Friday, January 02, 2015

Just a quick post.

Goodmorning everybody!

let me start to wish all of you a Happy New Year! And thank you for all the good wishes you left me, so sweet of you.
I think everybody needs a bit of recovery time now after the holidays, well this weekend is a good time for it and then Monday all starts over again, a brand new year, with all kind of things in store, surely, let us just hope most of it will be good stuff!

We were still up at mindnight to let the New Year in, and watched a bit of the fireworks at tv, but also in our street and around.
I had a view on some of it from the back of the house, looking through the window.
Then we watched some more tv, and went later to bed than planned, as always. It was a good thing we were at home during the fire works, for our Brodski. I must say he looked rather quiet, but some noises startled him a bit, so at times he crawled on the couch, between Jan and me, and at times he found a safe little corner, waiting till all was over again. I think he was pooped out a bit from the stress it caused, he did a lot of sleeping yesterday LOL.
So yesterday was a very quiet day, but already today usual life starts again, so later today I probably will do a bit of grocerie shopping, and I also think the house can do with a vacuum cleaning.

Oh, I must not forget to go to Heidi's house( or I think that will be Jan;s job today), to have a walk with the doggies. She is visiting her mother all day and asked me if we could look after the dogs.
She told me also that she is suffering from probably and allergy attack, just after she returned from the Christmas holiday brake. She is covered all over with little blisters, that are itching terrible, and she has no idea where it comes from. She has now medcines and an ointment for it, so hopefully it will get better soon.

I hope you will forgive me that i don't post a freebie today, I promise on Moday there will be one again.
I should get busy soon now, after I do some more blog reading. This weekend we still will be keeping "low profile" in activities, LOL, and next week all sorts of things have to be taken care off again.
Wishing you all agian a very happy New Year, that it may bring you the things you wish, but at 1st place a good health!. Having that you are able to deal with things much easier.!

Till Monday.


Linda said...

Hello Kyra, it is good to hear you enjoyed your New Year's Day.
I hope you and Jan have a really good weekend - try to relax as much as possible...

Edna B said...

Good morning and Happy New Year to you. Sorry to hear about Heidi's problem. It almost sounds like shingles. I hope she clears up soon.

Today is a few (just a few) degrees warmer. I'm so glad I don't have to go out for anything. It is still cold enough that I have to run the electric fireplace to keep the room warm enough for Pogo and me.

I'm thinking that I need to run the vacuum around my place too. The dust bunnies seem to have multiplied over the holidays. lol.

Now I'm off to post my blog and catch up on my blog readings. You have a fabulous day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.