Thursday, November 24, 2016

To have to wake up early..... not easy!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Weather here is still not really bad, some days there is some rain, then a bit of sunshine, temps around 10-12, but that will change coming week, they will drop to around 5 and at night some frost. all because of the wind turning to north and North-East again.
May be that will only be for a few days, let's hope so!

Last Monday Jan had to go to hospital for a MRI and because I had to have a bloodcheck for an appointment with the doctor for the goitre  thought I as well can go with him.
But his appointment was at a very early hour, at 08.00, so we had to wake up at 6.30 in the morning And oh boy, is that hard when you aren;t used to that anymore!!!!!!
We managed though to be on time and home again, I though it might be wise to take both a little nap at the couches.
Jan dozed off very soon, but I just couldn;t get the sleep really, must have slept yet a bit, but woke up with a terrible dream, not pleasant at all
Well, I stayed awake then and oh how marvellous, that night I slept so well!

Rest of the week not really much happened over here, which is in fact bad for making a blogpost, LOL, but oh so good for my well-being ROFL.

Because of the often chaning weather now, Brodski sometimes stays out in the garden for a long time and then suddenly wants to spend time inside. One morning, when I woke up, he wasn't waiting for me in the kitchen. But he often sits then in the living room too, so  went there, looked around, opened the curtains, but couldn;t find him. Strange, but I opened the kitchen door and called for him, Brodski appeared. More strange.
I went back into the room and suddenly I noticed something moving, on a side table, behind a lamp there. That was Brodski, who apparantly had found a new place to sleep. I wasn;t all too happy abut it, he has spots enough where he can lie down, so I yelled a bit at him and gave him a soft spank on his bottom, yeah! That helped, till now, I didn;t find him anymore on that side table, but now he managed to have a place on the windowsill. How did he get there????
He sat under it, looking very sad, tried to jump on it, but there were too many pots with plants there, so no place for him. Sad looking again, he achieved that Jan moved one or two pots, and now he has a place there.
Aren;t they smart, our pets???????

Oh, last weekend I did wrap all the Christmaspresents that I have to send in a box, I also arranged a box at the near toy shop, so I only have to seal it and put on adress labels and then I can send it away next week. It always seemed still so far away, Christmas, but now Jan and I will have to start decorating in less then two weeks!
Speaking of Christmas, next week Thursday it will be the 1st of December and the start of the World Wide Christmas scrapbooking blogtrain.
Don´t forget about it,  I am sure there will be lots of beautiful contributions waiting for you.
And also about Christmas things: Arlene has some wonderful full kits and kits with only elements or papers in it. Go take a look,at her shop

Here some previews:

She has more in the shop, but you have an impression. and admit, that she makes beautiful things!!

I think I rambled more than long enough now. Time for a freebie and the clusters from Arlene at the same time. Kit is named "Memories are Time machines". And if you think it through, there is some truth in that.
A memory places you back in time, just as a time machine would do(only difference is, that a time machine might place you also somewhere in the future........something like in the Dr. Who series.... and no, I don;t follow it, but every now and then see a chapter on tv ROFL. )
Now I only have to wish you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving(we don;t celebrate that in Holland).
Have a wonderful day.
Download    HERE
Download    HERE


Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you for the Time machine kit. I enjoy looking at the pages I make with your kits and remember when and where the picture was taken that I have spotlighted.
Thanksgiving is a time to get all the kids together and eat a very big meal. I especially like the roasted turkey, sweet potatoes and green bean side dish. I made some Italian cookies from a recipe I found in a little booklet I get about Angels. and they are called Angelettis. Don't look much like the picture but then I'm not Italian so I probably shouldn't try to cook/bake like one. They tasted pretty good but we'll see how they go over at the gathering I'm going to this late afternoon.
Watched most of the Macy's parade as I always but the music turned me off this year. Mostly newer bands and so newer music. Couldn't understand the words and they were supposedly English. Ah well. I decided to color instead. It was just noise in the background.
Daughter Charlie will be here about 4 pm to get me for the dinner at her boyfriend's Mother's house. I love going over there. We play some board game and some cards. Always lots of fun.
Got to run now and get some picking up to.

Edna B said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you to my friend. (I'll share my holiday with you.) I hope your day was as pleasant as mine has been. Your kit and Arlene's clusters look wonderful. Thank you.

Today my daughter Deanne brought me a home cooked dinner and a cheesecake. Yum yum! After dinner, Pogo and I had a nice nap. I've been watching Antenna TV station most all day. It has all the wonderful old programs.

I'm glad both Jans and your hospital appointments are over. Here's hoping all the results will come back really good. I love how your Brodski finds all these comfy little spaces to rest. My Pogo does that too. We are so blessed to have our fur babies.

You have a wonderful evening, hugs, Edna B.

Garla Reed said...

Oh Kyra, Your kit is just lovely and so are the clusters and frames that Arlene made. I will go by her shop and have a look as the previews are gorgeous.

Awww Poor kitty has wanted to have a new spot for a lie down. I hope that he will enjoy the window sill. My doggie Cisco is sound asleep at the foot of my bed under my robe. He never really knows where to land these days.

The weather here turned warm and muggy today. I finally turned the air conditioning back on. But we did have some nice cooler days and with rain as well.

Not much happening here either to make for a good blog post. It has been simple for the most part. Our Thanksgiving was really nice. I made beans with sausage, tomatoes, green peppers and onions, and my daughter made spaghetti and toast and as always we had a fresh salad. Lemon Tarts for dessert. So nothing big or traditional but it was nice to have the family of my boys and daughter. I received a phone call from my granddaughter Cathy. Tomorrow is her birthday. I will have to make her a card and I enjoyed the phone calls from them and my son.

It is good that you were able to get your Christmas boxes ready to be mailed out. One of the reasons that we didn't do the Traditional Turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving is that is what we usually do for Christmas. And that is just 4 weeks away today! Oh my... I am going to do a Ham this year. And not a big meal either. It is just so much work and expense and our eating habits have changed a lot over the past year. We are trying to eat more vegetables.
Oh your cabbage sounded really good. I have never had red cabbage or with raisins either. It made my mouth water. I must try it sometimes.

I am glad that you were able to sleep after your nap. That is why I am probably still awake as I took a long nap today. My body just needed the rest and I gave in easily. Dreaming is something that I have been doing a lot of lately. Some I want to stay and linger in the dreams and others I am glad to become awake and get out of them LOL.

Hopefully your having an awesome day. Thank you again for your wonderful kits. I do love the stationary writing. I will be sure I use this kit on my next project... Hugs, Beth

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads Kyra and Arlene. Wonderful work from you both.
Kyra I love your new background - the year is going so fast, only one month and it will be Christmas Day.
I hope yours and Jan's tests come back OK with nothing bad showing...

Tora´s Vintage Dream said...

OH GOSH this is so awesome, thank you for sharing.

FlaminSal said...

Beautiful kit thank you ..