Thursday, November 17, 2016

For EU suddenly notice about cookies on blog.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, when  opened my dashboard in Google, I got a notification about needing a cookie bar on my blog, that is, certainly for the EU. A lot of explaining, seems that one is placed already on my blog.
Well, perhaps one of my readers here in Europe can tell me if that cookie consent bar is showing up? Would like to know, please.I have no idea.
It is all about privacy and such, but what changes? We all know we are being watched on internet, if we like it or not and much more than we probably know. But that notification of cookies being used will not change a lot, is my feeling. You can agree or not, okay, nice touch, but still a lot of information is gathered around and there isn;t much we can do against it, I fear.
So far this subject.

Tuesday we had a quick visit of our plmuber, who installed the new central heating kettle. I had a few quiestions about it, about a bit of pressure that it lost and such I think it is more the almost trauma  that is left in me from the old stuff(that really was leaking so lost pressure and water quickly, had to refill every few weeks at that time)
Seems all is in order as he could see for know. To be comletely sure, we should keep an eye on it. Perhaps somewhere there might be still a small leak in a pipe(most of them are new, but we have a littl part still old and they are really OLD). Okay, we will keep an eye on it, but I am however a bit more reassured.
Something funny he told me though.
Next year in about February, my plumber will open a fish shop! He will manage it together with one of his sons and his father in law(who had for years a fish shop). He said, he was getting older too and that he didn;t want to climb on roofs and that kind of thing anymore. He will carry on with the central heating stuff, so he will start with the fish 3 days a week and the others he will use for central heating placement and cleaning.
He has still two other sons, one working at the moment for another firm and one still learning for it, to go on with the plumber business, so that family business will continue.

Yesterday we had a rather nice day, so I went to the market and came home with a bit of veggies and some cheese and such. I even had some sunshine every now and then. It was a nice walk, but at the end  was glad  was hme again, I did feel my legs a little bit!!
And what about Jan? Well, I think he is doing better, but he still feels very tired and still needs some more longer sleeps and rest I guess.
So he will stay home this weekend too, and will not go to the volunteer job. I know that he is sorry about it, but  also think it is a good thing to take some more rest and start again next weekend.
Also he has to go Mondaymorning very early(08.00 o'clock!) to the hospital for a MRI scan (it is more an extra chek-up for his belly and stomach, liver and that area),  will go with him this time. Not because I have to hold hands, LOL,  no I must have a bloodcheck done. The 30th of November I have an appointment at the hospital with a specialist for the goitre I have already for years. Sometimes it bothers me a little bit, but we'll see what the doctor has to tell.
This was a bit of a doctor's visit year, as it seems, much to much to my liking,so I really hope next year will be lots better concerning health.
If that goes rather well, lots of other things are better to cope with, it seems.

Oh boy, with all that cookie stuff reading and so on, time passed by so quckly, that it is really time I take a cup of coffee and something to eat, and then later I will take another sandwich, then with fresh smoked mackerel on it. I bought the fish at the market yesterday. Yummie!
And time now for the freebie. It is named "Charming Old Days",
And also the clusters Arlene made!
Have a wonderful day, great weekend and till next week!

Download    HERE
Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Your new kit is charming. Thank you. I'm so glad to hear that Jan is feeling a bit better. I agree that he should wait another week before returning to his work. I'm hoping that your doctor visit will have a good outcome too.

I have an appointment today with my regular doctor for a routine check up. We need to go over my meds to make sure everything is up to date, etc.

Today is looking a bit dreary outside. It's a good day to stay indoors and work on crafts. haha. Now I should go post on my own blog. You have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Angel Rose said...

The cookie consent bar shows up because a lot of people use adblock+ now. They also have privacy extensions on their browser that won't save cookies on the computer unless they tell the extension they allow it.

Corrine Corbin said...

Lovely old things are always appreciated by those of us who remember them! Thank you for the new kit. And Thanks to Arlene too.

Check your email. I wanted to share my new puppy. Her name is Phoebe and full grown in 2 years she'll weigh about 7 lbs.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely downloads. Beautiful work from both of you Kyra and Arlene...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Missy,
Glad all seems well in your part of the country! Here too! We are experiencing a 50 degree drop in temperatures today...thankfully not all at once, but we hit 82F yesterday and around 3:00 a.m. it starting a soft rain that went through rather quickly with lots of wind (Was 73F then) now at 8:00 a.m. it is 60F with the temps to drop into the middle to low 30's by this evening. Loving the cool down and humidity break!
Thanks so much for the beautiful kit and send thanks to Arlene for her part too, all is so lovely! I am watching it rain leaves right now and they are having fun dancing down the driveway...ROFL!
Y'all have a marvelous weekend, chat more later, must get up and get trash out for pickup and run some errands before it gets too chilly to be out (don't want to catch a cold...LOL! Hugs, Mat

Garla Reed said...

Hello Kyra,
Thank you and Arlene for such a wonderful and beautiful kit and clusters.

I do not understand this cookie thing. I have tried to have this explained to me but perhaps I am not understanding it properly. I will have to ask I suppose someone that can explain to me better. I am wondering if I have to say that my blog is using cookies every time that I post on my blog? I will have to find out.

I hope that you and Jan receive good medical check ups. Our health is so very important. I also hope that all is well with your kettle heating. Sometimes things are so complicated. Fascinating news of the fish shop. I don't blame the plumber for not wishing to continue to climb on roofs.

Have a great day and thank you once again for the gorgeous kit. Beth

Garla Reed said...

Hi Kyra,
It was lovely to see your reply on my blog. I am so sorry to hear that your mother also suffered with migraines. They are such terrible and agonizing things to deal with.
My daughter went and had a shot and some fluids. She managed to work yesterday but said that the headache is still there. Her doctor thinks that they are hormonal and that should she ever have a baby that it might reset her hormones. She and her husband have chosen not to have children so no chance of her getting pregnant unless it is by accident. Still I am glad that she went to the clinic.

Oh I do know that you love vintage... So do I. I really love the old style writing of letters and envelopes. I think that penmanship was just so beautiful back in the Vintage era.
Your kits are so lovely and I know that I can always find just what I am looking for in one of your kits for when I scrap a vintage page. I do hope that your kits will come out to your liking. I know what it is like to not have them the way that you like and scrap it all and start over. I have done that plenty of times with my pages.

Ohhh you and Jan did have to be up early. I am glad that you could take a nap, but dreams are really funny things. Never know what might pop up in them. Like your heating kettle and the crazy phone.
Yes I agree, I could have used something better than the high heels in mine lol.

How is the bird doing? Is he still coming by? I sure wish that he would began to be healthy for the winter that is coming. We have had our first flock of geese fly over so I know that winter is headed our way, but today was really mild here tho gray and over cast but the temps were warm. It started raining tonight when I called Edna to check on her and see how she was doing. It was nice to watch. Then we had a rumble of thunder and then a bit of rain and some lightening.

I will close for now. I am much to tired to work on my blog tonight but I plan to do that first thing tomorrow. Have a terrific day Kyra, xx Beth