Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm still not quite good about myself, completely

Goodmorning everybody!

Perhaps a puzzling posttitle, but it is hard to explain. I am getting back slowly into usual behaviour and feeling and doing things, but still feeling kind of restless, as long as our situation is not settled yet. It is the uncertainty that bothers.
Oh, I try to put it into the back of my mind, as do the usual things and try to keep up a certain rythm in them, but as long as we don;t have a decision of the disability commision, we don;t really know what to do and when to do it. So it still are insecure times, somehow.
Never mind, time will come up with a solution for all things, well, we hope so.
Some day, all will be more clear and it will give us more peace of mind.

Enough of that now, let's see what I did the last couple of days. Really hard to remember all, probably because not all is so important, LOL, but it kept rather busy, that I still know.
Oh yes, Monday I did the bedsheets, and some cleaning in the house, and I felt good about it. Jan went out for a little walk in the afternoon, but was back quite soon, but the "why"I didn;t know till much later in the evening. That awesome husband of mine suddenly had trouble with his belly, it became hard and painful( and he must pay attention to that because of his umbilical hernia). So he took a long nap, and late evening told me what happened. He even felt so bad he said, he almost wanted to go to hospital, to his doctor.
But slowly it became better and "soft"again, but I always get so angry with him, when he is suffering from something and is not telling it to me. I know, he doesn;t want to do that, cause I would worry and such, but sometimes I really want to know sooner. I cannot change his character in that, but it is at times difficult to handle LOL.
Yesterday the weather looked a bit better, so I decided to do some shopping fro grocerie, perhaps even get me some things already for Christmas. Lots of things easily can be kept good in the fridge, and better to get some of it now, as long as there isn;t yet the big crowd in the shops.
Just made it back before some rain fell down, and first prepared some stew for dinner, which always takes more time than you think, most of all because the cutting of all ingredients takes time.
But I always have company with that, our Brodski, probably only because he hopes, something will fall down at the floor for him, hahahaha. Okay, i admit, sometimes a little piece of meat is cut for him, but just a scrap! It seems he is already happy with that.

Later I did a bit of this and that, and suddenly felt sooooooo sleepy I took a little nap(as Jan too). And I woke up a bit late early evening. Almost missed our soap we always watch , and I was glad I already had the stew ready, now I only had to cook a few potatoes and that was done quick enough.

Slowly the Christmas cards are coming in now, which makes a happy display on the mantlepiece near the tree. But the last years cards become less and less with the internet and email and such. In a way pity, but also understandable, because the prices of posting get higher and higher, even for a simple letter.

In the evenings I am still knitting on a new afghan/blanket for our bed. Perhaps not the best one, but for now I think it will look nice, and if not, we always can "dismantle"it and start again with the wool, LOL.
It's not so important, I just like to keep busy with my hands in the evening. And when it is an easy pattern, watching tv at the same time is no problem.

Oh, you know that cats every now and then change for sleeping/resting place? Our Brodski does. For some time he occupied one of the chairs at the dining table, before he occupied my chair at the computer, but now he has found another great place. On top of the chair near our couch. It's on a high spot, he can keep an eye on us and it is warm(because of the Christmas fleece blanket I have on it). Only disadvantage of this place is, that it isn't too wide, so every now and then, when he really is in cat's dreamland we hear a "BOING" and he fells off LOL! hen he sits for a while, looking a bit dazed, goes to the kitchen for a bite, comes back and jumps back on the top of the backrest of that chair.Lucky that cats almost always land on their paws!

Okay. that's all for today, except for the freebie, which are clusters from Arlene for the Country-like Christmas kit.
If you need more for Christmas scrapbooking try her Etsy shop, link at the side bar, under Bloglayout!
I often forget to mention her sites, but you should take a look. She also has a deviantart place.
Only thing to do now is to wish you a fantastic day!

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Edna B said...

I understand your frustration with Jan not telling you when things aren't right with him. Men just don't understand that it's easier for us to help them when they talk to us about what is wrong. Ahhh, God bless them.

I agree that you will feel much better once you know what you have for an income. I'm hoping that all will be settled really soon.

Last night and all this morning we have rain. It's not too heavy though, just enough to fill the yard with big puddles. lol.

Pogo and I will be staying in today. He's not too thrilled with me at the moment. I gave him doggie food for his breakfast. I guess he was thinking that he should have steak? Hmmm, my little guy is rather spoiled.

Now I'm off to catch up on the rest of my blog reading. You have a wonderful day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely download Kyra.
I hope you and Jan hear some good news soon so you don't have to worry too long.
Hello and Thank you to Arlene also for the lovely work she does...

Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you ladies for sharing.

Have a very Merry Christmas.