Wednesday, May 04, 2016

I was getting "edgy" last week!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I wasn't in the best of moods end of last week. Gosh, some people are hard to get through to!
Will try to describe in short. I have an assurance for the house, and stuff inside in case of fire, or misfortune. Years and years at the same company, no problem. I pay the costs every 3 months, all well.
Till starting this year! Normally I get the bill beginning of the trimester. Not in January. Okay, popssible, waited Febryuary. end of the month, nothing. I made a phonecall, explained, and good, the lady understoof, would send me a bill, they had some trouble because of a new computersystem(do you get slowly the message??? ). She saked me if I didn;t want to pay automatically. NO, I don+t want it. Want to have some grip on when I pay. Just wanted a bill every 3 months. Simple. I waited and didn;t receive. Called again.
Hoorray, received a bill and good, I payed. Thought all was well again in insurance land.
Should have received a bill in April for next 3 months. Nothing.
Called, they would send. Suddenly  got a reminder letter. I still had to pay a bill, but that were so kind to write that another one they received payment for. Juicy detail, they talked about a car insurance, LOL!
Called again, trying to stay calm and nice (I rather well succeeded). I was nglad I had another lady at the phone this time. I explained all, seemed that I still hadn;t payed the first 3 months bill. (Never received the one, hahah). So I explained again. chonologically and I think the lady understand at last.
Yeah, I received the bill for the first trimester. Whoopee. I told them, that they had to wait a bit till i could pay it(having payed the other, newer one already). Probably not a too big problem.
Now I am crossing fingers, that I will automatically receive the new bill for 3 months somehwere end June or start July. I am VERY curious.
Those kind of things make me edgy and kind of nervous and is not good for my health. Of course a mistake can happen, but not this often and this long, sorry!

Let's move on to brighter and happier things. We are going to have some lovely weather rest of this week(if all comes true). We already are having nice days, but still the temperature isn;t too high and the wind was still blowing from the North to NE. But.............from already today and then all week we will have winds (not too hard) from the South and SE. Wonderful That means higher temperatures, more sun, oh, I can;t wait to feel temperatures of around 20C and possibly even higher to 22 C!!!!!
Jan took already a bit of advantage of the better weather and painted some parts of the kitchen door and window. The old paint was partly peeled, so he gave it a new undercoat, now has to paint it with
a last coat.

In the mean time I was busy doing some grocerie shopping, getting them from all directions, LOL, and then was busy with all kind of things, but don;t ask me what!
It sometimes happens to me, that I feel I did a lot of stuff, but I cannot remember with what kind of activities the day passed, ROFL!

Tomorrow we have Liberation day(remembrance of the end of WW2 here) and if the weather is really as good as they say, may be Jan and I can take a walk to town centre. There are planned all kind of activities there, mostly music on different stages and free to visit. But perhas there also will be one or two flee markets around. Never mind, it will be good to be out for a while I guess.

Well, I have a kit for you, named Letters to a Friend. And a few more kits are almost ready to be uploaded to Mediafire. Yeah, it is going slowly a bit easier again, the designing
Wishing you all a lovely day and rest of the week and stay safe!

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Gosh some things are the same the world over. When companies make mistakes, they don't like to take responsibility and fix things quickly. I'm glad you were able to get things straightened out.

The festivities for Liberation Day sound like such fun. I love flea markets. Here's hoping you find a really special treasure. I'm so glad your good weather is finally coming back to you.

We've had a bit of gray wet weather lately, but maybe today we'll get to see a bit of sunshine. That would be nice.

Well now I think I'll go post on my own blog. Then Pogo and I will go out and do some errands. You have a wonderful day my friend.

Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Just hanging around, waiting for the stuff to take effect for the 'Colonoscopy' tomorrow morning. It's not working as fast as it did two years ago. So I'm going to tip toe through the blogs and see what's interesting.

Thank you for the new kit 'Letters to a friend". Love it.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Oh My Word! Sounds like your problems are similar to mine with the incompetent workers! LOL! I don't understand not taking pride in a job, do it right and not just for a paycheck. It reflects on you when you fail to do so! I may not have liked each job I had, but I always gave it my best and found another if I could! Good Luck, I hope I have finally straightened out mine before next year is due!
We are having beautiful weather too, a little stormy, but that comes with Springtime in Texas! But this year we have had lots of damaging winds and hail and way too many tornadoes and deaths from flooding! I really feel for those in Canada that are being consumed by wildfires! We had those a few years ago too, so very devastating! Hope your weather continues to improve so you can enjoy the festive weekend!
I've been remiss in visiting, but I have reasons for not being on the trying to play catch up...THANKS ever so much for the lovely freebies you so generously share with us...ARLENE TOO...I really do appreciate all of them.
Have a fabulous more next time...Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for this lovely download. I hope all goes well for your next Insurance reminder and you don't have any problems getting it...

jmabad said...

Thank you for all your lovely kits. :D