Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Next few Thursdays will be busy.

Goodmorning everybody.

I had a satisfying day yesterday. I decided not to go to do some shopping, that could wait for another day and first do some household tasks. So I put on the washing machine and in the mean time I did some ironing, and it didn't take all too long.
Then the sun was shining  and it was nice outside, so I took a cup of coffee and drank it sitting in the sun.
Finished with that we watched a little quiz on tv and then I could hang out the laundry.
And then I spent some time working in the garden. No big jobs, mainly re-organizing the pots we have a lot of at the moment. Some of them have now a cover pot in a bright color, and it looks a lot better.
Then I made some ground cover of pressed wood( oh that is marvellous stuff, you have a block of pressed wood and such, put it in a bucket with 1,5 ltr of water, wait for 10 minutes and you have ground cover), and that now is between the tiles of our path in the garden. It looks nice, and it helps supressing the growth of weeds. It just disappears after a few months, but that isn;t too bad. I can buy us some more blocks, it costs almost nothing.

Oh, I had an email yesterday of the language coach basic training with the dates of the "lessons".
Gosh, it starts already next Thursday afternoon and then 4 times in a row.
That is a bit unhandy, cause in the mornngs I have to go to the internship. Hmmmm, Thursdays will be busy for a while. But there is just enough time between them for me, to have time to eat a sandwich, and such. Lucky for me the training isn;t far away either.
I think I will be pooped out in the evening, because it asks probably a lot of concentration but okay, we will survive it with flair LOL!

Today we will have another beautiful day, so we must take advantage of that. On the weather forecast they say, this will only last for today, may be still a bit tomorrow but then temps will go down again for a while. But as long as there is every now and then some sunshine and not too much cold wind, and a little rainshower at times, at least the garden will be rather happy. And I just feel more energy when I look out the window and see the sun is shining. That makes a big difference for your mood.

Just have to give you one more link frm the show Popstars, you know, the puppet competition?
This one has a place in the final too(which will be this Friday on tv). I found this one sooo good, very touching and after a few seconds, you just forget about the puppet player and your full attention is at the puppet, that seems to come to life and is the real centre of the act.
Hopefully the video will work for you.
If you want to see more, just take a look at the right side, there are about all the acts to see.

Now time for another freebie of Florence, some beautiful clusters.
And if you're in for some more, go to Arlene's blog, she has some lovely new stuff and if you hurry, you still can enter a kind of competition and win a fabulous kit for free! Just comment on that post there, and may be you will be picked out as the lucky winner!!! Do it before Friday though!

You all have a wonderful day.
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Edna B said...

You're so busy, but happy too. I hope these classes all work out well for you. I'm so glad you're able to sit out in your garden now. I agree, a bit of sunshine surely does make a big difference in our moods.

Well, I still have my cold, so I t's back to bed for me. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Stacey said...

thanks for the beautiful clusters! I hope you enjoy tomorrow and it isn't too stressful!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Florence for these lovely clusters...