Monday, November 03, 2014

What a mess, great weather, I with a cold.

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh , yes, Friday and Saturday were great days speaking of the weather.
We even did take advantage of it Saturday earlier in the afternoon. Jan and I dug up some of our dahlia bulbs to stach away over winter.
The garden is going to look rather empty now, but on the other hand we have a good idea of the spots where we can plant our bulbs next year.
Then Saturday late afternoon and evening I was struck by a cold. Oh my, we never have an idea of how much liquid can come out of your nose. well, I have a pretty good idea now LOL.
Glad I had a big roll of kitchen paper to use, cause it was dripping out of my nose, and had to sneeze a lot and clean the nose again, I think I had only little eyes, even a bit red, and it was about the same yesterday.
Somehow I still could catch some sleep over night, and today it seems to be a tiny bit better.
Hope so, because it is very annoying and tiring too.
I truly hope i will get rid of it very quickly, it is no fun at all.

So you can imagine I didn;t do much over the rest of the weekend. Jan also had some sort of cold i think, but he had a bit trouble with his tummy. You can say we were a fine couple sitting on the couch LOL.
Today will probably the last day the house health care will come over, Jan's leg seems to hold on fine now.
At least the liquid has gone from it, but still has some trouble when walking a longer time, now the right one.
Hmmm, hopefully it will go better and better, and if not, we still have the appointment in January with his doctor, and we will see what comes out of the scan they want to make.

May be Heidi will come over this afternoon, Jan payed her a visit on Friday, and she said she might call today and comes over for a quick visit.
Now I better try to get dressed and then do smething in the house(which I wanted to do Saturday or Sunday, but with that heavy cold I wasn;t quite in the mood).  It will pass in a few days and all will be fine again.
Weather has changed over the weekend, already yesterday it was a bit colder and we had some rain. Today will be even lower in temperature and as I see from the window, it is raining again and have much stronger wind than the last couplde of days. I think we finally are getting some real Autumn weather, to my disappointment I must say, ROFL.
Today I have the second part of the Halloween kit and next post I will have some great clusters to it from Arlene.
Have a fantastic day!

Download   part 2 HERE


Linda said...

Hello Kyra, I hope you feel better soon too. It is not fun being sick...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Oh my goodness! So sorry you have a cold and that you feel better each and every day! Glad you and Jan just sat around and relaxed....yippee....I did too on Sunday....only thing I did was watch football all day! :) I feel a bit more rested today...! But, I was up way too 3:00 a.m. (darn the time change..LOL) and now I am almost caught up with the work in my own home that I should have done yesterday...ROFL!
Thanks for the cute Spooky Time kit and I think I caught up with all the posts I missed and the are so kind to share with us! Wishing you both a great week ahead...will chat more with you next time. Hugs, Mat

Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. Gosh, I do hope your cold gets better really soon. It's not fun being laid up with a cold.

The Autumn weather has definitely taken hold, and yesterday we even got our first snow of the season. No, this did not make me happy! However, today and tomorrow are supposed to be warmer and the snow will vanish.

Pogo and I have to go out at 1 o'clock so hopefully the snow on the car will all be melted.

You take care of yourself, and I hope your day is super. Hugs, Edna B.