Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Here I am again, with little update on me LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my, I really had no spirit on Monday to make a post. Not that it was a bad day.
In the morning I just woke up at a good time, so I first did a check on my email. That sometimes takes a bit of time, specially when i want to answer on several. Then had to check a few things on internet, and then had to take a shower, then a cup of coffee, to really wake up hahaha.
But it was nice to do all quiet, not hasty, and was ready on time to leave for my appointment for the volunteer job. I was lucky it was rather good weather, dry, even sunny, although the temperature was low.
I found the address easyliy and was there rather early. Okay, no problem, I went in and had to wait just for about 5 or 10 minutes. It gave me a chance to look around at the reception there. What a hectic and bit of chaos. Not really a chaos, more an organized one, but I already understood why they were looking for help at the reception!
The interview went okay, I think, the man I spoke with, was a nice person, about half my age, but who cares about that? He told me they will have more interviews during this week, but they will let me know this week if I am picked for the job.

After the interview I went home again, but I didn;t take the tram, no, I walked back. It was such nice weather, although a bit cold, and it took me only about half an hour.
I had a very nice mail in the afternoon from my niece in France. We don;t have a lot of contact, but every now and then a little message, to keep updated. She is such a sweet person, as well as her whole family. Today I received some photos, and gosh, all the kids are looking soooo adult( somehow they always stay in your memory as the kids you saw when they had about 12 years old LOL).

Yesterday I didn;t do all too much, except for some shopping for groceries, just the usual actually.
Slowly the papers are coming in I need for the tax office. Yes, that is coming near too, although this year we have one month  more to fill them in. Not quite sure why, probably because they cannot cope with all the changes in the taxes. It will just be the case of assembling all, then make copies and send them to our accountant. Oh yes, it will cost a bit of money, but it is worth it.

During the weekend i finished a new kit, and I could make the preview and upload yesterday. I made the download in 2 parts, so one for today, the other will be on Friday. Hope you will like it and can use some of it. Nowadays i have some inspirational trouble, to actually start a kit. Once I have the idea and colour pallette it goes rather well, may be slowly, but steady. I think I have at the moment so many things to think about and do and remember to do etc, that the designing comes a bit on 3rd place or so.
Okay, some day it will get better again.
The kit is named "Sentimental Journey".
Have a wonderful day and keep smiling.

Download     part 1 HERE


Jujublu said...

thank you, this is lovely!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful..thank you.
May 2015 be a good year for you....Tricia

Corrine Corbin said...

Thanks for the newest kit. It looks like some of my favorite colors. Hope you get the job. I don't really want to work and with my lungs, I probably can't do anything useful, but I'm 75 so I'm not trying to find anything to do.

I will be helping my daughter and the Non profit organization she's the chairman of. It's in support of the survivors of the fallen warriors. Once a year we gather them up and pay for the hotel for Fri. nite and Sat nite, and all the meals too. So we have to get cracking pretty soon to raise the 30,000. it take to put this on. Being a veteran myself, and a long time Navy wife too, I know what it's like to feel like the "Brass" aren't listening.

That's going to occupy my time.

You have a great weekend coming up and I'll stop in tomorrow to see the rest of the kit.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download...

Evelyn Stevenson said...

I love this kit! I always loved this song. My mother used to sing this song. This kit reminds me of her!