Thursday, December 11, 2014

Today might be a good one for decorating.

Goodmorning everybody!

I know, again I am a day late, but yesterday was a kind of exciting day, Jan had the "hearing" at the health security office, to see if perhaps his disability percentage could be given a bit higher.
I must say we had a nice doctor there, an older man, who really knew what he was atalking about and understood the medical situation of Jan.
I believe, thinking back of the conversation, I did most of the talking, LOL!
No idea if that was good or not, but I gave the doctor a kind of resumee of the things that happened over the year and the chronological review of appointments and such.
Jan said more about how he felt and how he was doing.
Great point was the remark, that the last doctor of the interview in September, didn;t apply for a new medical report of the doctors treating Jan. Specially not about the surgeon who did the operation on his vains!
So this doctor will ask the report, which might help.
Again we will have to wait a few weeks, I guess, before we have the decision.
I think, we did our best at the moment.

So I wasn;t really in the mood yesterday morning to do the blog, and I did still a bit of research on the net for the interview.

Coming home, there was the 1st Christmascard waiting for us in the mailbox, all from America!
It starts to feel already a bit Christmas time around here, and I hope this evening we will have even more "Christmas feeling"cause today I really want to set up the tree and manger.
Seems to be a good day for it, because we have almost stormy winds outside, and I think some rain will fall too. And when it isn;t necessary, why go out then??
Perhaps tomorrow the wind will lie down a bit, and then I can go to the bank, to deposite a bill to pay(bad things, always grin), and get a few things at the supermarket.

This morning, reading the teletexte at tv, there was such a nice item, and it is nice to know, that there are still caring people around the world.
I have the link for you, with the newspaper article, and it really gives a good Christmas feeling, yeah, Santa still lives!

Today I have the clusters for you from Arlene, that she made with the Santa wears Pink today kit.
Don;t know if i will be blogging already tomorrow again, depends on how much I might have to tell you, I guess.
Anyway, I wish you already a happy weekend.

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Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene, such wonderful work from you both.
I hope you all have a fantastic weekend...

Edna B said...

I saw the same story on the TV news. I think that was so nice of the couple to give this woman a car so that she could safely get to work to support herself and her son. It's good to know that there are still a lot of super nice folks in the world.

There is something wonderful about the joy on a person's face when you have given them some happiness. It's a super feeling.

Today it is snowing here. I'm not sure how much we'll get as I was expecting more rain. Oh well, it's hard to forecast the weather accurately here in New England. It changes so quickly.

Now I must get to the kitchen as my little guy is wanting some lunch. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Faiths Mom said...

Dear Kyra, Your artwork is so beautiful! Thanks and God bless you for sharing the gifts with us!! Linda in Texas