Saturday, July 18, 2015

Some news, some photos and a freebie

Goodmorning everybody!

The last few days it was kind of funny weather, not cold, but very windy, cloudy at times, even the garden was happy, there was some rain. Today it looks better again, much more sunshine, still just a little too much wind for me, but temperature is okay, in our garden it is very nice, at times even kind of hot in the sun(because we have a rather sheltered garden).
But I am not complaining, far from it.

Wednesday I did a control of my weight and whoopieeeeeee, it was kind of party-time.
I just passed 35 kg's! I know, it doesn;t sound much, but I never was a heavy weight. In my very best days, much younger too, (and mostly only in vacation time) I topped on about 40 kg. But if you consider how bad it was when I had the pneumonia (last day at the hospital I had 30,8 at the scales and that really scared me!), I am entitled to be happy. Okay, I am not yet totally there, I want to try to reach perhaps 37 and stay on it, I think that is good enough.
But I did a little jumping just out of joy.LOL!

For several years already there is a colonie of green parakeets in a park not very far from our home.
But now they spread a bit more, I guess, and they come visit our neighbourhood too. They can make an aweful lot of noise, but I just love to see them. Lucky there are still some trees in some gardens, where they can sit down and "chat"with eachother.
I tried to make a photo, which is hard, because my little camera doesn;t have a very powerful zoom, but at least you can see them on the photo.
And I have a phto of one of our tomatoe plants, and don;t ask me how much, but we definately will have some tomatoes, ROFL.
I have another hydrangea for you, I just love to shrubs, they are rather easy to handle, and they have lovely flowers.
Then here is the garden-suprise of the year for us. After years of trying we finally have hollyhocks!
I have absolutely NO idea how they have come there, well, I probably threw at a time some seeds I collected in the garden to see if that would do better than grow them first in little containers from seed.
Suddenly this year I saw those big leaves growing, and at first I really had no idea what it could be. Almost was at a point to take it out, assuming it only could be a kind of weed. Then I saw the leaves and some buds and realized it could be hollyhock, and well, it is!
Now I will try to get more of them, I still have seeds of one  with beautiful double apricot flowers: Oh, if I ever could grow those, it would be fantastic.
But here already the surprise/ones.
Well, what else can I chat about? Nothing much happened this week, I did some usual things in and around the house, all rather realxed, I must say, and how wonderful that still is.
Jan yesterday went to his volunteer job, as well as he will go today and tomorrow. I still have dispensation, to recover and don;t have to come back to my coach until beginning of Septemeber.

Oh yes, this morning, looking out of the front window, I saw the new tram passing by. Yes, part of the trams will be replaced by these new ones and I must say they look quite good. They are just testing them on the routes they will drive on, we cannot go with them yet. I think our line will be riding for public at the end of August.
Found you a picture on the net of them.

And that's it for now again. But.......not leaving without a freebie for you. Yes, finally finished the kit and made the preview and uploaded it, so here it is, named "Galina".
It is  Russian name, I looked it up and the meaning of the name is "quiet and peace". Nice hey?
I first thought to split the download because it is a rather heavy one in MB, then thought "okay, I am only posting once, may be twice a week now, I better give them the whole kit to play with right away".
Hope you will like the colour pallet, I am working on a more summer-like kit, but you know it by now, I don;t know when that one will be ready.
Now it is time to finish, there is a nice quiz on tv at the moment, so the right time to have a sandwich and cup of coffee.

Have a wonderful weekend and till next time, somewhere next week.

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. What great news that you are getting back to your normal weight. How wonderful to find parakeets in your garden. They are really beautiful little birds. I am jealous of your beautiful hollyhocks! They bring back memories of my childhood. When I was a little girl, I would sit for hours and make doll clothes from hollyhocks.

Our veggie garden is growing, but we do not have any fruit on the branches yet. Your tomatoes look wonderful. It must be such a treat to sit out on your patio amidst all your beautiful plants.

I would love to see trams like your new one over here. They are very beautiful and would make traveling such fun.

SIL Eddie will be here in a couple of hours to start working on my kitchen. I've made some adjustments to what I want so that it will be easier for Eddie to do the work. Now I think I should finish my coffee and get dressed. You have a wonderful weekend my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

It's quite a lovely looking collection and I'm going crazy
looking for my software so have decided to pay again (maybe)
still have one more place to look. This weekend should get over there.

I just went and looked up how many kg's are in lbs. I was shocked.
So I thought I'd look up myself. I like the numbers in kg's better
than lbs. I'm 90 kg's which makes me huge!

Thanks for the newest kit. It's lovely.

Stacey said...

such a beautiful kit! thanks so much! I love your hydrangeas, they wouldn't survive here, but surprisingly the holyhocks do. I didn't have any but my neighbors did and seeds must have come over the wall, because now I do too - LOL. I don't mind they're pretty. Congratulations! Glad you hit 30k - I need to lose weight, but it's so hard.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit Kyra. Congratulations on gaining some of the lost weight. It is good you are having mostly nice weather to enjoy. The garden photos are lovely too. I hope your weekend went well...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
So happy that you are feeling better and putting some weight back on!!:) Praying your health will continue to improve speedily!

I LOVE your photos!Your garden sounds wonderful with the green parakeets and the beautiful flowers. I know you and Jan truly enjoy watching your garden bloom and grow too! :)

I am planning a trip soon to the eye doctor to see if anything can be done about the cataracts yet. I think they want them to get to a larger size before they do any surgical procedures. Guess I will know more after I have the appointment.:)

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely kit with me!!

Have an AWESOME day my friend!!

Huge hugs,

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello my dear friend...sorry I have been remiss in checking in, I took a week's break from the let some healing take place. I feel like I have been down at least a month...LOL! So happy to hear you are progressing with the weight gain. I need to shed a few pounds, wish I could send them to you...ROFL!
Love the photos of your garden, great that you have the gorgeous hollyhocks again, the hydrangea is gorgeous. and love the parakeets. I feed birds at my place too and so enjoy listening to their songs daily! And of course the fur babies enjoy watching them from the window sills(they actually "talk" to them)! The tomato plants make me hungry for fried green tomatoes...LOL!
Thanks ever so much for the lovely kit, so appreciated always! Enjoy your weekend...I need to try "catching up" with some of my favorite blogs and update mine as well...ROFL! Many hugs to you! Mat