Friday, April 03, 2015

I am still Jan's "secretary"LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Quick update about Jan.
Yesterday we went to the surgeon and Jan will have an operation within 3 months time. It isn;t really, really, urgent, but necessary, and within this time, to avoid the hole of his umbilical hernia will get bigger.
First the 29th of april Jan has an interview with the anesthesist and then probably will get a date for the operation. Without complications, it only will be a day in hospital. Although an operation never is something to cheer abut, I am glad it is happening and hopefully all goes well and Jan will have no more problems and can move around with a quiet mind about his belly, belly button and all that.
As I said in the post title, I am Jan's secretary, because i will have to do the emails to his coach and his volunteer work and all those things. Probably this will never change. Oh well, I am kind of used to it after all those years together.LOL

It was really cold when we went to hospital yesterday early morning, for all it was the wind making it icy cold. Later, in the afternoon there was some sun, which made it a tiny bit better.
We will just have to wind for the wind direction to change to south, South-West or south-east. Then most of the time we have a lot better temperatures.

Yesterday we had another not too nice surprise, as we watched our Brodski. He seems to have some injury on his left front leg, so he is limping now. It's not broken as far as we can feel, because he lets us touch this paw without problems. So I think he might have strained a muscle. Last couple of days he also had a little cold I think, so all together he isn;t feeling up to 100%.
We will keep an eye on him, to see if anything changes. For now, I don;t think there is an alarming situation. He still takes something to eat every now and then, even takes the remains of my yoghurt dessert in the evening. When they still do that, they are not in an all too bad state, I hope.
He is now lying on a chair, on which I have put a nice fleece blanket, and it's probably the best for him now. Lots of rest and keeping warm.

With all going on with Jan now, this extra with Brodski is just a bit too much for me, can you understand? 
Never mind, all will end well, at some time. 

Think I will have to do just a short shopping round, not in need of much and then want to get the house a bit cleaned up, with a vacuum cleaning, dusting and such. As it is Easter this weekend, I'd like to have the house somewhat in order LOL.
Then after I have walked the doggies for Heidi tomorrow, I hope for a nice and quiet Easter weekend, without any startling events.

I have today a kit for you of my "femal names" serie. It's a bright and warm colour palette and named "Fréderique".
Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy Easter.

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Gosh, I'm hoping that the surgery will go well and get Jan back to feeling good again.

Today our weather is much like yours has been. Gray, a bit wet and windy. We could be worse though. Some parts of our country are hot and dry (soon fires will be burning), some places are being flooded with too much rain while others are still getting snow and ice. I guess we are doing just fine.

We did not make it to the park yesterday. We did go there, but it was closed because men were on trucks doing tree work. So we took our burgers home.

Oh my goodness, I am having a round of sneezes so I think I'd better go find my tissue box. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

I'm sure hoping Jan gets everything taken care of and gets to feeling his old self again. My hernia is only a little hiatal hernia probably caused by coughing too hard. It was discovered in 2002 and hasn't given me an ounce of trouble so I just forget it's there.

Thank you for the new kit. It looks interesting and you'll have to eleborate on what it means.

Stacey said...

this is beautiful! thanks so much! I"m glad Jan will have the surgery and hope this will end his pain. I hope your Brodski is alright and feeling better by Monday. Hopefully he just jumped wrong and nothing serious. I always worry when my furbaby isn't feeling good.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for another lovely download.
It is good that Jan will not have to wait too long for his operation.
I hope you both have a nice quiet Easter...

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful kit.