Friday, January 09, 2015

Quiet but wonderful birthday yesterday!

Goodmorning everybody!

Midnight from Wednesday to Thursday was the moment for me to get into my 62 years of age LOL. Well, as I still was awake then, I got my birthdaykiss from Jan, of course.
And I finally could open the present I already received around Christmas. And what a lovely gift that was, accompanied by a beautiful card, all from my friend Edna.
She sent me a fantastic afghan she made herself, and I can asssure you it will be heavily used!
I was too lazy yesterday to make a photo of it(sorry Edna), bt i will do so this weekend and show it next week.
Add to that some lovely e-cards, some phonecalls of good friends, and I was walking almost all day around with a smile on my face.
And then I must not forget all the wishes I received in my comment- and shout box fromyou visitors.
Thanks so much, they are the little starlights to brighten the day extra!

The day went by very quiet, but ever so nice. Jan and I even made a little change to our living room.
We moved a little bureau, we had in the bedroom to the living room, (it wasn;t very heavy, don;t worry),so now Jan has a place for his laptop too and can sit warm. He had it on the dining table, but that wasn;t a very good place, that only is good for a moment. Now the table looks nice and and not messy anymore. Great change I must say.

Before I helped Jan I went out for a moment, had to get us some things.It was raining, but the temperature wasn;t bad at all. Now today I should do some real grocerie shopping but I am reluctant to do so, looking out of the window. There is quite a fearce wind blowing, and every now and then a rainshower is coming down, so not the nicest weather. perhaps a bit later today the wind will decrease somewhat.

Oh, yesterday in the post we had a folder from the government and guess what? Now we have to have an "energy-label"for our home! For the moment we are given a preliminary one, but whenever we want to seel the house we must have a official registered one! somewhere this year( of course as soon as possible) we will have to go to a website, where we can check the data, government filled in and then we will have to chose an expert who will check those data and the ones we might have changed, because we have different kind of glass e.g. in our house. Then, all on line, this expert we give us the official label, which will remain valid for 10 years. and guess what? Nothing is free these days, so it might cost us several dozens of euro's. And no expert is coming to the house, to see changes you announce on the website, no, you will have to deliver photo's or bills yourself all digital.
I know, we all have to pay attention to the energy saving, but I am getting a bit tired of the government who meddles with almost everything!
But if you don't have the official valid energy label at the time you sell your house( or rent it), you could get a fine of several 100 's of euro!
 Okay, next week I will check the website and see what i will have to do.

Then i just have to pay attention for a moment to the aweful attack on a newspaper in Paris, resulting in 12 deaths at the moment. I was really chocked when I hear and saw about it on tv, and specially the video where you actually could see how a wounded police man was shot through the head. Done so neglectful, mindless, without any mercy by the offenders. I know, assaninations take place over the whole world and almost every day, but this one is an attack on not only just a newspaper and the writers, but also on the freedom of speech and democracy. And all done in the name of a faith. Which is no good thing in any circumstance. But............ how difficult it may be, we must NOT start to blame ALL people who have the same faith, in this case the islam. Because people who do those terrible assasinations and attacks, aren;t true believers, they just use faith to hide behind.  It has nothing to do with a faith, they interprete is completly wrong, only to justify their actions. And we should all be very aware of the fact, that the danger is we might think all people of the belief or faith have the same ideas, and tolerate those kind of gruesome actions. That's what those horrible groups want to achive. To get a wedge between different faiths and people. And we must not let that happen. Most people just want to have a normal, nice life, and have no problems with eachother, and we all still have to believe in that and live to it. Toleration is a great word and something to cherish.
I will probably never understand, why there are people, who try to put people against eachother, while the world would look a lot better if we just could live our lives next to eachother, each in his or her own way, respecting some laws and respecting another view.

To a brighter note we will have an interesting weekend( at the least for us) because there will bethe European Championships Allround speedskating and as you might know by now, we love to watch the speedskating. We have some great candidates who might win the title, although they will still have some heavy competition. Curious to see if some of our skaters will bring some medals home.

