Monday, June 29, 2015

Summertime, and the living can be nice

Goodmorning everybody!

I had the intention to post earlier, like on Friday or in the weekend, but somehow  I didn't come to it.
So now I will have to remember what I did all week. Oh, my poor brains cannot cope with that anymore LOL!
Let's see.
Through the week I was rather busy in the house, which is a great thing to write down, because it means I am still feeling better every week. Saturday I put myself on the scales again and I gained weight. Yippee, that's is good. Still missing some kilo's but it is going the right direction.

Thursday afternoon I made a little visit to Heidi, it was about time for that. As usual we had a nice chat in the garden( it also is a good thing I come over once in a while, then she has a moment of rest, because she still is doing way too much sometimes). Of course one of the things we chatted about was our gardens and she said I could take some cuttings and such out of her garden if I wanted.  In my garden all aquilegia's disappeared somehow. I guess part of the blame is to Jan, who sometimes ripped out so fiercely the greenery LOL! But lucky now that Heidi has a lot of them and different ones.
And she has some more plants I like to have. I however didn't take them with me that day, but waited till Saturday.

Before getting to that, have to tell you about Friday. I was at the computer in the morning and at a time I had no internet. No big deal, my wireless connection has the habit of falling away for a moment.
so I tried to reconnect, but no luck. Okay, once again and still no luck. Good,  went to the modem to take out the plug for a moment and put it in again. Still nothing and suddenly I saw none of the lights on it were burning. Ghee, what was the matter. ??? Couldn;t get hoold of the service of the company, so got the wonderful idea, to try the outlet or plug connection. There is a lamp connected in it too, so ......................... not working. Oh my, now I tried sowme switches elsewhere..............nothing.
To be short, there seemed to be a powerloss. as it happenes rarily here, it was a strange sensation.
And then you realize how many things you use( without even thinking) that need electricity!!!!!
I was most worried about my freezer, but after about 1/2 an hour or may be 1 hour all was back and worked well again.

Saturday Jan went for a short visit to the market, but I didn't go with him in the afternoon, because I had to go to Heidi's to give the doggies a walk. As always the little guys were happy I came over and we had a nice, long walk, as it was lovely weather. Adn back home there, they got some dog candy(they know it, I always give them something after a walk). Then I went into her garden and took several cuttings and/or seedlings.
Then returned home, where Jan was back also, with a load of vegetables, so I kept busy with that and planting the seedlings and finally was happy to sit for a moment and have a drink LOL!

The weather is lovely here at the moment and later this week we will have real high temperatures too, at about 30 C or may be even more. Okay, that is a bit too much for me, but I will not complain, because we waited long enough for some real summerweather. It's just a pity our weather behaves often enough like a rollercoaster. But allright, it is lovely to be able to open the gardendoors in the early morning and walk into the garden.
I've made some photos this weekend and you can see that now is the time all is coming to bloom and grows and looks lovelier every week.

That's it for now, I am trying to design, and sometimes I come up with some papers and elements, but it still is going slow. Perhaps the great weather has something to do with it too, a bit a pity to stay at the computer too long. I better try to get outside, or use the boost I get from this sunny weather to do things in the house(like I  did last week, washing sme windows and curtains, it looks so fresh again LOL).

You all stay safe and have a wonderful day and great week, I will not say when I return on my blog, my plans never come to reality, so we'll see, somewhere this week, I guess, will be rather safe to say hahahahaha!

Here some pics from the garden:
 Above you can see some Malva and Nasturtium, out of own seedlings.
 Left my climbing rose, all looking healthy again after Jan gave it a harsh cut back this spring.
 Our little pond, with a lodger in it( below you see a cut out I've made). This morning I saw 4 lodgers sitting quietly and happy there, LOL.

One of the strawberry plants we have, Jan is all happy about them, every once in a while he has a couple of home-grown strawberries, (grin).


Edna B said...

Oh my, your garden is soooo beautiful!! Those fresh strawberries look so delicious. We were going to plant some of them this year but somehow it did not get done. Maybe next year.

I'm so glad to hear that you are slowly getting better. This was one nasty bug that you and I caught this year, and I hope we never have to go through it again.

Today it is cool here, and cloudy. Maybe we'll get some sunshine later today. Tomorrow though, is supposed to be a really nice day. I hope so because I need to go out to do a couple errands.

Well, I need to get busy here and do my own blog. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

OMG your garden is so Beautiful!!!!! I can imagine sitting there and just feeling so refreshed and good in your soul!!! Glad your feeling better and adding those kilo' I am trying hard to subtract them LOL...I would send you some of my extras if I could find a way LOL...Take care my friend

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow, what a lovely garden. The strawberries look very appetizing too! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice compliments. I so enjoy reading them. Glad you are still improving daily. Just don't overdo and have a nasty set back. It is still very hot and humid here, but I did manage to get the vacuuming done and all the floor mopped this morning early. We wake to temps in the upper 70's then it just steadily increases all day. Yes, I agree, my shoulders, neck, and butt do let me know when I sit too long in front of the computer...LOL! Have a great week ahead, hugs! Mat

Anonymous said...

Kyra your garden is so pretty! I wish I had a place for one. I have a plant box in front but it gets too much shade in summer though my spring flowers look nice. I am so glad you are feeling better! You and Jan take care of each other.

Love and Prayers,

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the update Kyra. It is good to hear you are feeling a lot better. Please enjoy the sunshine and lovely weather as much as you can, designing can wait. When the weather is nice it is a shame to miss it because you are sitting at your computer making things for other people...