Monday, March 30, 2015

Rather good weekend, without any strange events.

Goodmorning everybody

I wanted to do this post before I leave for an appointment with my volunteer job coach.
Nothing much happened during the weekend, and how wonderful it is to be able to say this LOL.
I am still not completely happy with Jan, I am sure he still isn;t feeling cracking, but let's hope that this week he will know what will be happening.
During the weekend we took it real easy, and it wasn't too difficult, having some bad weather.
Specially yesterday it was almost raining all day, and accompanied by hard wind, so no weather to be outside.
I did some household cores, not all too much, but okay, good enough for now.
Loking out of the window I am glad it isn;t raining at the moment, although there still is really much wind.
Well, the office for my appointment isn;t too far away, about 15 minutes walk.
If it still stays dry after I had the talk, I might walk a bit further, to the market. On the way there I can deposites some bills that have to be payed, and at the market(if I get there) I will just look for some fruit and may a couple of vegetables, not too much.
All depending the weather actually.
Must hurry on now, prepare a few papers I need to take with me, and the bills, take in another coffee and may be a sandwich.
Hopefully I will have more to talk about next time.
Today you will have the second part of the Mother Goose kit, in wich the "board"for the game.
May be you will have some fun with it.
Till Wednesday, have a wonderful day.

Download     part 2 HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download Kyra.
It is good to hear your weekend was a good one.
I hope your appointment went well...

Edna B said...

Good luck at your appointment, Kyra. I hope you are able to find something interesting and close to home.

Our weather doesn't seem to be very anxious to change over to Spring temps. If it goes up a few degrees, we get rain. Then it goes down again and we get more snow. Yeeeesh!!

Today I have an appointment with my regular doctor for a check up, then tomorrow I'll see my orthopedic doctor for that check up. Then I'll be done (hopefully) for another six months.

I hope your weather stays nice for your walk today. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Stacey said...

this is such a wonderful kit! thanks so much! hope the weather stayed nice for you and you were able to get your shopping done. let us know how it went with your coach!