Monday, April 06, 2015

Lovely Easter sunday

Goodmorning everybody!

Till now our Easter Sunday is behaving well and was lovely.
Saturday afternoon I just had to walk with the doggies, and so I did. The "guys"were all happy to be out for a moment and I was lucky with the weather. Sun was shining although the wind still was rather cold. That done I returned home with a bunch of little seedpots and seed Heidi left for me.
They are coming from an actin from a supermarket, for every € 15,00 you spend there you get a little pot and seed( it is mainly for the children, to get familiair with a bit of gardening LOL).
There are no flower seeds in the collectin, only herbs and vegetables, but that could be fun too.
Jan planted them all and now we must wait till they sprout(or IF).
I had some of these pots already some weeks ago and some of them are starting to show life!

Yesterday was a lovely day. First we wer lucky that there was a lot of sunshine and even the temperature was a bit better. Specially in our garden, out of the wind, so Jan and I spent a little bit time there, re-arranging the pots and such, so now we have some space to put our chairs and little table.
If we can believe the weather forecast, in the middle of this week wind will change from direction and will blow just mildly and temperatures should go up to even around 18 or 20 C!!!!! If that could be true, we would be very happy!

Our pond lodgers are there already, and sometimes hopping through the garden. And as I looked to the pond yesterday i did a discovery. There was a clump of spawn floting on the water there, so if it all comes out, we should have a BIG family of frogs hopping around later this year. Great fun!

after the time in the garden I prepared our dinner, which wasn;t all t much work. We wuld have a fondue, so I only had to cut the meat in small dices, make little minced meat balls, and we also had some chicken filet and mini sausages, and a couple of dip sauces, and french bread to go with it.
I also boiled some eggs and made stuffed eggs for later that evening.
We still have enough left over so this evening we will have the same dinner. I am not complaining!

Hopefully we will have some sunshine today too, till now it is a bit grey and cloudy, but may the weather Gods will look mildly upon us and send some sunshine in the afternoon.
If so we probably will do some more work in the garden.
It would be great to have another day of quiet and peace, without thinking about anything like appointments, or bills or forms to fill LOL.
Tomorrow real life will start again, with me going to the info evening for language assistent.
Every day there is something on the calendar this week, only till now Wednesday if completely free, I only have to remember to call a friend who will have his birthday. Pffffff.

Okay, I am going to enjoy my 2nd easter day, I think I will start with working a bit on a new kit and then hopefully the sun will be there.
I have an add-on from Arlene for you  made with the Fréderique kit.
Have a wonderful day!
Download      HERE 


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra, for posting the lovely clusters from Arlene.
I will be away for a little while and look forward to catching up when I get back.
I hope the next few weeks are kind to you and you have wonderful weather.
Also, Hello and Thank you Arlene for these lovely clusters...

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. So glad you had a lovely quiet Easter Sunday. Pogo and I did too. The sun was out and the temps were mild. The Bunny left little baskets for all the dwarfs and little fuzzy animals for Pogo and the house kitties. I watched services on TV, and it was a beautiful day. Deanne and Eddie stopped by with a gorgeous maroon azalea plant full of buds for me. Now I can't wait for the ground to clear up so that we can plant this new azalea.

I had a nice nap in the afternoon, and did a bit of crocheting in the evening. It was a fabulous day.

Today Pogo and I will go out to do a couple of errands and maybe take a ride through the park.

Now I'm off to write my own blog post. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Many Thanks Arlene for the adorable clusters.

Linda said...

You have a lovely blog. Happy Easter to you, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

Stacey said...

thanks to you and Arlene for the beautiful clusters! I do hope everything sprouts. I love herb gardens and have several types of mint - they smell wonderful. Happy Easter and glad you're enjoying Easter Monday!