About time now to end this post, not without a freebie! Although my "production " of kits still isn't great, I managed to get one done and perhaps I will have time this weekend(in between the skating LOL) to start another one. This one is in one of my favourite colors, purple/lilac and has a French theme, named it Paris, ville d'Amour.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Download    HERE


Anonymous said...

Hello Kyra !
I bet the afghan you received from Miss Edna is the one I saw in her blog, on November 19th, isn't it ??? Don't know why, but the day she posted the photo of this purple afghan, I said to myself "this might be for Kyra"... ha ha ! This lady is incredibly generous, and her present has no price. Since I had computer issues, I decided to avoid writting comments on blogs, except for today. Thank you so much Kyra for all the wonderful kits you share ; thanks to Arlene for the lovely clusters she creates ; thanks to Linda for her beautiful quick pages. All of you, but also Miriam and Mat are really talented and generous, and an inspiration to me. Thank you ladies, and thank you Kyra : your blog rocks !

Snowy aka Silke said...

Happy Birthday :)
Have a fab day, Love Snowy

Edna B said...

I'm so glad your special day was a pleasant one. I have to agree with you about the untolerable acts of some individuals. It makes it difficult for the rest of the world to live in peace. You would think by now, that these miserable souls would finally realize that it is so much better to embrace our neighbors than to hurt them.

We are having a mini break in the wicked cold weather today. However, the cold will move right back in soon. Spring is going to feel so good!

Now I have to make some breakfast for my little guy. You have a fabulous weekend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you Kyra for the pretty purple hues. We do like our purple and lavenders & mauves.

I haven't been on the computer since early Monday morning when the Bronchitis hit me like a ton of bricks. I laid in my bed rather blah until the fever spiked on Tuesday and Charlie got me an appointment. They decided when they could hear me wheezing and struggling for breath that it wasn't the nasty flu that is immune to the flu shot I had (thank goodness). Dr Ayee gave me a shot in the hip of some super stuff and about 9 or 10 days of an amoxi to really kick it in the panties!!lol

Today is the first day I've even wanted to look at the computer. And first thing I did was challenge the "Ancient One" (Chinese since the game was mahjongg) and I beat him! Started my day out right but now I'm down to my last bit of energy.

I'm really sorry I missed your birthday. I'm glad you had a nice quiet one with Jan. And thank you for the new kit.

Frances Mary said...

Happy Birthday

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for this lovely download.
It's good to hear you were able to enjoy your birthday.
I agree with what you said too, it is so sad that some people believe that violence is the only way...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra!
So sorry I missed your birthday!! Sounds like you had a nice one with smiles that lasted all day.:) Happy Belated Birthday my friend!

Thank you so much for the lovely comment you left for me on my lonely blog.:)

I am still having difficulty with my eyesight, so I don't blog as often these days. Cataracts are the pits!!:) The texting looks double and difficult to read.:/

I think (praying) I am finally starting to get over this sinus infection. Jim and Jimmy have had a cold that only lasted a few days. Soo happy they didn't have what I have had.:)

I just want you to know that I haven't forgotten you!

Huge hugs,

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thank you my dear friend for another lovely kit. So glad you had a wonderful so deserve it. I hope Jan's scan went well, with no further complications. I so agree with you on the "Horribly Stupid" ideas of this radical group that deals in such atrocities! Would really be a wonderful world if we could all live in peace and harmony, but...we will always have a "group" that thinks we are too complacent and must dramatize everything!
Happy that your speed skaters did not disappoint you! I spent the whole weekend watching TV too, but I was watching football! LOL!
Thanks for visiting. Will check back in with you later...and again thanks so much for all you so generously share with us. Enjoy that lovely afghan from Miss Edna and thanks to Florence for such nice comments! Have a fantastic week! Many hugs sent your way! Mat