Thursday, June 23, 2016

You also can have too much rain.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes a lot of water has fallen down lately, and again last night.
It was a fantastic temperature yesterday and we also had some sunshine, but at night I heard some thunder and it rained,  again.
In parts of our province they had so much rain in short time, that streets looked like little rivers, no fun at all.
Today again thunder and rain is expected, and after tomorrow temperatures will drop again several degrees.
I am hoping though for some steady weather with nice temperatures, a rain shower here and there, but weather that you can call "summer weather".

Tuesday afternoon Jan and I went to town centre. Jan needed some paint from a shop there, and okay, why not go there together?
It's kind of a 1-5-and 10 dollar store, so lots of cheaper things but great fun!
Jan found his paint an then we separated, to go our own way.
we left home with sunshine but during our visit at the shop it started to rain. Pity, but as long as I was in a shop it didnt matter, hey?
I found myself a jeans and a summer/autumn jacket for a nice price.
So my mission into twon was a success, LOL.

Yesterday I really didn;t do too much, just some little things, but today I think it will be laundry day. Not my all too favourite job, but okay, it needs to be done every now and then, LOL.
May be this afternoon will be a good time to phone the guy, who will change our central heating kettle to ask him for a price indication.
Then probably next week I will make an appointment for my dental.
Both things will hurt, talking finance, but are necessary.

That's it for the moment.  know I promised to make some photos of the garden, but not much new came to bloom, it will need a few days more.
I have a kit for you, named Revisited Memories.
Have fun with it and have a wonderful day and days to come.

Download    HERE


Dawn Campbell said...

Thank you so much for another great kit!!

Edna B said...

Gosh, I hope the rain slows down a bit. The flooding everywhere really scares me. It seems to be happening frequently in recent years. Your shopping trip sounds like fun. Glad you found a jacket and jeans. Mother Nature does not follow our schedules, so I will wait patiently for more photos of your gorgeous plants.

Thank you for another lovely kit. I'll have to play with it a bit. The one about the Sailor Boy was a delight to play with. We have several "sailors" in our family.

Now I'm off to post on my own blog. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks dear friend for the lovely kit...and the visit to my blog. I hope your weather decided to subside with the rain, lots of places here in the states are flooded and/or on much crazy weather all over the world this year. Glad you found something for yourself in town...always nice to find new things. Not always nice to have to spend lots of money on the house or for medical/dental problems. I finally went to see doctor about my hands, yes, carpal tunnel needs to be redone and arthritis has my tendons inflamed on my right hand. Go figure, not much to do about it...can't take pain killers and already on anti inflammatory drug and have topical ointment to put on the thumb...noting else to do but rest it....HA that's hard to do!
Well, off to visit with Miss Edna a wee bit, then to rest that thumb....LMBO! Have a great weekend! Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for this lovely download...