Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Don't talk about councils to me!

Goodmorning everybody!

Talking about the weather it isn;t good. still lots of rain and wind, so it is still rather dark and grey, hope this will change all soon a bit.
Oh my, yesterday I wanted to check an appointment I have with the social security council, cannot find anywhere a paper with the time of the appointment. Strange, because those things I am careful with.(or perhaps he even didn;t give me the paper?)
But, okay, you can always make a phonecall, right? I spent about an hour or no, more, to get a kind of answer! Most simple would be to contact the devision office and ask information. But......they don't have a phonenumber! Only way to get in contact would be by internet, via a site where I have a file, where you have to log in with a special code and leave a message there. Do you believe that? But.. I tried it another way. Via lots of phonecalls I finally ended up with a general phonenumber of the council, where you have a department for social security stuff.
I was lucky to get a real nice lady there, who seemed to understand the problem.(If you don;t appear or too late on an appointment you are bound to have a penalty, meaning cuts in payment). She couldn't set me through to the devision office neither, they don;t have a phonenumber either.
But I was lucky to remember the name of the person I had the appointment with, so after some time, the lady found me in records, saw I had already been there twice, but couldn;t find anything about the new appointment, but I had the name right, hoorray. Now They had a phonenumber of the civil servant but aren;t allowed to give it to anybody. They will try to reach the civil servant and the lady promised me that i would have a phonecall from him within 24 hours. ( already checked on my "file", nothing there). Crossing my fingers at the moment that he will really phone me today, because the appointment is for tomorrow. If I don;t have a phonecall this afternoon around 14.30-15.00 , I should phone the general number again. Can you imagine it has to be so difficult to get some simple information???
I think that if I dont have that phonecall this afternoon, I perhaps should go to the office, to see if I can get any information or contact with the guy. Then Jan has to stay put at home, in case a phonecall comes in when I am away. I get very pissed about such things, the more because I do all possible to get the information, and if i am not succesfull, it of course will be "my fault" with all consequences. Then you will have to go into appeal, perhaps, but probably will have no success.
Hmmmm, let's just wait patiently part of the day, perhaps all will be solved later today.

I have a bit brighter note too. I also made a phonecall for the volunteer work at the refugee help office, had a short conversation with a nice guy, he asked me to send a short mail with a cv. So i did right away, and this morning I found a reply in my mailbox with invitation for an interview. Hoorray, that's something. Only nasty thing is, that it is also tomorrow, probably the same time of my interview with social security guy, so I will have to phone and ask for another date/time. Pffff, sometimes life isn;t going very smoothly.

Jan went to his scan yesterday, came back home after it, kind of broken! No, not because of the scans he had, but the bench he had to be on, was so hard, that he had serious back-trouble after it, poor guy.
So after he came back, he first sat down for a moment and then he lay down on the couch to take a nap and give his back some rest. It helped some, but I saw he took his painkiller early evening, and he only takes it when it really necessary( he has a rather high pain threshold).
Hopefully today he will have less trouble with it. Tomorrow he has the appointment with the doctor for evaluation. so we both will be "en route" part of the day.

I was so grumpy after my efforts of the phonecalls, that I didn´t do very much else rest of the day LOL!
Washing machine was filled, so I turned that on, and that´s about all. Still something good came of it, because I started a new kit. Will take more time to complete it, and with all those appointments and such, I will need several days more I guess. Still a start has been made, which is something.

I promised you today a freebie and so it will be. Arlene has made some very beautiful clusters with the Paris, ville d´Amour kit, I am sure you will love them. And so you will love here new freebie kit on her blog! Link is here. And here is the preview of that kit
And now the preview and downloadlink of the clusters.
Have a very nice day and cross your fingers for me that I will get a phonecall soon today about the appointment!

Download   HERE


Edna B said...

Gee whiz, some days it doesn't pay to get out of bed! After all it said and done, I think the only job the government is good at is making life miserable for the people.

I'm so sorry you're having such a wicked time with the social security office, but I'm hoping that things get better really soon.

I feel bad for Jan. He should let his doctor about all the pain he incurred from sitting on that bench. It may help his cause.

Winter has a grip on our area, and I don't go out my door unless I absolutely have to.

Keep thinking Spring. Here's hoping your weather gets a bit kinder. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

wow, talk about run around....sorry you have so much trouble with the council...if you know the appointment is tomorrow, just go there when they open and stay until your time...just be early...LOL...but better than a penalty right? Hopefully, by now you have gotten the call.
Praying all goes well for Jan on his scans, poor guy, back pain is so difficult to have to live with and raining, cold days seem to make it worse!
thanks for the lovely gifts from Arlene and good luck with the new least that may help to keep you sane until the council meeting is over...ROFL!
Good luck with the interview too!
Will chat more later...thanks again for all you so generously share with us! Hugs, Mat

Corrine Corbin said...

Sounds like the same sort of run around I'm getting. One letter was a denial and another was a request for more information. Either a new x-ray/ct scan or pulmonary spirometry test. I have an advocate who is getting very frustrated and angry with the 'schmucks' who refuse to take the word of a certified pulmonologist who says there is asbestos in the lung. I'm waiting for her to tell me if I need to get more tests done so we can show them about the asbestos.

Anyway, Thanks to Arlene for the pretty clusters.

Anonymous said...

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download...