Monday, August 31, 2015

What's wrong with people nowadays?

Goodmorning everybody!

In a way it is a good morning, because it is another day, we are still alive, it still is summer, and such. The way it isn;t such a good morning is that the guy from upstairs, didn;t show up. He would have been here to paint last week Thursday, then came to say he couln't come but wuld come Thursday.
Then on Thursday morning he dropped a note in our mailbox, saying he couldn;t come but would come at around 6 evening. And surprise? Nobody came and no message or phonecall or whatever either.
I have his phonenumber, but Jan refuses to call him, saying: "I refuse calling him, because it then looks as if we are begging". I can understand him in a way, but don;t agree completely either.
So now Jan will start painting himself today( I wouldn;t have him do it during the weekend, because he had his volunteer work to do).
Glad at least we have a bucket with paint, brough by this guy earlier. It is something.
But I feel rather pissed off, and I think I am allowed too.
I don;t know why it seems to be so hard to keep a promise? Or why make a promise if you are sure you will not keep it??

Well, we keep this in the back of our head and next time something will happen we will act differently.

we have a bit of strange weather at the moment. Temperatures are around 25 C, as it was yesterday too, but in the evening there was some lightning and thunder, not too much, also rained some, saw on the news that in other parts of the country they had real trouble because of the rain.
Now during the day it should be quiet but towards the evening they expect new rains and thunder and lightning. We'll see, if we will be lucky again.
If it will stay dry most of the day, I might make a trip to the market, have to drop a bill at the bank too, and it is on the way to the market.
I am not sure yet, but perhaps is will be best to do, leaving Jan to his painting, in peace and quiet.
(I know how I am. All the time checking if he is okay, not suffering too much from his back and so, and it is better for his and my mood that I go away for a while LOL).

I've managed to make a little kit for you, named it Seaside Sunset.
Hopefully you can do something with it.
Sorry it is kind of short post, but at the moment I cannot think of anything more that would be nice to read for you. Oh yeah, one thing we Dutchies are very proud of!
We have the world champion 200 mtrs. sprint. called Dafne Schippers. A lovely young women of 23 years old, who also took the silver medal on the 100 mtrs. sprint at the World Championship Athletics in Beijing!
And here is the kit
Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. I'm sorry to hear that your upstairs neighbor is not being very nice or honest. I guess we all have a neighbor like that. Just tell Jan to be very careful so he does not hurt himself.

Congratulations on the Silver medal at the World Championships. It's wonderful to see our young people doing so well in life. They are our future, and we are very proud of them.

I sometimes have to leave when work is being done here too, so that I don't make the workers nervous. I like to keep an eye on the work that is being done. Of course, sometimes that makes things a bit tense. haha.

You have a wonderful time on your trip to the market. I hope the weather stays good for you. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Thanks for lovely new kit. I've had some people make promises and not keep them too. I can't understand it except that the mentality of people these days is that everything is owed to them and they shouldn't have to work for anything or be responsible for their actions. It's a disgusting world these days. I'm sort of glad I'm on the downward side of this existence but I'll come bak and watch over my family. I wonder if I'll be able to nudge them a little when they start to go astray! Would they even know?? I can hope!

Stacey said...

this mini kit is awesome! I love it! thanks so much! I'm sorry the guy didn't show up - that is horrible. I hope Jan did the painting without hurting himself.

Linda said...

Hello Kyra and Thank you for this lovely download. It is so unfair of the man from upstairs to not keep his promise.
In a way though, it may have turned out better for you because Jan can do a good job where that man may have just slapped the paint on and made a mess.
Looking at that man's actions with the benefit of hindsight - it appears he had no intention of returning when he dropped off the paint. He was probably hoping that you and Jan would do his work for him...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good morning you two! hope you are both well and now that the painting is finished you don't have to "fret" over the fellow upstairs that can't keep his word! Just know you cannot rely on what he says ever again...until he can prove otherwise!
We are still having some rather HOT days almost 100F expected today~I am so ready for Fall season, but may not be here until middle October they are saying...Oh well, what can we do but suffer through Mother Nature's desires!
Thanks for the lovely gift of this kit. I am sure to get some use of it as are so very kind to us. We have a long weekend celebration here (but all my days are lazy)! My fur kids are all napping close by in sunny spots...LOL...making me long for a nap and since it is almost lunchtime, I think I might join them. ROFL! Y'all have a fantastic one! hugs, Mat

HappyScreens said...

So pretty - thank you for this gift!