Thursday, December 08, 2016

We have smart meters now in the house !

Goodmorning everybody!

It have been a few busy days.
Past weekend Jan went to volunteer work again. He was a bit tired after those 3 days, but happy to be back. So  think he has beaten the virus or whatever.
What did I do on Monday? Oh, I know, not all too much, but I went to the postoffice to send a Christmasbox and now I realize i forgot to write some Christmascards so I could take them too. Oh well,  will write them this weekend, nothing wrong with that.
Tuesday was a really busy day! Jan and i started the Christmas decorating. We were busy for several hours, with a little pause every now and then and we got most of it done. But I felt rather exhausted that evening. Then yesterday morning we couldn;t sleep very long in the morning because there would be a man coming from the gas and electricity company, to change our older meters into new and "smart"ones. Yes, everything these days seems to be "smart".
Smart phone, smart tv, smart car, smart whatever!!(and I have the feeling I am getting less smart or even dumber every time there is spoken about those "smart"things ROFL)
With those appointments they never can give you a fix time, so he would be there between 9;00 and 11.00 in the morning.
Okay, he came around 10.30 LOL. Have to say he did a quick job, and then we could put things at their place again that we had to remove to give him place to work. What it is exactly about the smart meters I don;t know, seems the company can "read"your meters at distance, so we don;t have to fill in a card once or twice a year with the readings.
Well, I suppose there will be more smart things about those meters, all fine with me.
After the fellow left and we had a coffee we finished the decorating of the room There wasn;t much left to do, just more the finishing touches, last things that had to be hanged or placed, but it took still an hour or two( and then we had to put the empty boxes away and then it was time for a good vacuum cleaning) But then all was done and I am very happy with the result.
Of course it is more or less the same as every year, although this year we did put the tree on the little manger(still the one my father once made, so already very old) and it looks real pretty. I will make some photos this weekend so I can show you.
And I did have a rather good sleep this night, how wonderfu. And the more wonderful because there was no need to wake up early. Nevertheless I woke up rather early, went quickly for a needed thing out of bed, looked at the clock and thought : "still too early to get active, I will go back and try to steal another hour or two". And I did get back to sleep for a little while. Wonderful!

Yes, I notice that i need more time to recuperate after I have been really busy and in "action". It is just a thing we have to get used to, all comed a bit with age. Still I can do a lot of things and we have to be grateful for that. Okay,  have to "dose"it a bit more and that is sometimes difficult. Because in the mind we still feel young(or most of the time) but then the body isn;t always cooperating as we might want ROFL..

More than time now to finish,  have to get moving and get dressed and then do some grocerie shopping, just a few things but needed.
And then I'll see what i do later today. Think  will take a more easy day, sounds like a good plan.
Kit for today is , of course, a Christmas kit and together with clusters and quickpage from Arlene.
This one is named "Under the Mistletoe".
Have a wonderful day.

 Download  HERE

Download   HERE


Dawn McFadden said...

Thanks Kyra for this lovely Christmas kit and for Arlene's clusters

Anonymous said...

thank you for the lovely kits you do. getting older is a "bitch" but considering the alternative I guess it's not so bad. Miss Edna has inspired to start crocheting again just waiting for the yarn to arrive. Glad Jan is feeling better and able to go to his volunteer work again. suzanne

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks so much sweet lady, this is a very timely gift as well as the wonderful WWSC gift. Arlene's is so pretty too! I have been so busy trying to finish up with what I will be doing for Christmas shopping and getting all my cards a couple of things I did for Miriam, she is in a bit of a creative funk....and get my plants in and the outside ready for this deep freeze (for 2 days) but we are on a roller coaster ride with temps right now.
So happy you got things done and that Jan got to "work" and both are feeling better! have a FANTASTIC weekend! Sending hugs, Mat

Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you and Arlene for the new Christmas kit. Looks interesting.
I haven't slept in in so long, I don't know if it's possible. Dog usually wakes me and then getting back to sleep isn't in the agenda. So I get up and do some coloring in the Adult book and then make coffee and get on computer. And all the time I'm chasing after 2 puppies and letting older dogs out for Potty breaks.
And now it's time to take a little break and have a snack. Thanks again for the Under Mistletoe kit.

Garla Reed said...

Hi Kyra,
What a wonderful and sweet kit that you have designed and of course the artwork from Arlene is just fabulous as well.

Lucky you to have gotten a bit of sleep. I have been running around like a chicken with my head swung backwards since Friday. I didn't realize that I had so much to do and the time is fading fast to get everything done.
My decorations this year will be minimal to say the least. I did buy my small Living Christmas Tree and a gorgeous Pink Christmas Cactus. I have taken pictures and if I can manage to get over to my blog today or later on tonight more than likely I will post my pictures.

I am with you on the "Smart" what ever's that we have in our lives now. I know my computer can do a whole lot more than I do with it. I think that is because it over whelms me to try and figure things out. Strange for me because I use to be up to date and could do all things electronic but I seem to have lost that skill. I still have to have the boys turn on the tv for me as they have all their games and video's and stuff on it that it is way to complicated for me to figure it out.

I will email you tonight or tomorrow Kyra. My daughter called from California and we spent two hours on the phone. So good to catch up with them and each of the grand kids and finding out what they are doing. They seem to be recovering from a nasty virus. So glad that they ae doing better.

So I will end this for now and hopefully I will be able to get to my blog soon but it looks like it might be tomorrow. It is alrady 4pm here and it is so cold. I am going to try and rest for a bit.
Talk to you soon and thank you again for such a pretty kit... Hugs, Beth

Edna B said...

So glad to hear that Jan is well enough to go back to his job, and that you are doing well too. As we get a bit older, each sickness or injury takes so much longer to heal. It's just not fair.

We have those so called smart meters too. You're right. Everything nowadays seems to be "smart" and most of so much smarter than I am. At least that's how it feels. My smart phone does tons of things, but I only make calls, text messages and photos with it. That's about all my head can handle. haha.

Now I think I'll get ready to go out to pick up my new meds. This weekend I'll put my little tree up. Thank you for the new kit and Arlene's clusters. You have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads...

HappyScreens said...

Thank you so much, Kyra. Have a wonderful Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year.

Mary said...

I hope the New Year brings you both improved health. Smart meters are a good thing - the meter reader no longer has to trod in your flower garden to get to the meter & there is no more contending with dogs guarding the home.

Regarding "Under the Mistletoe", both links lead to the clusters. Thought someone should let you know.

Thank you for all your lovely work.

R said...

Thank you for sharing these gifts with us :)