is good news here. I cannot wait for Spring to get here.

I have to go, but will be in touch shortly... a couple of days I am sure... Hugs, Beth

Corrine Corbin said...

The new blog layout is beautiful. Love the little creatures.
Thanks for the new kit and for Arlene's clusters.
We're having some nasty weather. For the last 5 or 6 years we've had maybe an inch or two and then by lunch it was gone. This year we have about 9 inches accumulation and it's snowing again, over the top of the ice. Luckily my grand daughter's car is a Ford Freestyle cross between a SUV and a Station Wagon) but it has a traction thingy and she's an excellent winter driver so she does great. Last night at midnight coming home she helped poor guy who was stuck and being from the "Islands" he had no idea what to do. She instructed him about carrying 2 bags of kitty litter in the trunk so you can get out of the snow! Poor guy was really frustrated and didn't know a thing about driving in snow or ice.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Arlene and Kyra for these lovely pieces...