Friday, March 27, 2015

A few quiet days, how wonderful!

Goodmorning everybody!

Ha, the lights in the kitchen work again, as I bought us two new bulbs for it.
Yesterday I did practically nothing at all, fantastic! But today I will have to be more energetic.
There are a few grocerie things I must get us, then the room needs a vacuum cleaning, have to prepare a form to be send away soon, so my day is pretty filled, but I don;t mind.
We could do with some better weather, but in the whole we shouldn;t compain too much.
Everybody heard on the news the terrible event of the German plane crash. Aweful and totally uncomprehensible why this guy did it. Perhaps we will never find out the why.

But let's not swell too long over all the aweful things that are happening in the world. Of course you should stay aware of them, but at times you just have to shut your mind off and forget for a while about it.
So this evening Jan and I will watch a nice program called "Popstar", all about people showing an act with puppets of all kind.
I have found a couple of links for you of acts that I really liked.
First is of a lady with a group of about 30 children,  performing a song of The Lion king.
The lady who is handling the monkey, made ALL puppets and everything herself! Amazing.

The second one is of a young guy, performing an act of a nurse, "talking" to  an old lady in a nursery home. I really had tears in my eyes during this act. It is done with soooo much empathy and kindness and love, and I just LOVE the puppet he made.
I am sorry about the advertisements that are showed first, but try to skip them, and it will not take long.

I applied yesterday by mail on anther volunteer job, would be managing the reception of an organazation for language aid for Dutch and non Dutch speaking citizens, so a bit in line with the other thing I am having an info evening abut, but at the other end of it so to speak. It would be answering telephone, handing out lessong material, keeping up present lists of the "students", and such.
May be I will have an interview for that too.
Well, social security cannot say I am not trying to find something. And it will be good to mention to my volunteer job coach at the appointment I will have on Monday.

In between all this, I am working on two kits, but they are progressing a bit slow. Never mind, as lng as I doing a bit every time I have some free moments and inspiration.
Today i have the first download of a new kit named "Dear Mother Goose". I even have made you a playing board that you can print out to play the game! With the rules to. Perhaps fun to play it with your children or grandchilren.That will be in the second download. But I can show you the board already.
 So I am wishing you a terrific weekend, crossing my fingers we will have a quiet one too this time LOL!
And here the preview of the whole kit and link to first part.

Download     part 1 HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Your new kit looks very colorful and happy. The game looks quite interesting too. The new volunteer jobs sound very interesting. Good luck my friend.

The program about the puppeteers sounds like a fun program. I could not get the videos to play, but I love puppets. My hubby had a monkey puppet "Charlie" that he took everywhere with him. It definitely made life interesting at times. haha.

It's wet and gray here today so our lunch outing in the park will have to wait for another day.

Everyone here is excited about Jazzy's play tonight. This is her first starring role since she has been in these drama groups. We are all so very proud of her.

It's almost noon time so I think I'll try to tempt Pogo with something tasty for lunch. He's not very impressed with what I've been offering him lately.

Ah well, You have a wonderful weekend my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Stacey said...

Kyra, I'm glad you had a relaxing day at last! I hope you get one of those volunteer jobs, as they seem perfect for you. I love the kit! it's fantastic. My niece is 3yrs old so it's just perfect! thanks so much! I hope you and Jan have a wonderful weekend!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download.
I wish you a nice quiet uneventful weekend with beautiful weather...

Sue said...

Thanks for the kit! Looks like fun! Can't wait to download and open up the zip file! :-)

What is so sad is when people want to kill themselves but want to take as many people along with them as possible. So we have to concentrate of the ones we love and not let the 'bad guys' make us change how we live.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Wow and I thought my week was hectic.....NOT....compared to you and Jan. Hope all goes well and they can do his surgery to end his problem once and for all. It is never fun being in pain and unable to function.
Good luck with your job interviews...I am happy mine will be ending in 2 surely is busy there now in the office, lots of folks dropping off papers to file and lots of extensions that will have to be filed. He is a very popular accountant.
Today I must run some errands that I can't do during the week, so saying Thank you for the kits and for Arlene's too. Appreciate both of you very much. Have a wonderful week ahead my friend and try taking it easy! Hugs, Mat