Friday, April 08, 2016

Garden is slowly awakening.

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a rather quiet week and I like it. During this week I did some things I actually planned and that feels already rather good.
Tuesday Jan was ready preparing to go out, because he had an "evaluation"talk at his volunteer place.
They do that every year, just to talk through the year and how the institution thinks about you.
But as he was taking his shower, the phone rang and they said that the lady who would do the talk just went home sick. So Jan got up early for nothing actually.
Well, it's not a big deal, of course, he had a long day ahead of him this way LOL.
The talk will be on another time.

It was quite a kind of interesting week talking political issues here. Now I am not really political engaged, but sometimes things happen caused by governmet or a minister and such, that are rather important and have some impact. So this week too, one about our minister of Justice and Security, who had some real big mistakes to explain(but he got away with again and is still having his job) and then there was all the talk about a referendum about an agreement with Ukrain, mostly a trade agreement with the European Union. Nobody really knows what's it about, but our country still had to sign it, so we could give our opinion. Hmmmm, the outcome was NO to it, so our government has to do something with it, to stay a bit credible and reliable. Still, all the other countries of the European Union already signed it, therefore I don't see and believe our country can hold it back or change it a lot. 
All week before and even more, there were a lot of discussions on tv about it, of the pro's and contra's, sometimes it was interesting to follow. But in the end, hmmmm, nothing really will change.

Our weather is a bit on a rollercoaster I guess. Some days we have some sunshine, at times a bit of rain, temps arent too exciting yet, but again in the weekend they will rise to about 17 or 18C(they say, but have to see first LOL). If so, it will be good for the gardens.
But although it isn;t too warm yet, i is possible to do some work in the garden if you wear a warm sweater of so. And Jan and I did so ysterday for a while. He had to replant some seedlings again and I went for the dahlia's. May be just a whee bit early to plant them, but okay, we'll take the risk. If we will have no sudden frost at night anymore, they will survive and hopefully bloom as well as last year.
We also planted the new ones I bought last year, so I am really curious to see they will bloom well and how they will look. If they bloom well, of course I will take some photos.

Oh, Heidi and  even managed this week to have a longer phonecall, ROFL. May be we will managed next week or so to actually see eachother again. It's no so much my "fault", more hers, but completly understandable. She has busy life, with her husband and daughter(who is now in her teens, and yeah, that's a difficult time for parents), and all that happens and as we older people say: time flies, well, Heidi has the same feeling and she is much younger.
But one of these days we will have a visit and that's okay.

Not much more to tell, so  better give you a freebie and wish you a great and wonderful weekend.
This time it are clusters from Arlene, made with the Toujours kit.
I am busy with new kits, they are progressing slowly but steadily!
Bye bye.

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Oh wow, you are able to plant in your garden already. We still have to wait a while before we can plant anything. However, I did order a couple of blueberry plants. I think I'll grow them in a bucket or planter. Hopefully, I will get a little porch built this year, and I can put some of my plants on my porch.

The sun is shining today and it is a bit windy. Temps till not up to where I would like to see them, but hopefully Spring will stay with us this time.

Now I should go post on my own blog. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Mary Tincher said...

Thank you for the pretty frames!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely clusters. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and great week next week...

Snowy aka Silke said...

A rainy day here, no sun today. Hoping it will be better tomorrow and Monday before I have to go back to work. Here in UK people will be voting in summer whether to stay in the EU or not. Most people say it would be better to get out, but it has got its pros and cons.I've been planting more seeds as well and re potting those that have grown.Lol, my tomato plant already has some flowers on it ...a bit early :) Hope you have a great weekend :)

Corrine Corbin said...

One of the 'volunteers' that I'm have a hard time with is green onions. No one in my family likes them so we just pulled them up and threw them away.There must have been 5 containers of green onions growing all over the front and the back. Mostly gone now but some will probably grow back. We found some large plants in the side yard and our Landlady tells us they are Horse radish. I've never gotten a taste for that herb. It's strong and too fiery for me. That's ok I'll just give them away.

Thank you Arlene, for the gorgeous clusters and QP's.