Wednesday, April 20, 2016

During weekend and next week spring will be gone.

Goodmorning everybody!

We had some lovely days, with rather nice temperatures and almost no rain for some days.
I even snatched some sun, sitting in the garden for may be 15 minutes or so and feeling the warmth of the sun. Wonderful!!
But with weekend and some days next week temperature will drop drastically and will not reach more than about 8 C! Aweful.
so we better take advantage of the days it still is nice.
Yesterday  Jan and I went to a shop where there was an action for some little trays with springplants, it was a good price for them so we took the trouble to go there. It was a disappointment, because they didn;t had those trays yet(although it was mentioned in there folder it was from Tuesday-on!).
Okay, nothing to do about it.
Later on I went to a supermarket for some shopping and hoorray, there they had those trays already a day early, So I was lucky and took 3 of them with me(that are only 30 tiny little plants, but give them a couple of weeks and they will lok great!).
Jan and I put them in our garden yesterday-afternoon.

Yesterday  also made an appointment with my neurologist (for my epilepsie)for a yearly check talk, which will probablt last no more than 5 minutes, and it appears I was just in time for that appointment.
The lady at the appointdesk told me to make the appointment next year a bit earlier, because sometimes the insurance could do a bit difficult about it when it isnt within a year's time. never heard of it but will take notice of it. The lady was sweet and gave me an appointment already next Monday-afternoon, which is really a miracle. Normally you will have to wait at least one or two month.

This friday jan will have a dinner from his volunteerjob. So nice of the staff that they invited him too.
They arranged that a few of them come with their cars and take the ones that don;t have transport.
The restaurant is in a little village, about 20 km from here.

Today i have clusters from Arlene, made with the Step Forward kit.
Have a wonderful day and rest of the week.

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Hello Kyra. What lovely clusters Arlene made. I love the bunnies. I know what you mean about the insurance and all its new rules. It's best to be a little early making appointments, then to find out the insurance won't cover it.

So sad about the weather change coming. I hope we're done with the cold stuff. Joe says he will help me in the gardens this weekend. My plants are growing and flowers are starting to blossom. I love this time of year best.

Enjoy the sun and warmth while you can. Have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Arlene and Kyra for these lovely clusters.
Kyra you will have to make sure you stay warm on the coming cold days. It is good that you managed to get your little plants.
Also your new background is very nice...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello sweet lady! Bet you thought I had forgotten you, NEVER, just been a little rushed with the last days of hectic work and this awful, awful rainy, windy, hail laden, rainy, windy, thunderstorms, rainy, windy, lightning...etc (you get the picture?) weather we have had for the past 2 weeks. Lots of homes and vehicles destroyed by the large and very heavy hail stones and the high winds and lots, and lots and lots of rain and flooding with the loss of 8 lives south of us in Houston from the floods! 4 mornings in a row I have been rudely awakened by very loud and close thunder claps (and kitty cats scattering)between 2 & 3 a.m. I am glad we are through with it for about 3 days of sunshine, we need to dry up a little. I am going to try catching up my blog in a bit...thanks for the lovely note of concern and your awesome gifts. Arlene's too, I got a nice note and lovely surprise from her the other day as well. Y'all are so very sweet and I have missed you, but now I am caught up with what is going on, so I will visit with Miss Edna and then I will blog! Have a fantastic weekend ahead! Many hugs sent to you both! Mat

Corrine Corbin said...

I can't believe I didn't drop a note here for the lovely clusters. I especially like the bunnies. Going to have some fun with it.

Thanks to b oth of you for the kit and the clusters.