Tuesday, May 17, 2016

We were busy yesterday.

Goodmorning everybody!

Over the weekend not too much happened, Jan went to his volunteerjob, I stayed most of the time in, but managed to do a few necessary things, like laundry, ironing, vacuum cleaning, you know, the mostly borings things.
But yesterday Jan got a DIY virus, oh boy. No, without joking, there is a window sill in the bedroom, at the inside, that wasnt looking good anymore. In short, he managed to get that out, rescrewd some of the woodpanels that were behind the radiator of the cv.
I always get a bit itchy when he starts a project like that, he isnt the most gifted DIY guy, you know.
So I helped him with the window sill getting out of place(it was a wooden one, but of bad quality) so it took us some time to get it out. I am also a bit concerned about Jan's back, that he doesn't strain it too much, because he will feel it for days!
Now he has to make another one and fill up the gapes and such. It will take some work still, but  think it will be looking pretty good when finished.
It took about 3/4 of the afternoon, then we were a bit pooped out, still had to make some dinner and then I really was glad to be able to sit down. It sounds an easy, straight forward job, but it isn;t.

I think Jan will get a few things of the DIY store today, probably I will try to do some shopping of needed grocerie things.
Depending on what Jan will do this afternoon with the windowsill(I rather see that he takes this afternoon a bit of rest and starts again tomorrow,l but hey, stubborn husbands...................) I might take it easy too, but not sure it will happen.

Weather seems to slowly restore itself to better times, temperatures still aren't the highest, around 13-14C, but later this week they will rise to about 18 or 20C (is said on tv at the weatherforcast).
let's hope this will happen!

I have some clusters for you from Arlene, made with the Catch a Memory kit.
Have a wonderful day.
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Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you Arlene for the lovely clusters. I should have several little ponds in our back yard that will up when the sprinklers come on but they don't stay full. they are holes the little doggie here is digging . she is looking for bones. The young kid who lived her for 14 years was always burying something in the yards. It was a deer head in the front from his father's kill one year. And we found the skeletal head of a squirrel also but I'm sure it was killed by the electrical wires. The kid buried it and then after some months went by and all the under ground beetle and worms finished with it, it was clean as a whistle. We tossed it when we found it. A kid and his imagination, I guess. Maybe he's ging to grow up to be a Veterinarian. Have a good week! and thanks again for the clusters.

Edna B said...

It's good that Jan is being so handy, but I agree that he should not overdo things. Our temps are climbing back ever so slowly too. It's still really cool at night though. This makes it great for sleeping, but not so comfy for coming out from under the blanket in the morning. I can't complain though, because soon enough both day and night temps will be too warm. Argh, we just can't win.

Today I'm going to take Pogo shopping. We both need to get out and have a bit of fun. Maybe we can find a great bargain that we just have to have. lol.

You have a wonderful weekend my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks for the awesome gifts from Arlene! Glad you are supervising the DIY project and don't let Jan overdo! We had the 3rd straight morning of heavy rain...I was beginning to think I was going to float away (the ground is so saturated) but it has finally let up some and the water is beginning to recede as are the warm temperatures...this is the coolest May on record so far here...was in mid 50's yesterday morning and only reached 64F, was 60F this morning and supposed to go up to 68F...feels nice, now that the rain has stopped, I've opened my windows again...feels awesome in here and my dust bunnies are dancing around and changing positions....LMBO!
Anyhow, thanks for visiting with me and especially for your friendship. Many hugs sent your way!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters...