Wednesday, April 01, 2015

My calendar is filled, too much actually LOL

Goodmorning everybody.

Jan just left for his scan in hospital so I have some quiet time to do my blogpost.
Monday afternoon I went to the appointment with the volunteer/ participation coach( we have to do every few weeks one). It was nice and quick, I told him about the langiage information meeting next week, and he already had me planned for an "orientation lesson" with a teacher.
Only it was for this Thursday morning and i told him I couldn;t make it because we have the appointment with the surgeon for Jan. It was no problem, now he scheduled me in next week.
It seems to be a little group of women of foreign background, who want to improve their Dutch, and it is done by a proper language teacher( I think) and I will just look and hear how things are done. This language lessons are mostly directed on practical use, for every day things you encounter e.g. in a shop, with a doctor etc.
I think it can be fun and rewarding.

After the appointment with André(my coach), I walked on to the market, although the weather wasn;t all to good. But as I already was halfway, it took a short time to get there. I put some bills at my bank there and made a quick tour at the market. Came home with some fruit and a bit of veggies, and finally was glad to be home. Not long after it already was time to prepare dinner.
Yesterday I finally finished a form I had to send with all copies they asked and posted it.
Then i did some shopping at the supermarket, came hme, hanged out the laundry that I had turning in the washing machine, had a short computertime and gone was the day again.

This morning up early to get Jan to his appointment, and I have a day"free". Not completely, always something to do in the house, but I am lucky I can stay in. There is still a hard wind blowing(yesterday evening at a point really storming with rain and some thunder), and on and off rain showers. No weather to be out if not necessary.
Tomorrow up early to go to hospital again, till now nothing on the calendar for Friday(hoorray) and Saturday I promised Heidi to walk the doggies in the afternoon. she will be away with the family to her mother's and her mother isn;t so keen about having the doggies around.
Next week we already have some appointments on our calendar, so at times it looks rather boring and quiet here and suddenly all kind of things appear at the calendar in a short time.
To have nothing at your calendar isn;t always good, but too much isn;t always fun either LOL.
You see, we people are never satisfied.

The nly thing I really have to do within the next week or so, is re-organizing some folders, with all those new forms coming in, having to copy them, and now they need to be put back together with some other stuff relating to it. I promise I will do it, but only not today. No, I will give myself some playing time at the computer, later I will put on the stove a stew, that can linger there for a couple of hours, to give the meat the tender bite, and do some fun stuff in between.

We had a look in the garden yesterday, at a time there even was some sunshine, and some of our seeds really are trying to do their best to show some green sprouts!
Last Saturday by the way, we had a quick visit of Heidi and danny, who brought us a trunk for the garden, they didn;t want to have anymore. It's a real big one, where you can put in the pillows for the garden chairs, but I think we will use it for storage of garden stuff, like sme soil, and pots and tools. Specially the things you need all the time.
We only have a little problem where to put it. We had in mind a great spot for it, but it just isn't big enough. Such a pity, it would have been a great spot for it. But perhaps we will put it on the patio, where we usually have our two chairs and little table, and can place it against the fence. And I thought it could perhaps make a nice seat in summer, put some pillows n it, so you have a soft seating and it will be on a sunny spot. Might be a good idea, we will try it out, only have to replace some pots to another place.

Okay, before we go to the freebie I want to tell you that Linda and Arlene have some awesome freebies for you on their blog.
And now the add-on to the Dear Mother Goose kit, made by Arlene.
Have a wonderful day.

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Amazing how quickly your day calendar has filled up. I'm hoping to hear some good news from Jan's appointments. I'm jealous about the garden. We still cannot see ours. But the good news is that the snow is melting. Slowly. I can't really complain because I was hoping it would melt slowly and not flood our basement.

I went to bed real early last night and got a lot of much needed sleep. Now I think I'll make a cup of coffee and post my own blog. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Stacey said...

thanks so you and Arlene for these pretty clusters. Hope you enjoyed your day!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for these lovely clusters...