Monday, January 05, 2015

A wonderful lazy weekend, and not feeling guilty!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh how wonderful this lazy weekend was, doing almost nothing. We've spent it watching a lot of tv, taking some long naps too, some computering, and it did us real good.
But today I really will have to start doing some things here, although I should wait with vacuum cleaning and dusting, because we will take down the Christmas decorations in a few days. We can enjoy them only today and tomorrow( holiday of the Three Kings) and then I hope to dismantle all on Wednesday. It will look really "empty"in our room, and I always have to get used to it again, but then it also will be nice to have all back to usual.
So if not doing all too mamy household things today, I just have to pay attention to some more serious stuff, shuld file some important letters and forms, have to make a couple of phonecalls, and I know it doesn;t sound all too much to do, but that are things that always take more time than you have in mind.

With such a lazy weekend, you can imagine I don;t have much news to write about, so I better keep this a short post.
But I am happy that during this lazy weekend I finished a kit, although the designing still is going too slowly to my liking.

Oh, on Friday we got mail from the disability hearing Jan had in December. Our hopes already weren;t too high, but now we have their conclusion: no change in their former conclusion, so Jan is not "fit"for a partly disability payment.
Hmmmm, although we were prepared to this answer, it still isn;t great to read. If we want we could still fight it, but then we will have to go to court, and I don;t think ti will help much, and it will cost us too much money on top of it.
Going to court, we really should have a lawyer and that will be rather expensive and then the outcome will be still uncertain, so we will have to forget about it. Oh well, we will have to do with the social security money for the time being, and who knows what the year will bring us? Perhaps Jan or I can still find a job, or may be both and that would be wonderful, although not very likely. But we will try to continue thinking positively, and just see how it will go.
Finding a job for Jan wouldn;t be so difficult if he still could do health care, but I think that is too straining for him in his condition and finding something else will be hard.
Okay, enough about that. The year just started so just let's hope during the year something will come up.

 You probably noticed my new bloglayout, had to change it from Christmas-look into usual look, and also one of the things I did this weekend. I am quite pleased about it, and love the rather romantic look of it.

As promised I have a kit for you today, named  "A Rose and You, both Beautiful". 
Time now to do some blogreading, and then will get dressed and start with the things I want and have to do.
Just curious to know how much will be achieved today, LOL.

Have a wonderful day and let's make it a great year, one way or the other, okay?
Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. So good to hear that you had an enjoyable lazy weekend. I did too. I'm not liking this cold weather. Although I must say that during the night it got fairly warm for a few hours, then slowly the cold started taking over. Gosh, the weather is soooo crazy!

So sad to hear that Jan's disability was turned down. What about part time store clerk work? Is this something Jan can do, and is any of it available?

Sometimes supermarkets offer part time work to folks with handicaps. It's only a few hours a week, but the little bit helps.

Pogo and I are up really early this morning because I fell asleep so early last night. I'll probably be looking for a nap before noon. lol.

I'm hoping that this year will be bringing lots of good things for you and Jan. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Happy 2015 to you and Jan, may you both enjoy good health, happiness and prosperity! I think I played copycat to you this weekend...we went from storms on Thursday to upper 50'sF on Friday with lots of sunshine, to awaking to 26F with a wicked wind chill making it feel like 14F on Saturday and 22F yesterday (my Cowboys won their playoff game) and 22 again this morning but the sun is shining and making it so tempting to go outside....we are to be in the teens by Thursday so I guess winter is finally here for a spell...ROFL!
Thanks so much for the lovely kit and thank Florence for me for the cute clusters...y'all have a fantastic week. Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download Kyra. Your background is really pretty too.
Hopefully you and Jan will receive some good news about jobs or disability support soon and in line with thinking positively, we're all in for a fantastic year...

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kyra. Nice kit!

Evelyn Stevenson said...

Thank you so much for another lovely kit!