Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lots of sport to see this summer

Goodmorning  everybody!

Thought perhaps a larger letter would be easier to read, LOL.
Tell me what you think about it, okay?

Yes. this week started the European Soccer championship and as you know Jan and I love to watch soccer, we are settled for this month.
Just pity our team didn't make it this time to the championship, but in a way it is a lot more relaxed watching the games. Still we have picked some other teams to "support". I think we first will be for Belgium, they have a rather good team and Belgians are almost the same as Dutchmen, not ion everything, but much alike. We like to call them our "reserve(or spare)-Dutchmen, hahaha.But for the people who don't like the soccer too much, on another channel on tv they give every day a detective. Well, enough to record on our dvd then for later.

Then when this event is over there is in July the Tour de Francel cycling. We may not watch it every day, but some of the tours of the day are interesting.
Then there is also Wimbledon, for tennis and then of couse the Olympics in Brasil. We have a few chances there, with Daphne Schippers, (100 and 200 mtr. for women), Epke Zonderland(gymnastics, specially the bar), Ranomi Kromowidjodo(swimming), Sifan Hassan(1500 mtr women), and in some other sports we have perhaps some chances. It will be an interesting event.

I had a nasty surprise this week. I was eating a cookie in the evening and suddenly felt something hard wandering around in my mouth. I though it was a bit of caramel of the cookie, but took it out and it seemed to be a tooth of my dental! And yes, I had a gap in my upper dental. So I went to an orthodontist nearby and had it repaired. But I definately need a new dental, cause this one is too old and could loose more teeth or even worse, break. Now we cannot have that, hey?
It costs a lot of money, so I checked with the health insurance if there is a restitution and after checking twice(!) they pay 75% of it, which isn't bad, if you only have the basic insurance.
So I think I will go for a new one in a few weeks.
Not happy about it, it is still money to spend I didn;t count in this year.
But we will manage it somehow.

Weather here is a bit less at the moment. The past week we had some gorgeous days, but now temps are about 18-20 C, cloudy, sometimes some rain, not too much sunshine in all, so no weather to sit in the garden at the moment. But I suppose the plants are happy with some light rain.
Somewhere this week Jan was looking into the garden and called me to watch the birds, At a certain stage we had 6 parrakeets enjoying some food I hang up. It is such fun to just sit and watch all the birdies come and go to pick some food. 

Well, that is about it for now. I have a kit for you named Sailors and the Sea.
Have a wonderful day and start of the week and stay safe.
Download    HERE



Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. I'm so sorry to hear about your teeth. Ah well, better to do it now then you'll be all set. I love your new little kit. We have a few sailors in our family. I have clicked the "repair your download" button already six times. I'll try again later. Mediafire likes to play games sometimes.

Now I'm off to post my own blog. You have a super day my friend.
Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Hi Kyra, I'm really sorry to hear about the teeth. I have got some problems with mine also. My daughter's dog chewed them and damaged them somewhat. I had another set but she managed to get them also and broke them in half. Now I'm wearing a set that was made for me on Midway Island in 1966 January. So these are 50 Years old. I do what I can relining them with the denture kits from the store but I really do need a whole new set. They are pretty smooth...right even with the gum so to speak.

I like the new kit, being a sailor myself, so I'm going to dig out the pictures of me in my uniform and see what I make. Thank you very much for the chance.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello sweet lady, so sorry about your dental woes, hopefully you will be able to get the new ones soon.
Thanks for the lovely kit, will work for some Father's Day pages I am working on. At least the storms have cleared away finally so I can scrap as long as my hand will allow. Have a doctor's appointment on Thursday to check them out!
Love the photos of your gardens and the birds, I feed them too and the fur babies all sit and watch them eat. LOL! I haven't lost any yet that I have found evidence of!
I have been watching a lot of TV (programs I have DVR'd ) since we are under the severe heat advisory. Wednesday the heat index created "feels like" temp of 112F, yesterday only 107F and will be about the same today and tomorrow before the humidity is chased out just in time for Father's Day. Summer has definitely arrived here. ROFL! So, I am staying inside with the AC running so I can breathe...right?
I can hardly wait for the Olympics to start, I stayed glued to the TV when they are all, I love watching all the events. Especially the gymnastics and the ladies volleyball.
It is time to take some ice out to the birdbath and the fur babies water bowls then I think I should fix a sandwich for lunch, too hot for anything else. Y'all have a fantastic weekend. Many hugs! Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for this lovely download. I hope you are able to get your new teeth without too many problems or expense...

Anonymous said...

tank you

Kathryn Williamson said...

Thank you for awesome sceapkit....