Friday, January 23, 2015

Sometimes you feel cold and stay cold

Goodmorning everybody!

Perhaps a strange post title, but Wednesday I just couldn;t get warm. It was warm enough in the house, and not extremely cold outside, but during the day I had cold feet, cold legs, cold hands and arms, terrible. Guess I didn't moved around enough, perhaps, but finally I took a fleece "coat" I once received as Christmas present and wrapped myself in it. Oh, it still took some time, but slowly I got warmed up.
Well, I almost stayed all day wrapped in it, and I felt a lot better LOL!

Today the weather looks okay, sun is shining at the moment, although the temperature will not get higher than about freezing point. I'll do some shopping today, because tomorrow there is expected to come some rain and more wind, even might be a little melting snow or something like it.

Till now I didn;t hear from the volunteer work, perhaps later today I will get a phonecall or mail with either rejection or invitation, whatever the answer will be, I would like to know now, if it is a rejection I can start looking for something else, and otherwise I can prepare myself for the "job".

Oh my, government has found something new to introduce. We already have an "own risk"to pay for health care, but now they have the idea to introduce an extra "own risk payment"for young people( age of teens and even younger) who need extra care for mental help. As they have no income the parents will have to pay, which might get as high as ca. € 1500,00 a year! Every normal thinking person can figure out that certainly families with a minimum income aren;t able to pay that on top of all the other costs of living. What will be the result of that measure? That parents will wait asking for help and that young kids that should have some psychiatric help or at least this kind of help will get worse and cannot grow up to sound people. Perhaps I say it a bit in the wrong words, but I think you will understand what I mean.
It is understandable that government tries to keep the costs of health care as low as possible, but I have the feeling they cut into the wrong areas of health care!
I should think that there are still other areas of the expenses of the government that could do with less money, and put that "found"money into health care and care for the older people, instead of closing elderly homes!

I better stop now, otherwise this will be a VERY grumpy and despressing post LOL!

Yesterday I did a few things in the house, also gave Jan a bad needed haircut and also started already with a new kit. I hope to go further on it this weeekend and finish it.
Today I have the second part of the Sentimental Journey kit for you. 
There are still little things that can make us happy, but they are becoming less and less, it looks as if governments take away all nice things that make life livable, and worthwhile and possible!
Still wishing you a wonderful weekend !

Download    part 2 HERE


Edna B said...

I have days like that too where I just can't get warm. Sometimes I think it's our body trying to fight off a cold. Who knows?

The storm hasn't hit yet but the cold temps sure are back. It's 20F degrees this morning. The weather forecast keeps changing for our area so I'm not sure what is coming or when it will come.

I'm all stocked up on the foodstuff though, so Pogo and I are okay.

Here's hoping that you hear from your job interview soon. Stay warm and have a super day. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Well I'm going to say again Thank you for the new kit. If I forgot to say anything before...blame my advancing age. I do! Have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves!!

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks my dear for the lovely kit...tried to catch up a little today. I worked all week for my CPA and am a little tired, not bad, just trying to get into a routine after getting used to not having to rush around and be on a schedule! LOL!
Will chat more later...thank Florence for her cute freebies too!
Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download...