Saturday, October 03, 2015

A rather productive week, LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, that Indian Summer weather definately has a good influence on me.
During the week I was out almost every day, be it for a quick grocerie shopping, or just for one thing needed at that moment, but I also did some work in the house, finally.
I did the floor in the kitchen, I did some ironing, I did several laundries, I washed the curtain in the living room, I did a vacuum cleaning, and then some other things that we have to do each day, hahaha.
So I am happy about myself and promised myself an easy day today.

I also did some designing in between and at the moment I am hooked to the game Mahjong again, grin.
I admit that i like to play some games at the computer, but that also has it's periods. There are times I almost don;t play them and then suddenly I find one that I really like and times passes aweful quick then.
Oh well, as long as I don't spend all day on it, it's okay.

The other day I got a request from a visitor, if she could use the Fallicious kit for a tutorial and I gave permission and I have now the link for you for that tutorial. It's for a lesson in PSP and i Dutch but you can throw Google translate on it or something like that. It's a very nice result of the materials the lady used, take a look, it might give you some inspiration.

I think we will have the last of the beautiful Autumn days this weekend. Next week forcast says we will have rain and a serious drop of temperature towards 13-14 C at daytime!
Perhaps in the weeks after the weather will "restore"itself a bit and we could have still some lovely late autumn summerish weather? Let's hope it does.

So that's in short my passed week, and it wasn;t a too bad one, let's go for more of those kind of weeks and I will be a rather happy girl LOL!
I have a freebie for you, made by Arlene, with Fallicious kit and she also made a fantastic quickpage.
Have a wonderful day and week ahead and stay safe.
Download    HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you, Kyra and also Arlene, for these lovely clusters...

Edna B said...

Good morning, Kyra. I'm hoping that the nice Indian Summer weather returns for a while longer. Right now we have the rainy spell so it is cool and damp. Coming so soon after the hot summer, it feels downright cold. Last night I slept with a blanket and an afghan.

Even Pogo has been wearing a little sweater these days and nights to keep warm. Only 168 more days till Spring!!!!!

Enjoy your lazy day my friend, hug, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

You did have a busy week. And that's such a good feeling. I didn't accomplish much of anything. I didn't leave home all week which is really a big thing for me. Coming up and 2 doctor appointments. One to get the 'echo cardiogram' done and then 4 days later to discuss the results with the Cardiologist. Usually my heart is just flipping an extra beat now and then...nothing really serious. I'm concerned about the thickening around the outside. We shall see if it's something to actually get upset about. I worry more about the asbestos sdpots on my lungs.

Many thanks to Arlene for the clusters and QP. They are adorable.
Hugs Grandma Sarge

Mats World said...

Thanks a bunch Arlene, awesome as usual!
Thanks to you too Kyra for the awesome kit to work with. I've used it a bit myself...LOL! Glad you got a lot accomplished this week..and that the weather cooperated. We finally had a few days of Fall weather ourselves, but will be back on the rise upwards next week. So many others are experiencing way tooooooo much rain and flooding on the east coast!
I just dropped in to see how things were going and all sounds well with you and Jan so I think I will go visit with Ms Edna before I cut my PC off! Have a fabulous Sunday! Hugs! Mat

Stacey said...

thanks to you and Arlene for these beautiful clusters! Got my house decorated for Halloween, so that's what i've been doing all week. Hope the nice weather continues for you!