Friday, December 05, 2014

Cold days, but it will pass.

Goodmorning everybody!

I skipped a posting day on Wednesday, I know. Just not all too much inspiration for it, had to little sleep, but everything is okay again. We had some unpleasant cold days here, not that it was freezing so much, but somehow it felt as if it was frezzing hard, at night temperature was about 28F, and during daytime it was 39F, but it all felt like being in 28F!.
Yesterday was such a strange day, Jan and I just couldn't get warm, so in the evening we covered ourselves with big fleece blankets, and oh my, that helped! LOL.
I think we have to overcome a couple more days of that strange cold, but then temperatures will rise a bit again, and "winter"will be gone for a while.

Oh my, I am a little late in posting this surprise I got this week in my email. It's an award from Digiscrapcafe, the Fairy-award! Now isn;t that nice? I am ever so proud that people think so positive about my designing, that they give me an award.
I am supposed to place it here and at least give it on to one other designer.
Let's start first with the award.
Now I have to pick another blog, always difficult but I think I pass the award on to Random thoughts of 
Linda's place.
And I picked another blog, that deserves a little compliment too, that is Ukki's Tubenblog.

Okay, this is done, I am glad I finally took the time for it.

There isn;t really much to tell you at the moment, all quiet for a while here, although on Monday I have an other interview at social security office, but I think that will be more informative. I am already looking around for some volunteerwork to do. Not so difficult, because there are lots of them to find, but if possible I like to do something that suits me a bit. Yesterday I saw one that might be a nice thing to do, it is for an organization of Refugee help, and they ask a volunterr for reception and light administrative work. Well, as I speak several languages(one better than the other, but still not bad), it might be a good place for me.
I will tend to that after I had my interview on Monday.

I did went to the post office with a Christmasbox to send, and it is on it´s way. Yeah, bit early perhaps, but this way I avoided long rows, and chaos at the post, and the box will be on time.
Now I really have to do something at the house, I +eft it a bit aside the last couple of days, oops!
And perhaps we will start our Christmasdecorations this weekend. Tonight is the big day nd evening for all children. because it is the day of Sint Nicolaas! Little children are all nervous now, in full expectation of a doorbell rining, of hard knocking on the window, or something like it, that will be the sign that Sint Nicolaas has brought them presents!
I still remember this time when I was a real yongster)how many years ago is that ???????? LOL!!!), and it was a wonderful time.

Almost to the end of my post I offer you a kind of special freebie. I have a visitor of my blog, that I sometimes recieve an email and send one back too, and this lady, named Florence, is such a sweetie. I will not tell lots about her, because i think that is private, and not necessary either, but she loves to make wallpapers and clusters with scrapbookkits( and she uses a lot of mine grin) and she made some wonderful Christmasclusters that she agreed to share with you.
She first had Photoshop, but had a computercrash and now is working with Gimp, and she does it well.
So here some Christmasclusters by Florence, made of a combination of my Christmaskits. If you download, please leave a little message for her here, I will pass it on, it will make her happy.
Hope you will love them!
Have a happy weekend.

Download    HERE


Corrine Corbin said...

Thank you for the clusters and thanks to Florence.

Edna B said...

I don't we can escape the cold winter weather. But hopefully, Spring will come a bit early next year. Your friend Florence did wonderful work with the clusters.

We are waiting to see what type of winter storm is headed our way. Seems there will be lots of rain and snow or at least one of those. We'll just have to wait and see as the storm gets closer.

I've started mailing out my boxes too. There was only one person ahead of me at the post office, and I like it that way. lol.

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better. Stay under those fuzzy warm blankets in the evening and hopefully it will be short winter.

Now I have to feed Pogo some lunch. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks so much Florence, these are so lovely!
So glad you got an award for your site, you deserve one daily!
So happy things are going well and you are ahead of me with the boxes sent....I just mailed my cards...still thinking about the boxes...I know, running out of time here. My friend has been here all day decorating outside for me..will try taking a photo and maybe posting tomorrow....will see how it goes. I have a lady coming to look at the duplex at 4...hope it works out with her credit, etc...surely enjoyed talking with her on the phone. Will chat more later, gotta run for now, thanks for the lovely freebies from Florence.
Hugs, Mat

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for the lovely clusters from Florence and Florence Hello and Thank you for these lovely clusters.
Kyra, I hope you can get some volunteer work that you will enjoy doing. Wishing you a fantastic weekend...

VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
Thank you sooo much for your kind words that you left for me on my blog. I know it is hard to watch our loved ones leave this earth,but to know they have a heavenly home is very comforting.:)

Congratulations on your award!! You really do deserve it for all the many designs you have freely shared with us and for the time it has taken you to do so.:)

I still have to get back into some kind of pace after Dad's passing.Thank you so much for your prayers and concern.You are truly a sweet friend!

Huge hugs,