Friday, January 16, 2015

All problems resolved, I hope!

Goodmorning everybody!

well, it was a kind of hectic week, with all the problems around my appointment at social security department.
I´ll try to tell it in a short way(because otherwise I get pissed again LOL).
Didn´t get any phonecall. Then in the  `working file ´I got a message which didn´t help much, oh yeah they came up with another phonenumber, but it wasn´ t valid! Tried some more here and there, no luck.
So I finally decided to go in person to the office on Wednesday afternoon. What a good thing I did!
Explained the whole situation to a lady at the receptioncounter, and first answer was that they had no phonenumber! Can you figure?
Okay, I was already happy she found me in a file on the computer, but the guy I had the appointment with, didn´t put it in, but more interesting was that he appeared to be ill!
How nice! If I had gone the next day to the appointment I did that for nothing! So far for good communication! No only way to have a kind of contact with that office is through a general council number, but you´ll never get a direct person to person call at once. So if I get another appointment(they assured me that the guy will get in contact with me) I certainly will insist on getting some honenumber or at the least an email, to be able to get in touch with my so/called coach!!!!!
To keep it short, the lady typed the whole thing in an emailreport, so I am covered if there might arise any problems. I kept rather quiet at the counter, I surprised myself LOL, but once  left there you could see thinderclouds and nasty words coming out of my head ROFL!
Still I am glad i went there to avoid problems. More wicked was, that I moved my interview for the volunteer work from Thursday(would have been at the same time as appointment at the social security).
And now all would´t have been necessary. I have my appointment now on Monday. Hope that will go well and without any tricky things.

Jan had his appointment with the cardiologist in the hospital, for evaluation of the scan. All was in good order, at the moment there is no need for another operation to place a sten. So far so good, At the least some good news. He will have a control appointment only next year again, unless he experiences some trouble, then he always can call the doctor there.

Wow, I am glad we can have some quiet days now, we kind of celebrated that yesterday, hahaha, with watching till late night(and I mean really late ), some episodes of a really good serie, called Homeland.
We now watched the whole season nr. 3, but Jan already registered some new episodes on dvd from the new season nr.4! Gosh, it is of course fiction, but so exciting and I think several things in it are really based on realility.

I didn´t do all too much yesterday, although I went out for some food shopping, that is done with for the week. So I really want to do something about the house today, it is not the exciting stuff, but becoming necessary. I will be okay with that, when I really get into the moving part, it will take perhaps an hour and that isn´t all too much.
One good thing is that I continued for a little while on my new kit. Perhaps I will have it ready by next week.
Still, I didn+t want to leave you without a freebie and I have a very nice one. You will get 3 clusters, made by Florence. I think I will have to call her also a Creative team member, just like Arlene.
Florence has sent me lots of stuff again, so somewhere next week or so I will have something lovely from her again to download.
She is a wonderful lady, and doesn´t have always an easy life, I will not tell details, but the scrapbooking helps her and I am so thankfull that she wants to share her creativity.
So if you like her work, every little thank you for her would bring her a sunray!

Wishing you all a very happy weekend!

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Edna B said...

You did VERY GOOD, Kyra. I'd have had a hard time trying to keep my mouth shut in the same situation. I hope it all turns out well for you. You definitely deserve something nice!!

I'm glad to hear that Jan's appointment went so well. I'm hoping for a healthy year for him (and you too!).

We are having some sun today, and the temp is up to 32F degrees. That's about as warm as it will get today. Not too bad though.

Pogo and I are staying in all weekend. Monday I have an appointment with the eye doctor. If it is warm that day, maybe I'll take Pogo for a ride through the park. We'll see.

Now I need to think about what's for lunch. You have a wonderful weekend my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Corrine Corbin said...

Thanks to Ms Florence for the lovely clusters.

Glad Jan is doing better and hopefully your appointment on Monday will go well also! Prayers for a good outcome.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you and Florence for these lovely pieces...