Monday, June 08, 2015

Crawling back every day.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah I know, I wanted to post much sooner, but just didn;t find the quiet and peace for it I guess, LOL.
Or I just was being a bit lazy, and pushing it forward every dya. Yeah, seems to sound better, hahaha.
But I have some good news. Saturday was the day to control my wieght( must do that every week for now) and I gained a little bit again. Oh my, it's not going quick, no, I cannot tell that my weight is going up by kilo's or pounds, but as long as the scale is showing a bit more, I am happy.
Appetite is coming back too a bit, must be, because I gained some wieght, and that must be caused by eating some more and very important, rather on a regular basis.
Still I am feeling tired rather quickly, I can sleep so much and also feel to it during the day. well I do take a nap once in a while, but on the other hand i don;t want to get used to it too much. Body should hold on for a day without sleeping again LOL.
Last Saturday was niced weather and Jan and I walked to the market(which is still an adventure for me, believe me). Then we spent some time on the market, buying some veggies and such.
Then walked home again and all took about two hours. I can tell you it felt to me as I walked for for 4 hours! Pffffff, I was sooo glad I could take a rest in the garden the rest of the day, gosh, it shows my condition still is very, very poor.
Oh, well, it will come back, but as with all it must have it's time.

That Saturday there also was the start of the Worldchampionhip Soccer for women teams and our team(competing for the 1st time there, yeah!), won their first match. Just with 1-0, but it still is a good start.
I am curious how far they will get, I surely hope they will at least get through the first round!

Wow, I just looked on my calendar and for now, all days of the week are still BLANK!
well, that is a first in a very long time. There are always things you have to do, but there are, till now,
no appointments, and that is such a great feeling.
I went to my volunteerwork-coach last week, who is a really great guy, and he knew already about my pneumonia and all, and he gave me for now 3 months of "rest", to recover really well and then in September we will have another appointment and see howit goes and if  am okay, I can start again with the language interim and courses.  So for the moment I will not have to worry about that, nor abut social security office( my coach sends them briefings about our meetings and situation).
If all goes well with Jan as it seems to go till now(because I am never 100% with him, as he is such an open an talkative person.............which he isn;t LOL), he might be able to take up his volunteer work beginning next month. The first few times I am sure he will be pooped out when he comes home, but it wlaso will be good for him to get out and do something useful and to his liking.

So this month we will try to enjoy as much as possible our garden, and as long as we have the weather we have at the moment, with temps going up and down as a yoyo at times, temperatures between 17 till 26 C, so not very steady, but nice and lots of sunshine between some cloudy moments and not much rain either.

I have a kind of surprise for you. as I was scrolling though my files, I saw I still had some kits waiting to be posted! I only will have to make previews and uploads of Arlene's clusters for them. So please be patient for those, I really will try to do that this week, and may be I will try my hands on a new kit, although that will not progress all too quickly, but I should start again some day! I just HAVE to!
Here is the kit, named Food for the Soul, hope you like it and that you can use it for a nice layout.
Dear ladies, till next time, I am not promising on which day I will post again, but I will be back again, of course!
Again thank you all for being so loyal and kind to me, you deserve a big hug all.

Download      HERE


Linda said...

Hello Kyra, Thank you so much for the lovely kit. I must say I was surprised to see you had put one on. It is good to hear you are doing much better. It does take time to get back to good health so please don't go overdoing anything...

Edna B said...

Welcome back to blog world my friend. I'm so glad you are progressing nicely, even if it is a bit slow. This nasty virus just does not move out quickly. And I hope it never comes back again.

My appetite is returning, but now I have to make sure I don't over-do on the eating thing. I only lost three pounds, but I don't want them back. You, of course, can use a few more pounds, so eat things that you enjoy.

It's good that you can get out walking a bit. Just don't over-do. I'm so glad to hear that Jan is doing well too. I'm hoping that this will be a fabulous summer for both of you. I suggest you spend as much time as you can sitting out by your garden. This is always very healing.

Be well my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Dawn McFadden said...

Thanks Kyra for Food For The Soul kit and I hope you continue to improve your health

Stacey said...

Krya this is so beautiful! thank you! don't push it! you don't want to have a relapse! i'm glad you're slowly mending. I know the older we get the slower we heal and that is no fun, but nothing to be done, but what you're doing.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hey dear nice to see you posting and that you are steadily improving albeit slowly, but pneumonia really takes it's toll on the body as we get older....please DO NOT OVERDO too soon. Eating properly and rest is the best and only cure for it now. Glad Jan is feeling more fit now too! I've been rather lazy myself this past week, I never even got out of my nightgown was too HOT to go out so, I just enjoyed the air conditioning and relaxed...ROFLMAO! I caught up with some of my programs that I had DVR'd! Thanks so much for this lovely kit I adore the colors. Chat more next time got to visit some blogs and catch up! Hugs to both of you! Mat

VJ's Scrap Room said... is so AWESOME to hear you are getting better.Even if it is a little slowly. Better is very good!:)

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely kit! Please take the necessary time to get the strength back that you need so much. I am hoping with you and Jan that he will be recovered enough to take up his volunteer work again.:)

Huge hugs,

HappyScreens said...

Dear Kyra,
I haven't been around for awhile, so I was very sorry to hear about your illness, and very glad to hear that you are better. Please keep improving! You are the one who deserves the hugs - this is a lovely kit!
Thanks so much for thinking of us and our need for beauty in our lives.