Sunday, July 31, 2016

Hello there, for a quick post

Goodmorning everybody!

We still have rather good weather, it's a bit "on and off"you could say Partly cloudy, here and there a little rainshower, then some blue sky and sunshine Temperatures all the time around 21C, so not all too bad, but for my liking it could be a bit more.

last Thirsday I got a phonecall from my friend Heidi, that they were back from holiday, so  wouldn;t have to do the fish and mail on Friday Okay, that was nice and we will see eachother probably next week at some point.
Then in the evening Heidi called again and asked if I would please be so kind to walk the doggies on Friday afternoon They had to go somewhere and couldn;t take them To be honest, I wasn;t all to eager to do it, but of course i didn't say no, so Friday I went to the doggies and let them out and they were all happy with me.

Don't know if you remember, but at a time Jan also had a little laptop, but that died months ago. But we didn;t had any money then to buy a new(or used) one, so he had to wait.
But at the moment we have a bit of room in our finance, so he went looking for a nice and not too expensive second hand one.
Came back with one on Thirsday for really a nice price.
We tried it out, but I wasn;t to happy with it, it didn;t work as I would have thought, well, to be short, I told Jan we would return it and see if they had another one.
So we did yesterday and the girl at the counter was really nice and very patient with us, checked the laptop and agreed that something wan;t right about it. So we could choose another one
And so we did The girl put on a clean Windows 7 on it(yeah i know, we are in windows 10 already, but with second hands they don;t have windows 10 yet, and we don;t mind). And after about two hours I could pick it up. I also asked the girl some questions about programs and how to do some things on the computer(she was very handy) and I have even her phonenumber, if I really might need help for a problem, nice hey?
Jan's laptop has a rather big screen and the typearea is lighted, wow!
 Well, I hope this one will stay alive for some time, we cannot afford to buy us new ones every year.

I kind of hope I will have a real quiet week next week, without any tubulance or nasty surprises or whatever. Then next week we will have our new central heating kettle, which would make a big difference already. With the old one, I have to check often if the pressure is still hight enough of the water level (because it is leaking).
Then  have to refill it a bit and so we go on. Makes me very "restless". But with the new one and all pipes checked and so I hope all that will be over.

Really hope, that this afternoon the sun will shine a bit, so that I can sit a while in the garden, all quiet and peaceful.
Okay, I have a new kit for you, "Hello loveliness".
I should make a preview of the last made kit and upload it, otherwise I will have nothing more for download But perhaps next week I will have some peace of mind and can do that as well as design a bit more. The last two weeks or so I did almost nothing at the computer.
Now wishing you all a happy Sunday and fabulous new week to come.
Download    HERE


Corrine Corbin said...

It's Boat Race Weekend her on the Columbia River. The temps have been 97+ if you are in the shade but in the sun it's 100+ so a lot of the braver ones are floating on big inner tubes and just keep splashing themselves with the river. The Hydroplanes race here the last weekend in July every year and then in Sept. they all move over to Seattle to race on the lake. It's great to watch them on the TV but being on the shore is awfully Hazardous and those are LOUD boats.

Thank you for the lovely kit. I'll make something and then I'll post to my blog. Have a good week and enjoy your garden!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow, what a lovely surprise, 2 kits and clusters from Arlene too! I didn't realize it had been so long in my visiting with you! glad all is well, love, love, love all the gorgeous colors of flowers in your garden. Mine this year have not been so productive...probably because of the excessive winds and the high heat and low rain. I do water and feed them, but the wind seems to beat them up a lot! So happy you are getting your heating fixed..I know you will be more relaxed afterwards. So happy you found a laptop for Jan and a nice young lady to assist you when needed. I thank you for the gifts of the kits and please forward thanks to Arlene as well. All are lovely. As a matter of fact used the Revisited Memories kit for a page just day before yesterday! LOL! Have a fabulously lazy week coming up...I can hardly wait for the Olympics to begin. Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download. I hope all goes well with the fitting of your new kettle and Jan's computer...

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. What a lovely kit. Thank you. Such wonderful news that Jan was able to find a nice laptop for himself. I am still on Windows 7 too. It works fine so why change it.

Deanne and I had a great day at yesterday's class. At the end of class, we went to the shooting range, and oh what fun we had!! I'll write about it on my blog.

We are having a few days of nice temps. In the 70's. We even had a tiny bit of rainfall yesterday. Actually it was more like a little bit of drizzle. But it was wet, so that was good.

Now I will go do my own blog, and then get ready to go do some errands. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Garla Reed said...

Thank You Kyra for the beautiful kit. I enjoy reading your blog and just love your kits.
Great news on the laptop. Good that you took the other one back. I understand how expensive things are and cannot replace every year. My pc is ready to be traded off for a new one as well.
Your garden is lovely. Have a wonderful day. Beth

ChloƩ said...

Thank you very much for this amazing kit !