Monday, January 12, 2015

Storms around, and i don;t like hard winds!

Goodmorning everybody!

The whole weekend we had a really hard wind blowing, at times stormy, and that will go on for the next few days.
I saw some images on the news, and the sea looks really dangerous at the moment, with high waves.
There isn;t yet any danger for our dikes or us behind them, but there are guards keeping an eye on them.
So it was a good time to stay in this weekend, although I catched a better moment on Saturday to pop out for the newspaper.
During the weekend we spent a lot of time at tv, because of the speedskating and  we did well.
As well as at the women and men competition we have an European all-round speedskating champion.
And it was really exciting too, till the last moment we weren;t sure who would have the gold.

Today I really should make some phonecalls to see if I can get some volunteer work, I know lots of places and institutions are asking for them, so I hope to find a place soon.
So that will be the main job for me today, may be I will need to make just one call and will be invited to come perhaps for a little interview, and may be I need more.

Then tomorrow Jan will have to go to hospital for a scan of his vains, to see how they are doing and Thursday he will have the apointment with the doctor to evaluate. I hope all will be good and that no drastic things will have to be done.

I have no freebie for you today, I still have to make a preview of it, so forgive me, but I will have it for you on Wednesday.

That's about all for now, I will have a coffee and then start with making phonecalls and such.
Have a nice day.

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Edna B said...

It seems the weather is wicked all over the globe. You take care and be careful going out while the wind is blowing heavy.

Good luck with your phone calls. I hope you find something fun and close to home. Does it have to be volunteer work, or can some of it be paid work? Hmmm.

We have some rain, ice and snow coming for today and tonight. Then tomorrow the sun should come out again, but the temps will be around 20F. Oh well.

You have a wonderful day and stay warm my friend. Hugs, Edna B.