Sunday, February 21, 2016

A week of this and that LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Here I am at last. Pffff, it was a week of all kind of things.
Tuesday the trombosis service came rather early( by the way, it was a young man), so that was nice.
Jan was given a temporary schedule fo hs bloodthinners, and had to go to controle on Friday morning.
Now it seems that he is on a rather regularly schedule so that should do the trick.
Now I only have to phone them again to see, if we can put the contole on another day, because when it is on Friday, in the afternoon Jan has to go to his volunteerjob  and that is kind of unpractical and busy.
After the young man left on Tuesday, I could go out and so I did. I did copy all the papers for my accountant and sent them to him, pffff, that is done. One thing off my mind.

Cannot remember really what was on on Wednesday. I think some shopping or so. Thirsdaymorning I was at my doctor, about my stomach. He asked me to give a specimen of something(probably you understand of what)and bring it to hospital to let it examin, it might be that all that stomach trouble is cause by a bacterie of virus. Till there is a conclusion, I am still on the pills(they do most of the time their job, but I just want to get rid of them if possible). Next week doctor is on holiday so I will have to wait till I can phone him.
In the afternoon Jan had to go to a hospital far away(about 1/2 an hour with the tram) for an MRI scan of the liver and surroundings. result will be heard on the 29th from his doctor.
So we had a rather medical week, you can say LOL.

One or two days we really had rather nice weather, although a bit cold, there was sunshine. and we had one little surprise in the garden. Jan just was looking into the garden from the kitchen window and called me to watch too. And I saw a little parakeet having a meal in our birdfeeder! WOW, that was so cute to see and something I hoped for but never expected to see. I was too late to make a photo of it, but perhaps if will happen again and I can make a photo of it.

The weather all together is acting a bit uncomprehensible almost. we had some great days with sunshine, blue sky, low temprature, then temps got higher, but it brought rain and wind and at the moment there is a wind of ca. 6 Beaufort here. So I guess Jan will go walking to his volunteer job and will take the tram back, because it's too much wind to go by bike.
There will be temps of about 10-11 C for today and tomorrow, then it will go down again a bit to around 7 or 6C, also nights again a bit colder, 2 to 0 C, all very strange. There is just one thing I am crossing my fingers for and that's no more real frost and cold. it still could happen here, you know, in March and even April!

Oh, yesterday afternoon  just was settled on the couch, with my fleece blanket, just considering if  I would take a nap(Jan already had left for his volunteering) and then the phone rang. It was Heidi, asking me if I could go to the doggies to let them out. She was somewhere she couldn;t leave right away and then she would be home too late. I wasn;t pleased with it to be honest, because it was raining and wind started blowing already, but  gave in, of course. I went to their house and the doggies where ever so pleased to be able to do their thing outside, hahaha.
Home again i didn't take a nap anymore, no, I took a bowl of bean soup out of a can( that I made into a real meal soup, added potatoes, some fresh vegetables and slices of smoked sausage to it in the afternoon already) and watched some tv till Jan came home.
Now today I just want to be in my lounging fleece pyama's and not doing too much hahahaha.
Poor Jan still has to go to his volunteering today too. Well, I will make his dinner and advance, and when he comes home  will shove it in the oven, then he can have his dinner and he will be able to quickly take a nice nap on the couch. and when he wakes up again, probably after an hour, we will watched some stuff we already recorded on our dvd. Wonderful.

Well, I think I chatted long enough now, time for your freebie, some clusters and a quickpage by Arlene, made with the Suddenly you were there kit.
Have a lovely Sunday and start of the week!
Download   HERE


Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you for the suddenly You were there kit and the clever clusters by Arlene.When I let our little (Hopefully pregnant) long haired Chihuahua out at 6 am this morning (I'm the only one awake beside the dog) we had a light dusting of frost and then the sun came out and it turned into a lovely day.

My computer is acting like it has a tummy ache so I'm, getting off the internet and running the virus program. I can watch TV while that's going on! And our "Tiny Human " (my 11 yr old Gr-grand daughter) will be home from school. ready for a busy week. She has Judo class on Tuesday & Thursday and French class on Wednesday after regular school hours.

Hugs from Grandma Sarge

Edna B said...

It's good that you have all your tax stuff done. I have an appointment this Wednesday morning with my tax accountant. I hope everything goes smoothly. I won't have time to gather anything else for him until I get back from Florida.

Our weather has been fairly nice, and there are lots of green things coming up from the ground. I hope we don't get more wicked cold that will kill off all our little green sprouts.

I hope all is good news when all the medical tests come back. That will be a nice way to start a new Spring season.

My little guy ate half of his supper, and now he is curled up sleeping next to me. I think we'll move over to my lounge chair and watch a bit of TV. You have a wonderful evening my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for these lovely clusters...