Thursday, September 15, 2016

Tropical days

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, we are having a few days with real tropical temperatures, something around 28-20C( and in other parts of the country if higher).
Now you all know I love having nice temperatures, but this is even for me a bit too much of the good thing.
Nevertheless, I will not complain about it, it will be over soon enough. Today still will be great, but already tomorrow will be a drop of temperature and in the weekend more, and we will have suddenly around 20C. Too big differences in temperature in just two days.
Of course is around 20C not bad for this time of year, but for me it could last much longer at about 24C. Oh boy, we are never satisfied, is it? LOL.

You can imagine that I didn;t have to much activity during those hot days, I tried to do some things in the mornings when it still was relatively cool, and in the afternoon I sat in the shade in the garden.

Yesterday I had another session for my dents, it wasn;t fitting yet as it should, oh boy, it really takes a lot of time. Now I hope that next time it will be right and then they can make the real denture and that I can claim it in time with my health security, so that I can benefit the most of it. (this year I almost used the own risk amount, so I will have to pay only a little myself for the denture).
And as I was kind of on the way to Heidi's house, I called her before and asked if she would be home in the morning. She was, so I went over to have a cup of coffe and a little chat. I didn;t stayed all too long, because she and danny were busy chaning the kitchen. Her fridge died, so they were waiting yesterday for the new one. Then she also altered a little cupboard and they will have another floor.
It was nice to see eachother again.

I will not linger too long here, because at the moment it still is agreable outside, so good time to do some grocerie shopping.
Today I have another set of clusters for you from Arlene, made with the kit The days we left behind.
Slowly but steady I am busy with other kits, I will see if i can upload one or two in the weekend.
Have a terrific day and rest of the week and stay safe.
Download    HERE


Dawn Campbell said...

Here in Manitoba Canada it has really cooled off. Such a change in the temperatures also and the time of year I end up getting a cold. So far so good! Going to be working at a curling rink come Oct so I will have something to keep me busy off and on and get to see some great curlers!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Edna B said...

I agree you must enjoy the warm temps while you have them. Even if they are a bit too warm for you. Too soon, the cool weather will be here to stay.

Our nights and mornings are rather cool, but by noontime the temperature is nice and warm. Perfect days to be sitting out on the porch. I attended the funeral service this morning for my niece, and now I'll spend the afternoon playing with Pogo.

I hope your dentures are ready soon. You have a great day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

JustJo63-AussieNut said...

Thank you so much, these are lovely x x x

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters. I hope you get some more nice weather before the cold sets in Kyra. I also hope you can get your new Dentures soon too...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello Sweet Lady! I've downloaded all I have missed by my just being lazy! I haven't been online much lately! Thanks for all you share and hopefully your weather will level off soon. Today is supposed to reach 104F today, 103F tomorrow and 102 by Wednesday, then a "cold front" is supposed to drop us to upper 80's next week. Lovely photos of your garden. Have a great week!Hugs, Mat