Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Temperatures getting a bit more steady.

Goodmorning everybody!

It took some time before making a new post. First because there isn;t all too much interesting to tell at the moment, second because I wanted to post earlier this week, but on Monday I really had an off day.
Already for a few days I felt rather tired, with not much energy, but Sunday night in bed I was sweating a lot, so I woke up Monday morning and took my temperature. Nothing wrong with that. But still felt aweful tired, so took a nap again and that during the whole day. Terrible, but nothing much really came out of my hands that day.
Yesterday it already was a lot better, still kind of tired, but  kicked myself and went out for a shopping, it was nice weather so it should do me some good.
Well, it did, although I didn;t do anything much more that day.
I think I caught some kind of little bug or virus perhaps, hope that it is almost gone now.
Want to go out today to the "far-away"supermarket which is easy to to go to with the tram) because on Wednesdays they have also a little market in the shopping centre there, so I can also fetch some veggies and cheese and such from the market.
They say on weather forcast that we might have some showers, although the heavy ones will be more in the centre of the country. So I will take my chance.

In the weekend I did take a few photos of my garden. Slwoly more plants are going to bloom and that looks so festive.
1st is part of the patio, where we have lot of pots.

Here looking from the paio to the back of the garden.

Here a close up from a Dianthus, I bought several of them  think 2 years ago, and normally they say it will last just one season, but apparantly they like it in my garden, after a little pruning they are full of buds again.

And here a fuchsia, I bought last week, I just loved that color.

So, at the moment there is sunshine and it is looking nice outside,  think I will get dressed quickly and go to that supermarket and market as long as there is sun to enjoy.

Of course there is a new kit for you. This time one named Glimpse of Summer.

Have a wonderful day.

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Dawn Campbell said...

What a beautiful garden you have. Love all your flowers. Hope that "bug" is soon gone. Take care. Thank you for another gorgeous kit!!

rgeorgie said...

Your garden is absolutely beautiful!!! I have been following your blog for a very long time and continue to download your great work. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Edna B said...

Oh my, your garden is ever so lovely. I love your flowers. What a beautiful place to just sit out and relax.

I hope this "bug" you've caught goes away quickly. This is the season to be up and about, enjoying good weather. Well, except for too much rain, of course.

Pogo and I will attempt to find a new place this morning, using the GPS in my car. Oh boy, this ought to be fun!! haha.

You have a wonderful day my friend, and happy shopping. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello my dear friend, your garden is lovely, mine is trying to drown! I haven't been online much because of all the storms with lots of lightning in our area. Most of our state is under a flash flood watch until later tomorrow or Saturday. We've lost so far 9 lives because of the flooding and no estimate of the property damages. Our Governor has named 31 counties as disaster area (for federal funding relief) so many are out of their homes and will not know what they will go back to or when.
Thanks so very much for the kits and gifts I picked up I am trying to visit and play catch up while the storms are in a lull period here. We are expecting another 3-6 inches of rain this afternoon and ready for some least the temps have been down a bit....LOL! (gotta try to see the bright side somewhere, right?)
Hope you found something at the market and that you are feeling better. Gonna get off here and finish my dust bunny rearrangement. Chat more when I can. Have a fantastic weekend.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download Kyra. Your garden looks really pretty...

antonia carmen said...

beautiful what a green thumb you have.

thank you for all the awesome kits you so generously give out.

kind regards

antonia carmen