Monday, January 26, 2015

Perhaps great news on the medical front?

Goodmorning everybody!

We really had a quiet but oh so nice weekend. I even had patience and inspiration to sit for a longer time at the computer to design on the new kit, which is finished too and I even started with another one. Wow, that didn;t happen for a long time.
Normally on Saturday we have an easy meal, something quick, or at times just sandwiches, but this time not. Saturday afternoon I made made little meatballs with minced meat, all well seasoned with pepper, salt, lots of garlic, chopped black olives. Then I made a tomatoe sauce with little tins of tomatoe puree, seasoned that well too, then first fried the balls in a pan then added the sauce and let it simmer for a while.
For dinner I then cooked a bit of macaroni and that was our meal. It tasted very well. As I had still enough meat balls left, we ate them yesterday, but then I made some cooked potatoes and I had still some Chinese cabbage, I cut that in bigger pieces and fried that in a pan in some olive oil, seasoned just with some pepper and salt. also tasted well.

I still didn;t hear anything from the volunteer job, till now. Hmmmmm, hope they will let me know something today.
and I didn;t hear anything at all from the guy from social security! Now that wonders me, I even think it is unpolite. The only excuse for him would be that he still has been ill last week.
I think that if i don;t hear from him somewhere this week, I will try to write a letter to him(make a copy of it for myself, of course). I can do that, because I have an address. Let's see if that gives any reaction. If not I will go there in person, again, somewhere next week perhaps.

This Friday there was an interview in a program on tv that was really interesting. It was about the research and progress of stem cells, this specially for the liver. I found and article in a Dutch newspaper about it, let Google translate the website and I will post it here. I think that it would be marvelous if in really near future it could be done in hospitals. This technique would also be possible to performe for other organs in future. The research and result was done by a Dutch researcher( of course together with a lot of other people, also world wide). Well, I let you be the judge of the fact if it would be good or not, but I think if this "find" will be used for the good it could be an amazing step forward in helping and healing people.

Thu 22 Jan 2015 08:55
New delivery from cultured stem cells
by René Steenhorst
Utrecht -

Cultured stem cells injected in a patient with liver failure, and the diseased organ eventually recovers fully. Researchers at the Hubrecht Institute and the University Medical Center Utrecht seem to have put in a stunning steps downright revolutionary development, invented in the Netherlands.

dr. Hans Clevers . Dr. Hans Clevers Photo: Wim Vooijs

The researchers, working on this for 15 years in relative silence, thinking that culture stem cells in the future can be a substitute for donor organs. Organ transplant would then no longer required; an injection of stem cells the patient could give a replacement organ.

Until recently, it seemed impossible to keep healthy or diseased tissue of patients alive in the laboratory, let alone to be amplified. But according to molecular geneticist and research leader prof. Dr. Hans Clevers, his research group succeeded in developing a culture system for both human liver stem cells as healthy stem cells extracted from cancer tissue of the pancreas . The scientists report their experiments in two articles appearing this week in the American trade journal Cell.

,, Fabrics decay and break down, "said Clevers, who since 2012 has been president of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW). ,, The human liver, however, has the feature that it can repair themselves with their own stem cells. This body took us years ago with the idea to see if we could multiply these cells in order to let them repair livers or completely leave it 'rebuild'. That is success. "

It appears possible in the laboratory to grow on  from a single liver stem cell into a fully new liver in four months.  ,, All analyzes show that cultured tissue genetically not differ from healthy liver tissue and also very stable, "said Clevers. This principle should also be applied in the distant future, lungs, kidneys, hearts and other organs.

Cultured human "mini-livers' have been successfully transplanted into mice with liver damage. Critics, however, fear that cultured organs perish in cancers.

Weather here is still not all too bad, we have temperatures several degrees anove the zero point, which is always nice. It might get a bit colder later this week, but for now it's okay. Only nasty thing is, that when temperatures go up a bit, often it is accompanied by rain. Still that is always better than loads of snow and ice. I saw on the news that in the area of New York and Boston a real snow storm is acting around, I hope for everybody living there that it will be gone soon too. Although fresh fallen snow can be beautiful and even fun, it shouldn;t last too long, because then it causes trouble.

Is there more to tell or ramble about? Hmmm, don;t think so. Well, then I cna end this post with a fantastic beautiful freebie from Arlene, 3 clusters made with the Sentimental Journey kit. Don;t forget to go to her blog(link in my sidebar), she has a freebie there for you too!
Have a wonderful day.

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Edna B said...

I think this new stem cell research is awesome, though I wonder what will happen one day when we manage to heal all the sick people. Where will they all live, and where will all the food come from to feed them. We are quickly filling up all the space in our countries, leaving nowhere for the animals to live. Once we heal everyone, then what?

Don't misunderstand me, I think the research is wonderful, and I think it is great that we will be able to grow new organs to save lives. But at some point, governments will have to put a cap on how many babies can be born. It's sort of a "catch 22".

I hope you hear about that volunteer job soon. You would think that they would be glad to have you working with them as soon as possible.

We are gearing up for whatever this storm is bringing. I hope it blows out to sea, but that is not going to happen. lol.

I am just hoping that we do not lose our electric power. Having no heat will make everything much worse.

Now I have to see about hiring a snow plow. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you and Arlene for these lovely clusters...