Friday, October 16, 2015

Slowly preparing for winter.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, winter times are creeping nearer and nearer LOL. In the very south-east of the country there even was a bit of snow. Okay, it didn;t stay for long but it is a kind of sign.
The last couple of days temperatures aren't that marvellous anymore, I think we just reach between 46 and 50 C. But later in the weekend we might climb up again and reach 53-57 C again. And that is a whole lot of difference! Specially when there is some sunshine with it again.
Yesterday it rained a lot, today I think it will be the same.
So we might like it or not, we will have to prepare for winter time.
Jan already did a lot in the garden, put away the chairs, cleared the terrace, removed already some plants, that were finished, Adn perhaps next week it will be time to clear out the borders.
Oh, I am also a happy person , yeah. You know Jan made a bird feeder-house and finally a bunch of great tits discovered it and the food in it of course LOL. But it is so wonderful to see them, and I hope they will be there all winter.

Yesterday we had our Cv kettle cleaned, ready for another year again. But it is an old one and sooner or later we will have to replace it, but to be honest, we don;t have the money for it. They aren;t all to cheap and there is labour to pay too. Still, we hope it will hold on for some more time.

Our Brodski is spending a lot more time inside now that it isn;t that good weather anymore. Yeah, he is getting old, I guess. We aren;t sure completely, but he might be around 14 years old. I know, cats can live for also 16-18 years and even longer(we had once a cat that died at the age of 22! ). But his age is going to count, although he still is lively enough. The only thing is that he hasn;t much tetth anymore LOL. Oh well, the food he gets is easy enough to swallow for him and he still can chew if necessary( I know, because he oftens sits with me in the kitchen when I am preparing dinner and "by accident" there might fall some little pieces of meat on the floor, and he let's them disappear in no time!

Time to finish this post, not without a freebie, made by Arlene with the Fresh Memory kit.
Have a fantastic weekend.!
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Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely pieces...

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. I see the cool weather is reaching you too. It's so sad to see Autumn slipping away when it just got here. Ah well, just think - Spring is right around the corner. haha.

Today is a bit cloudy here so far. The temp is about 55F and should get to the low 60's today. Not too bad. We still have a lot of leaves to clean up, etc. Yesterday I had a fuel delivery, and it was the lowest price it has been in many years. I'm sure it will go up again, but it was nice to get that low bill.

Well, it's time to get busy on my own post. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you for the clusters, Arlene. I like purple and I manage to use it a lot.

I'm dreading the coming cold spell. We have ancient baseboard heating in this rental house and the LandLord hasn't finished the contract for new combined AC/Heating that was measured for back when we first moved in. don't know what he's waiting for. Maybe I'll have to get Pneumonia from the drafty house with no insulation under the house and none in the attic either. And that's enough Pity Party for one day.

I love the new kit and I'm getting school pictures soon so I'll be able to post some new pages.
Hugs from Sarge

Stacey said...

thanks to you and Arlene, for these beautiful clusters! hope will will hold off for a little while yet for you. we were still in the 90s till yesterday, so i'm glad we're finally getting some cooler weather thanks to a storm. how wonderful the birds found their little home. I hope they stay all winter too. they will be nice to watch.