Friday, July 03, 2015

The Netherlands suffers from a heat-wave!!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, it is true. Sme days this week have been very hot, temps around 95F, and that is real high overhdere.
And today it will be very warm too and tomorrow they are expecting another heatwave-day.
I don;t mind if we have some nice temperatures and sunshine and such, but this is also for me way too much. Really tough for people who have to work now, even if there is airconditioning around.

Today is also the start of the Tour de France and it starts in.................Utrecht, city in the centre of the Netherlands!  Imagine, a big cycle tour, called Tour de France and starting in another country!
(which is the case already for several years). Lots of money involved there, that's the whole point.
But not the best day fr cycling and certainly nt for people who want to watch it along the road and at the start, with this very, very warm weather.
Everywhere there is extra water supply, warnings have been done on tv and radio that people really should be careful to be out in these circumstances.
My poor hubby has to go to his volunteer work too, for the first time since long. In fact he has happy to do it again, only bad planning this weekend because of the extreme weather conditions. But he still is lucky, only working for 3 hours a day this weekend.
When he went over to the nursery home about two weeks ago, to say he was able to come again starting this weekend, it was nice to hear, that they kept his working place, and that he shouldn;t be replaced on another department.

Our garden has more and more blooming plants now, only with this kind of weather, we have to water the garden almost every day. Specially the pots need it.
A good rain shower could do wonders!!
We also have something in our garden which worries us a bit. At the back of the garden Jan found a young pigeon, who apparantly cannot fly yet. He looks kind of allright, but I am not sure if this youngster will survive. We did put several little bowls with water in its surrounding, and we have the idea that its mother is still watching over it at times. We also spread a bit of food at the place, but we don;t know if the youngster can eat by itself or has to be fed by mommy.
If it doesn;t survive, it is just nature having its way, but I don;t like it, specially not if it happens in my garden.
On the other hand the little pond has lots of non-paying lodgers, most are froggs, but I also saw two little toads. They all really adopted our little pond and the garden, must be good circumstances for them LOL!

Have to think now about my dinner this evening. It should be something quick and tasty, just like we had yesterday evening. The day before I prepared a whole chicken in the oven, of which we had a part. But there was still a lot of left over, so I made a salad with it(recipee found on internet, really tasty, here the link 
It is a wonderful blog, with lots of easy to follow and make recipees, and I just stubled upon it!

I have found one more freebie for you in my stock( that really needs a resupply, but it is going soooooooooooo slow, perhaps it also has to do with the weather, to good to be at the computer for a long time). Oh gosh, I only noticed now that on the preview I didn;t put on the name and such!!! How very sloppy of me!
I named it Carezza, (Caress), lucky I did name the file.

And now time for me to slowly get going, well, first I will make some coffee, when it is ready I will wake up Jan, then we will probably have our coffee in the garden where it is still nice at this moment.
Then I will have to take a sandwich and then we'll see what comes into my mind to fill the afternoon with hahahahahah!!
Have a wonderful weekend you all.

Download    HERE


Corrine Corbin said...

Thanks for the new kit.

I'm saving them until I get my software back from the other house. I'm such and old fuddy duddy I don't work will with the Gimp and other scrapbook software where you design on their web sight and then down load it I guess. Can't figure out how to manipulate the items so i just dumped it. I'll just wait till I'm ready to move into the new house. Meanwhile I'm getting a collection of kits from you and some from an Aussie named Tooty Pups. Here's her web site: She has some commercial stuff too.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download...

Jerrie said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely work!